Monday, January 18, 2016

Facing A New Year Alone

sort of gave me the blues for a while. I prepared myself for Christmas and it was wonderful. Now comes the time I have dreaded in my mind,

a time where may allow myself to think back too much on what happened those first four months of 2015. I have every date in my mind, the last good day we had together and all the awful ones that followed. We'll see, looking for my inner Viking, my stoic Swede, I'm sure I will be fine.

As you can see, the snow melted and it created a muddy mess for me. I was stuck here for several days, even with the Jeep. Melting snow upon deep mud, followed by rain, made for some fun driving. I learned about driving in mud and how once you lose control, it's very hard to get it back, you just sort of slowly slide away. 

Faith is such a smart dog, but she doesn't get it that she and I can play with the pull toy. She won't do it, instead she picks it up and throws the other end at Samson's face until he gives up and plays tug of war with her. 

Samson gets eye drops every day and Faith gets ear cleanser. Guess what happens then? Faith promptly licks Samson's eyes and he her ears. I tell them "no" when I catch them at it, but I think it's so cute. Such loving gestures, taking care of each other.......

Where ever Samson is, Faith has to be too. And she has to be first! First outside, first inside, first to the house when we are out walking, and 

first for her closeup. Sometimes she's a bit too anxious to be first and runs out of the picture. Oh well, what would I do without them?

I haven't read any of your blogs, I have barely opened my computer. Right now I just want to be outside, working on my messed up road, gathering gravel (of which there's a lot around here), cleaning up the mess around the back caused by over a year's worth of recycle stuff and other junk, walking with the dogs.

I want to crochet and work on my cooking. I discovered a 5 gallon container full of different kinds of beans that Errol had stored. So I'm thinking beans in the crock pot. Lots to learn there. I feel pulled toward something less technological, more organic for my future. But I still want to blog, I want to fix my blog format, which seems to have changed, and I most definitely want to keep in touch with you.  

Stay well and take care.


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