Monday, January 18, 2016

Facing A New Year Alone

sort of gave me the blues for a while. I prepared myself for Christmas and it was wonderful. Now comes the time I have dreaded in my mind,

a time where may allow myself to think back too much on what happened those first four months of 2015. I have every date in my mind, the last good day we had together and all the awful ones that followed. We'll see, looking for my inner Viking, my stoic Swede, I'm sure I will be fine.

As you can see, the snow melted and it created a muddy mess for me. I was stuck here for several days, even with the Jeep. Melting snow upon deep mud, followed by rain, made for some fun driving. I learned about driving in mud and how once you lose control, it's very hard to get it back, you just sort of slowly slide away. 

Faith is such a smart dog, but she doesn't get it that she and I can play with the pull toy. She won't do it, instead she picks it up and throws the other end at Samson's face until he gives up and plays tug of war with her. 

Samson gets eye drops every day and Faith gets ear cleanser. Guess what happens then? Faith promptly licks Samson's eyes and he her ears. I tell them "no" when I catch them at it, but I think it's so cute. Such loving gestures, taking care of each other.......

Where ever Samson is, Faith has to be too. And she has to be first! First outside, first inside, first to the house when we are out walking, and 

first for her closeup. Sometimes she's a bit too anxious to be first and runs out of the picture. Oh well, what would I do without them?

I haven't read any of your blogs, I have barely opened my computer. Right now I just want to be outside, working on my messed up road, gathering gravel (of which there's a lot around here), cleaning up the mess around the back caused by over a year's worth of recycle stuff and other junk, walking with the dogs.

I want to crochet and work on my cooking. I discovered a 5 gallon container full of different kinds of beans that Errol had stored. So I'm thinking beans in the crock pot. Lots to learn there. I feel pulled toward something less technological, more organic for my future. But I still want to blog, I want to fix my blog format, which seems to have changed, and I most definitely want to keep in touch with you.  

Stay well and take care.


  1. Beautiful header photo Inger, how far away are your nearest neighbours? Mud and slush, not a good combination for driving, and a skid can be so scary. Let Faith and Samson keep you company, this year will be so different, give yourself time, every day, to adjust and adapt. Meantime, we had glorious rain last night. 9.3mm, so needed, and the sun is rising later, on the countdown to winter for us. For you, snow melting, and warmer days coming. Hugs and more.XXX

  2. I like your new header with the clouds [fog] lifting. Lots of folks have the blah, hunbugs after Christmas is over and it's nothing but winter to look forward to. Crappy weather and driving conditions don't help neither. Hang in there, the days are getting longer, It's still light at 5:30 here. Yay!
    5 gallons of beans, my goodness! You going to make old fashioned oven baked beans? Hmm ... That would go good about now.
    Sounds as if you have been vetting too. More fun, not.
    It's good to hear from you any time, don't stress.
    Hugs for now.

  3. I love old fashioned baked beans in the crock pot. They are a comfort food. :)
    Struggling with 2015 is perfectly understandable. I'm glad that you have your dogs and your chores and the outside to help you.

  4. Enjoy your time outside. I can certainly understand why being outside in all that beauty would be helpful at this time. Glad the dogs are around to keep you company and provide comfort.

  5. Hi Inger, It's good to see an update from you. Winter is always hard on us and especially for you since you are doing it without your life partner now.
    Oh boy, getting around in the mud is a sport and not for fun for getting around for a lady. It's a good thing you still have that Jeep.

    I'm so glad that your husband got Faith. He must have known that you would need some help to get through and those two furry kids are good for you. In less than two weeks, February will be here and then March.

    I'm going to go through some seed catalogues to see what I can start from seeds this year and it always makes the winter go away faster.

    5 pounds of beans will last for quite a while. There are lots bean recipes on the web and it's such a healthy food.

