Monday, November 2, 2015

This Is Where The Pictures Came From (See a Previous Post)

Last week, I met up with my friend Jane at the William S. Hart park, where my friend Rachael is the Animal Keeper. I love this picture of Rachael, I think it shows how much she loves animals. She has dedicated a huge part of her life to their well-being.

And, as Jane pointed out, she also has the ability to make those of us perhaps not so comfortable with animals, or not used to being close them, feel comfortable. Jane said she didn't hesitate to hold this very old Peking duck or pet a snoozing old wild boar (see below). I often saw this at the donkey rescue, where Rachael helped people overcome their fears of snakes and tarantulas. After working with her there, I developed a fondness for snakes and lizards and I don't stomp on spiders the way I used to. 

This march of the geese was so cute. They went from one enclosure to another with a larger pond without giving us a second look.

One of two wild boars Rachael raised since they were small. She told us how smart they are and how much she's come to care for them.

After not being able to buy a fly shield for Norman, the 12-year old steer, Rachael got one and fashioned it so it fits him. 

Looks like both Jane and Norman are smiling here. How good it is to get an ear scratch. 

This is the old boar we both petted. 

Granted she was very old and sound asleep, but still, never did I think I would get a chance to actually pet a wild boar. 

After checking in with the horses and 

scratching more ears, a burro's this time, 

we moved on to visit with Deer Abby.

I met her the last time I was here and think of her often, so it was fun to see her again. She sniffed me with great attention to detail, up and down my jeans, and refused my offer of acorns. Was it dog smells that interested her so? 

She instantly fell for Jane though and I think it was mutual. Let the pictures speak for themselves:

After catching up on our lives over a picnic lunch, we drove up the very steep road to the mansion and took the guided tour. Turns out there was a lot more to Mr. Hart than just the movie star part. In fact I found him to be so interesting I may look into him some more and maybe write a post about him.

Mr. Hart donated the land and mansion to the County of Los Angeles on the conditions that entrance would always be free to the public and animals must always reside there and be taken care of by the county. Right now, the animals are lucky, indeed, to have Rachael as their caretaker. 

Samson to Faith: That's why she smelled so funny when she came home. Told you it couldn't be from her friend Jane!


  1. Hi Inger - lovely and wonderful to hear you talk about finding out more for a blog post about Mr Hart and his work. Gorgeous photos - Warthogs are my favourite African animal .. and those big boars remind me of them. What an amazing place - and the animals are lucky to have Rachael looking after them. What a fun visit and to share it with Jane ... lucky you with bright blue skies - misty (very) here ... cheers Hilary

  2. Samson and Faith are still looking wonderful and sweet and i am trying not to be envious of you petting all those animals. i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to visit and pet...all of them.

  3. always good to see rachael and nice to meet your friend jane, too. all the animals look well loved.

  4. What wonderful pictures. This looks like so much fun. I love that old duck!! And the colors of the mansion are some of my favorite!

  5. Peaceful and calming, visiting animals and petting them. Lovely photos, sharp and closeup. You look good in that pinkish colour, Inger. I like your friend's hat, too. I will email you soon as things haven't been that great here.

  6. I bet Samson and Faith wondered who you were petting. You are looking well, Inger, am so glad to see that!
    Lovely jaunt and meeting your new friend, and Rachael, of course. Beautiful place!

  7. What a wonderful way to spend the day. : )
    Lovely pictures!!

  8. Great meeting your friend... love the pictures.. and I just knew that Samson was going to have something to say about the smell. haha!

  9. What a great place to visit and the animals have the right care taker with your friend. How fun to pet a wild boar and see how happy the steer is with his fly guard.

  10. I love your photos. Your friend Jane looks particularly intelligent. Perhaps it's because of her name.



  11. I enjoyed all the photos - looks like a place I would love to visit.

  12. Your friend Jane looks like such a sweet lady. Animals know instantly that she a kind soul and they love her and trust her. I'm so glad that your are good friends and I think it's great that she has this ability to put you at ease with the animals. The animals looks so well cared for.

    I hope that you have a great day Inger and thanks for sharing your little joys with us.
    Hugs to you Samson and faith.

  13. I know how much you enjoy being with your friend Rachael & the animals. So good to see you getting back into the world--it's still a beautiful place!!

  14. This looks like a grand time to me. That steer does look like he is smiling in the picture! Love it!

  15. Hi Inger what wonderful animals they are.The pictures sure show how much she loves her animals.(p.s.) I got that same bag you got with the design on it.

    1. Ii tried to comment on your blog, but Google wants me to sign up for Google+, something I will not do.

  16. Wow! What a great post and beautiful photos, Inger!
    Love to see you, to know your friend Jane and to see Rachael again too!
    William S. Hart park is really a wonderful place!
    Love all animals, but I fear so much snacks and spiders...
    The words of Samson to Faith make me laugh a lot!


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