Saturday, November 28, 2015

Computer Problems a Quick Update

A quick update before my modem conks out again. Is that how that word conk goes? Doesn't look right to me, but you know what I mean. I have had problems with the modem since that big rainstorm back in October. I goes on an off. Spent an hour yesterday with a very nice woman who tried to help, but in the end had to call for a service technician, who will arrive Monday between 8 and 11 a.m. Thinking about it, I wonder if it isn't something wrong with the connection to the satellite dish, not the modem itself. We'll see.

Continuing with the theme of all things here breaking down, I had the Jeep towed to my local mechanic because it too would start and then not. While there I asked them to fix the recurring 'death wobble.' So far the estimate for the wobble is over $1,300 and they can't find what's wrong with the starter mechanism. 

I choose to be with myself and my dogs on Thanksgiving. It was a choice, I had been invited places. I wanted to spend Thanksgiving the way I used to when I was single, by myself, being grateful for friends and family. Writing letters and Christmas cards to everyone and so on. It didn't work out that way and I hope to get that done tomorrow. Instead, I just diddled or piddled or whatever it is called around here. I cooked though, a lovely meal of baked catfish, roasted potatoes, and asparagus. It came out so great. I'm bragging here because I have sort of labeled myself as a bad cook. This is not true, I just don't love to cook, the way my husband did.

I missed Errol a lot, of course, but I wasn't sad. These days, sadness hits me at the weirdest times and I get overwhelmed with grief. I give in to it then, I cry and think of him, of him and me and our life together. Then the sadness subsides and I feel OK again. I know this is normal.

Today my friend Mary and I are going to Tehachapi to photograph a tree. I hope it works, it is very special, this tree, and you have to take the picture through the windshield of a car. We think, it is at a dead end of a busy road, where it connects with another road. Should be fun. Then we will have lunch and visit a gift shop in town. I'm looking for two more home-made soaps for my Christmas gifts. 

That's all for now and, hopefully, I will be back with a fully functioning modem on Monday afternoon. Just in time for Cyber Monday (just kidding, can't afford that now, though earlier I had thought of getting a new monitor, mine is from 2004 and may well be the next thing breaking down around here). Just kidding about that too, hopefully.

Pictures are from Water Canyon on the mountain on the way to the nun's place with Rachael in 2014. I'm having picture issues too with this new Windows 10, but no wish to deal with that right now. 


  1. Oh, computer problems are the pits. Good luck. I hate it when nobody can find out what is wrong. What is usually needed is some intelligence combined with knowledge.
    I think it is normal the way you feel about missing Errol and I think your approach to Thanksgiving this year was a good one.

  2. the photos today are beautiful. glad it was your choice to stay home alone and that you had other options. sorry about the car repairs, that is lot of money. 3rd photo up from bottom is just gorgeous and makes me want to walk that road..

  3. lovely photos, praying for you dear

  4. Good luck with the glitches. I seem to be having them more with ten.


  5. So sorry about all the breakdown Inger. It usually follows Murphy's laws and breaks in threes.
    It was my birthday yesterday and I was sick in bed, still not feeling the best today but went to work this morning and came home and went to bed. Now I have the chills and i'm off to bed again.
    Hope things with the modem will be better for you on Monday.

  6. In the south, "piddling around" means you are just doing nothing in particular, passing the time. "Diddling around" means you are working on some specific thing, like " I was just diddling around putting a new bag in the vacuum cleaner" but it's something that isn't important. I think they are often used interchangeably.

    I recently had a lot of trouble with the neutral clutch safety switch on my Truck. It prevents you from starting in any gear but neutral. There are apparently versions for stick shift and automatic transmissions. The problem was intermittent so it may not be your starter at all.

    I had satellite internet for a few years. It would always go off if there was a thermal inversion layer in the atmosphere, or if there were a storm, and sometimes for no apparent reason at all.

    You seem to be doing pretty well. I'm glad, though I know it has been hard on you.

  7. What you need is a Blake living near you. We miss Errol, too!!

  8. Hope your breakdowns all get sorted out quickly.
    Pictures are beautiful.
    Nice you had options for Thanksgiving.
    Sounds like your coping well even though missing Errol.
    Praying for you.

  9. sometimes all the breakdowns happen together.Let the vehicle,modem and anything else get fixed easily.Grief takes time, sometimes forever, and this is so natural, I wouldn't try and stop the tears, let them heal in their own way. When Hugh was in such horrific pain before his spinal surgery he said one day " You know, when the pain is so bad, crying seems to help". Maybe this is true for grief and sadness too. Hugs from a warm day down here.