    I'm glad that you are still blogging now and then. Getting some feedback from caring friends is good for moral.
    I love that gold color in the room. I once had my bedroom painted in that color. It says that it encourage communication between couple because my husband wasn't great at communicating. lol...
    Take care and stay in touch.
    Wishing you a good week.

  6. Your title gave me chills but I know you can do this.

  7. I know it is very tough but we are all pulling for you. And it is nice to have your animals and to get outside and work. You have a beautiful view of the mountains my friend. Lots of hugs, Diane

  8. These next months will be a challenge. The good news is that they do not get any worse but slowly ease with time ... like glacial ice slow. Healing is never fast. Faith has to learn how to take a selfie! Samson is probably wishing for tranquilizers ... either for him or Faith.

    I've missed you. Go where your instincts lead you. You are a fighter and a large soul. Write me any time. Roland :-)

  9. What can I say, except that we loved Errol & we love you!!

  10. So good to see you back blogging and hope you keep it up. Trying new things is always good and finding use for 5 pounds of beans will be a challenge. Had to laugh at those two rascles removing the medicine from each other.

  11. your beautiful views... and love your two companions. so sweet!

  12. Glad to hear that you are moving forward. This time of year can be gloomy, so staying busy will be great. I know your dogs will also keep you busy.

  13. Being outside always improves my perspective and my sense of being in the present. Beautiful photos today.

  14. Ah bean soaking; a perfect January past time!

    And I am now positive that Faith and Samson are either little humans or aliens dressed up in fur costumes; their life though with you is terrific!


  15. They say we are never really alone,Inger.

    You are a strong warrior.
    You most certainly have a lifestyle out there in the middle of nowhere. It is beautiful scenery.

    The beans are good protein, and will keep your muscles strong. I
    Like the way you discovered them.
    You'll have plenty of chili, stews and soups with that!

    What an experience, being stuck in the mud for that long.

    Your dogs are good company and bring you a certain contentment.

    I'm sure you'll have plenty enough to keep you busy.

    Thanks for sharing. Wishing you the very best of 2016. (Smiles.)

  16. Dear Inger, I have been followign you but didn't leave comments as I just didn't know what to say.
    I know, you will be fine. You are not alone, you have Faith and Samson and you have a lot of friends.
    Spend your time the way it feels right for you.

  17. Dear Inger I love the "Viking, my stoic Swede", she is amazing and strong. I have no idea what it feels like to be on your own in such a beautiful but sometimes harsh environment I am sure it is scary. I am happy that you Have Samson and Faith to love. We here in blogland are here for you never ever doubt that. Sending hugs lots of them. If you lived closer I would bring my tractor and fix that road for good I am pretty good at it:):) xo B

  18. all the photos of your desert are just spectacular. they glow with beauty. to funny on the dogs, with Baby and Jake, Jake was always first, now he is the only one and doesn't push to get out the door or in first like he did with her. i can only imagine how the new year felt starting alone, hugs and good wishes coming your way

  19. Dear Inger,
    Love always your views and the vegetations around!
    So lovely to see the friendship of Samson and Faith taking care of each other!
    I am also glad you are moving forward. I admire you so much and you are an inspiration person to me!
    And I am sure you will be fine!
    How I wish you lived around the corner and we could actually see each other "In Person"!!
    Lots of hugs!

  20. God is with you always my friend.

  21. Hi Inger - you are on my list to contact .. I just didn't quite get there! So I'm glad the post has gone up and I can see what's going on. These next few months will be taxing to put it mildly ... and it's life with its ups and downs ... but you will pull through .. time does that. There will be monumental whomps ... but your head will rise ... and as the others have said - the dogs will keep you on track.

    Being outside and clearing up ... sounds exactly what you need to do ... being busy, but not mentally stretched in the process. I love your header photo ...

