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My Ten Most Popular Posts - Why Did The Visitors Come?

In this photo from 2008, I'm holding Sydney, Rachael's bearded dragon lizard, so popular with my blog readers. 

 A recent post by my friend Roland Yeomans of Writing in The Crosshairs inspired me to pay some attention to my post headers, I quote: "One key to a popular blog is to be aware of what your reader base wants out of the Internet. People go to Google to find the answer to their problem. If you write the answer to their need, Google will direct them to your blog."

This was part of his advice for writers. Now I don't have any books to sell, but Roland made me curious to see what I had named my most successful Posts. Why would certain titles draw people by the thousands, while other posts, equally good, if not better, get less than 50 views? 

A ceremonial Viking-Age axehead ~ The god Thor's symbol was both a hammer and an axe.

I suspected that folks are drawn to other people's misfortunes, but maybe not. So I set out on a journey back to September 2009 when I started my blog. I was somewhat correct about misfortunes, but lizard, Dumb Swede, and a couple of California towns also drew a crowd.  

Trolls by Swedish artist John Bauer.

Two caveats: Of course the older posts will have had a chance to draw more visitors simply because they have been posted longer. And participating in the A to Z also gives an advantage. Swedish Rhapsody, my A to Z of 2012, where I wrote about Swedish customs, nature, cities, important people, and, yes, Dumb Swede, was my most successful A to Z to date.

Here are my 10 most popular Posts:

1. Cough, Ouch, Sigh - An Update (This, the title of my most popular post certainly indicates some distress.)

2.  Pogonip, Rain, Hail, Sleet, Snow, Wind, and Today - Brilliant Sunshine (Maybe this one hints at some distress as well, unless people just wondered what in the world is pogonip.)

3.  The Murals of Exeter

4.  T is for Tomtar och Troll (2012 A to Z)

5.  D is for Dumb Swede (2012 A to Z)

6.  Lizard Love or How Sydney Met Rachael. 

7.  Mojave - Small Town/Big Desert

8.  Q is for Quest - Eastward Of The Swedish Vikings (2012 A to Z)

9.  Sydney Goes To Malibu

10.  I Don't Know What to Call This Post - An Update, Perhaps - Or This and That From the Canyon

The murals of Exeter, CA are incredible. Go visit if  you're in the area.

My conclusions: 

The two most popular post titles included a little bit of misfortune, perhaps. 
Swedish Rhapsody of posts for the 2012 A to Z was a very good theme choice. 
A bearded lizard named Sydney attracted two of the ten most viewed posts. Go Sydney, I love you, and I always knew you had IT!
Two small California towns, Exeter and Mojave, drew a lot of readers, as I'm sure did the mention of Malibu in one of Sydney's post titles. 

Mojave, CA - There's more to it than just a two-traffic lights town. Civilian space flights are being developed here and a a large graveyard for old airplanes stretches out into the desert beyond. Huge windfarms and solar panels also eat up the surrounding desert. 

Would you like to read one or two of my most popular posts? Dumb Swede, perhaps? Let me know. I probably will repost Lizard Love since it's my favorite short essay on true love. 

After reading a few of your comments, I hope you all understand that I did this research just for fun, not because I wanted to validate my blog in any way.  Just thought it would be fun to see what attracted visitors. 


  1. I have never checked on my blog to see what popular posts are according to traffic. I will have to do that. I love your pictures Inger.

  2. i vote for Lizard Love repeat, since i love all things lizard.. i feel bad now, i don't think i have a single post that drew thousands... but i did once go through and marvel at the titles that drew the most. have not looked at that in a while. maybe i will now that you jogged my memory

  3. forgot to say, i love Faith in the new header. so beautiful

  4. I never know what draws people to read my malarkey but love it when they visit. From one year to the next my blog is ever changing.

    Have a great week.

  5. It's interesting to see what gets the most pageviews, too. Are you looking at the comments or views? I think I missed some of your posts, but I didn't see those dragon reptiles. . .Swedish Rhapsody I did see and most of your A to Z's. My most popular post on both blogs was about a legend: Brunhilde and Siegfried. You made me think that I should see what my most popular posts were, Inger.

    1. I'm writing about pageviews. I guess I forgot the correct name.

  6. I guess I just like your blog, I seldom look at what the subject is. :/
    I have noticed that the blogs people flock to are the slightly off color or naughty the titles sound. Of course now I know enough to avoid some of them if it sound too nasty. Some traffic comes in for disaster as well.

  7. I follow you because your writing is straight to the point and reflective; its not faked. You insert yourself only when needed, and I don't feel "marketed" to. I hate when someone markets themselves rather then their writing- you dont do that Swedish Goddess, and I love you for it. You are also confident even when you are not; you are able to show you are human, imperfect like the rest of us and not a "mary sue* " (*writers reference for those who arent in the know :D) Your photography has purpose: they are not just pretty or funny pictures. Your photos give me the ability to see your world through your eyes. Thats why i read your blog.

    And you own a Samoyed. :) Well, and Faith too (shes grown!)

    1. Thank you so much for this, my talented and wonderful feral woman friend. Wow, I don't know what else to say.

  8. How interesting. And, it seems like fun to second guess why one post is hugely popular. By the way, I had now idea what "pogonip" was - I had to look it up. I've just called it hoarfrost. I love having a new word for it!

  9. I am happy that I got you to thinking about posts drew the greatest number of page views. Thanks for the shout out! :-)

  10. I sometimes sneak a well-known title or name into the titles of my posts. It seems to draw attention.


  11. Your blog is true day to day stuff, and if sadness creeps in along the way, that is real life, as well as happiness, our dogs,cats, horses or anything else.Photography, quilting, travel, and friendship all happen there too. I so like your words, for no particular reason, but have enjoyed every post so much. And sometimes I feel I am right there, and this is a sign of a really good writer, who draws in her readers. ( a dear friend told me this many years ago, my Walter of the Mariner's Compass).keep on writing Inger, and for any past posts that may have been written before I knew you, I will be so glad to read them too.

  12. Good observation. I have noticed that some of my more funny titles get the best response and also those about animals. A picture of a kitten always brings readers.

    I read your posts because I like you and the honest way you write.

  13. I always find it interesting, too. Many times the posts I think will be popular are not and those that I think won't attract much attention do …very strange.

  14. I'll have to check my pageviews!!

  15. Janice Ginyer Nancy, and many others said it well: you write honestly and with perspective.

  16. Hi Inger - this was fun ... and once I've settled I shall look at my popular posts - I've no idea. Also I'm good at hiding away via my titles - I don't want to stand out ... yet!

    I'd love to read the Lizard Love one and also your Swedish Dumb person?! It's great getting a feel for bloggers and remembering where they are in life - thus we can be sensible in our commenting ...

    Cheers and I'm around ... looking forward to more - Hilary

  17. Great post, Inger!
    Love your photo with Rachel and holding Sydney, Rachael's bearded dragon lizard!
    Did you know that many times I check my pageviews and I think it is very curious.
    I will soon to see your 10 most popular posts.
    Inger, you give me an interesting idea to do a post about it. Thanks!
    Have a nice weekend! :)


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