  10. I hope you can get your comp problems solved. I go slightly off kilter when "things" are working right with myinternet. I have not yet installed Win 10, I really don't want to mess with trying to learn something new.
    Nice pictures - most of your trees are interesting.
    I think you are handling your grief well, not that I think there is any right way ... Hugs!

  11. I told you before that I didn't like Win 10 so I uninstalled it right after I put it on. I just ignore the messages as long as I can. . . Hope the car gets repaired, it seems after 10 years it's one thing after another. Hubs has come home from the hospital again, so we'll see how it goes. . this time. His meds were revamped and that they say is helping the problems. Take care of yourself, Inger.

  12. Events do come in threes, as Julia wrote above. Altho, sometimes events can go onto 5s.
    Your photos are exquisite. the goats appear happy.

  13. I hope you get everything up and running. I'll say a little prayer for some good news. Sweet hugs, Diane

  14. Hi Inger. So glad to read you had a nice Thanksgiving. Sometimes those nice, quiet times at home are the very best. Well, hopefully things will stop breaking down now .. that is running into a lot of money for your jeep repairs.
    Hope you are having a good weekend.

  15. Hi Inger - it's good to hear from you, as I was intending to email and hadn't got there. We think we're over the hurdles and then they all spring up again - it will resolve itself and an even keel will settle down. Good luck with all repairs - computer, jeep etc.

    The trip out will be lovely ... while your meal sounds delicious ... catfish, roasts and asparagus - always good flavours. Enjoy what you can and when you can ... as you say it's ups and downs for now - take care from a relatively warm, but very windy, UK ... cheers Hilary

  16. I'm sorry for all your computer and car problems. It does seem to run in groups. And I surely understand about grief, as I'm a widow too. I call it putzing around and do that a lot. You live in a lovely area and I enjoy your photos. Love the goats!

  17. I had many sad moments over Thanksgiving Day remembering the times spent with my Mom and brother -- being sad one moment they are gone and grateful the next that I had so many Thanksgivings to share with them. Living in the UK it's hard to celebrate on the day, but I roasted a big chicken and baked a French apple pie and there was family here to prepare it for, so I am not complaining. Your pictures are beautiful -- I like them all. I hope all your glitches are nothing serious and things are up and running smoothly as soon as possible.

  18. I still have those very waves of grief and I imagine they will always be a part of my life. I miss Richard so much! I am glad you are getting out and about as that will help your grief. I wasn't the one who loved cooking at our house either but I am learning to find it less of a chore. And someone has to do the cooking so it might as well be me. I hope your computer issues are solved soon.

  19. Yes, beautiful photos, Inger!
    Your Thanksgiving meal sounds perfect.
    Good that you are active and busy as you want to be.

  20. i like that you and the pups were together at home on thanksgiving. i hope the modem and the jeep issues can be fixed!

  21. Glad to hear from you! Glad you have someone coming out to fix the modem. Computer problems seem never ending in life. I do hope you find some resolution with your Jeep.

  22. Holidays are strange and jarring without someone who meant so much to you. I am glad you spent the day alone as you got to sort out your thoughts, hurts, and feelings -- with Samson and Faith to be there as furry support Sorry it has taken me til now to visit but the weekend both were 300 miles, 12 hour days, leaving me spent and weary.

    May your modem problems be soon be a thing of the past -- and car (jeep) repairs never seem to be inexpensive do they? Enjoy your Monday!! :-)

  23. Good morning Inger!
    Sounds nice that you and your adorables Samson and Faith were with you at home on Thanksgiving
    Gorgeous all pictures from Water Canyon on the mountain!
    I hope the modem and the jeep will be ok soon!
    Lots of hugs!

  24. Spent hours with computer techs from Ireland today. Too much Christmas shopping online and not being careful. All cleaned up I am told. Was offered Windows 10 but know nothing about it, so I deferred. I know you miss your husband. I miss mine too, but he is still here with me but with Mild Cognitive Impairment, not the same person from a year ago. Thank you for your photos, lovely peaceful area, I can picture you there with your dog and other critters. A peaceful December to you, Inger.

  25. I came back to visit, as your name was not appearing in my list. I so love the yellow leaves with sun lighting them up. Take care of yourself, keep warm.


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