Thursday, July 14, 2016

Samson Says Thanks, Faith Talks About Mommy, and I Post My Good Fences No. 11

Much is happening in this picture from Hart Flat California, a community located 12 miles down the mountain from our town. But I like the stone wall, the beautiful trees, and the road going off to a magnificent estate, perhaps; or an old country house with stables and a barn. 


Samson Says: Thank you all my blogger friends for your Happy Birthday wishes. You are the bestest friends a dog could have. I'm on my way to becoming and old dog now, wise and stubborn. Mommy is not feeling well, but she says she'll visit your blogs a few each day.

Faith: Yeah, mommy hurts a lot. She can't do Sit Stay any more, then the pain gets worserer and worserer. 

Samson Says: It's called, worse and worse, didn't I teach you how to write?

Faith: You teached me lots, write isn't one of the lots. You old grouch monster, you.

Me: Never did I think I'd have problems walking, but after I sit for a while, then get up, the vague pains I've had for the past six months, or so, have now become intolerable. I see my chiropractor tomorrow and an orthopedic specialist next week. I need this diagnosed so I can figure out what to do.

Good news is that I got the results from my stress test and the cardiologist said my heart is great! Such good news, I'm happy....

Joining Tex for
Good Fences


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