    The thought of mud and snow and sludge .. not a happy combo ... we've had a brief bit of snow and it's cold now - the worst this winter so far ... but other than that - the days lengthen ... with thoughts as always ... take care and enjoy those beans - it might be a good idea I'm over here .. which way does the wind blow - oh yes in this direction??!! Cheers and cheerful thoughts - with big hugs .. Hilary

  22. Being a widow myself, I certainly understand the lonely feelings and sadness. Your beautiful scenery is so beautiful, but it does have a loneliness about it and the time of the year as well. I too like to be outside as much as I can and can't now where I am...too cold. It gives me a sense of freedom. I guess that's what they mean about cabin fever. Your lovely dogs I'm sure are great companions. My SIL has moved in with me and it has helped tremendously. Keep up your friendships and keep blogging.

  23. So good to hear from you, Inger! We always seem to learn new things as we age...and be grateful that we can!!...:)JP

  24. I always enjoy your photos and stories. I'm so glad you have Faith and Samson. Dogs are such great comforters.

  25. How could I not keep blogging when I have so many beautiful and kind friends in blogger land. I hope you are all well, I will visit all of you and see how you are doing. I worked hard outside today with my BIL Glenn. It felt wonderful. With love, Inger

  26. It's hard. Everything is so hard. I used to love the way that Harper cleaned the other dogs' ears.


  27. Your pictures are beautiful. Love the lighting in them.

  28. The times ahead of you are rough times. I would love to tell you that it gets easier. Maybe more bearable is the work I am thinking of. I am glad you are keeping up with your blog. I love hearing from you!!

  29. These are hard months anyway, but soon we will be warm again, the flowers will bloom, and better days will come. Take care of yourself, Inger, there will still be more adventures for you to have and enjoy.

  30. We have snow here tonight, and will have snow all through the weekend. I went for a walk and barely made it back up the mountain, huffing and puffing all the way. My two old dogs went with me. I think we were all questioning long walks in the snow after that little hike.

    I love winter. It's the most peaceful time up here. You're doing well, you know. You three are making it in a challenging environment.

  31. Yes Inger, channel that stoic Swede, this will get you through any rough time.
    All those beans! Many good nourishing meals there!! Have fun!
    I really like your landscape.....rounded brush/shrubs and rounded tops of mountains.....rolling countryside. Very beautiful.
    Always good to hear from you.

    1. Hej Inger! Eftersom jag inte hört något ifrån dig på länge så blev jag orolig. Men förstår nu att du är ensam, Errol har fått bort. Jag känner din sorg o tänker på dig. Kram Barbro

  32. I thought I lost you... when your blog came up private and I could not read it I was heartbroken. But I am glad to see it is visible today. I know, Inger. There are times when I am pulled away from blogging and Facebook to just live life.... and then other times when I am drawn to those I have grown to know and love through blogging or Facebook. Regardless, we all know inside of ourselves what is best for us. I hope you continue to keep us in your life, even if it is just occasionally. Gracie sends love and licks to Samson and Faith too (she is in a foul mood right now because of the 2 ft. of snow outside) I send my love and will pray always for your peace and happiness especially in this .. a time of change for you. Stay warm and enjoy the outdoors! It is beautiful there... (((HUG))))

  33. You live in such a beautiful place. Prayers to you, my California friend, as you adjust to this new season of your life. Will continue to look for and enjoy your blog.

  34. I have been thinking of you. The times you went through last year taking care of your hubby with a lot of grace and patience are an example of some one who loves thir love. Also. I was thinking of Faith And Samson. Their cute antics must work like magic for you. God Bless !

  35. Stop in from Now You See me...Pretty dogs. Dogs are sure good friend a lease they will make one smile. My dog Daisy does that for me.
    Coffee is on

  36. When I see your name, it makes me happy. Can't give you a logical reason, except that you are blogger friend with a big heart.

  37. Dear Inger,
    Just stopping by to say Hello and wish to you and to adorable friends Samson and Faith a nice week ahead.
    Lots of hugs! :)

  38. " I am now retired and live in the mountains of California with my two dogs."

    Cool, I went insane and moved to Texas last year, now I'm thinking of moving back to America. Carry on...


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