Monday, June 20, 2016

Wheezing And Sneezing Through My Front Yard

This is how tall the weeds were on May 15, right before the tractor guy came to mow. Then Tom came and weed-whacked under the junipers and other hard to reach places. 

Their hard work left stubble and dead weeds all over the place. Living in a wildfire danger zone, properties must be cleared to 100 ft away from structures by June 15. This year, properties will be inspected and owners not in compliance will be fined; $250 first, then more I guess. 

Both Tom and the tractor guy did such great jobs that I'm not worried about inspections. But I don't like the remnants of dead weeds covering the ground. Believe me, it really looks like the stuff could catch fire all by itself. 

So I've been dealing with them for the past couple of weeks. I wake up early, 4:30 or so, skip my wonderful long mornings in bed with breakfast, books, and crochet to get out early while it's still cold. At first I made the little haystacks, the mini ones you see above, then I sat on my chair and packed them into large plastic bags. 

That part was really hard because you get up real close to the stuff and it gets into everywhere, eyes, ears, boots, socks, underwear.....  Both Tom and the tractor guy used masks, but I can't stand them, so I was sneezing and wheezing my way through it all. 

Then Mary said, "why don't you just put a trash bag into a trash can and stick the weeds in that way?" It sure helps to have smart friends and since I began using that method I've made a lot of progress. 

Mary and I have gone to the dump together, using her truck. I have no idea how much we have dumped there. A lot! On Wednesday morning, I loaded another 20 plus large bags full of weeds and drove Old Betsy to the dump. The trip went well; one of the workers there jumped up on the truck-bed and helped me unload. I was so happy with Old Betsy, I hosed her off when we got home. She was really dirty, but now she's good to go again.

Then Thursday morning, I went down in the field below where the container and an old trailer are located and took care of the weeds you see above

California Quail on the march.

It's lovely to be up and outside early, the birds are busy raising their young, rabbits and baby ground squirrels scurry away when they see me, and the quail call their young ones to come and take cover under the junipers. 

I think the most important work has now been done. And I am tired, but a good tired. And getting stronger too. I'm really enjoying this hard work outside and will keep it up. There's a lot more to do, but now more time to rest as well. 

Back in May, inspired by Madsnapper Sandra and Jim in Nova Scotia, I played with pictures and had so much fun. I hope to get back to doing some more of it later. 

Finally, both Roland and D. G. wondered why Samson hasn't been blogging for so long. He will soon. Just before I read their comments I posted the header picture of him. He went to the groomers on Friday and came out gorgeous as always. He will have his teeth cleaned on the 22nd. I'm a little nervous, but it should be OK. 

Samson Says: Nervous? I'm the one who should be nervous. And I believe it when I see it. My blog post...... 


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