Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Spring Is In The Air

but winter isn't over yet.

So I hope my new little neighbor will be OK.

Can you see the cow say: Come to mama, little one?

It's amazing to see new life like this, I think. 

How they know what to do, taking steps so early, walking on unsteady legs.

Success at last. The cow guided the calf over to that small bush you see to the left where they both laid down to rest awhile. 

More soon....


  1. I am jealous, oh yes I am... I want to see the mama and her baby. priceless to me. love it

  2. I hope the coyotes don't get at that calf.

    Still bleak and barren back here, no Spring yet.

  3. That would be quite a long walk, I have always been amazed at how soon the calves stand, after a few very shaky attempts, and stand quivering, until at last one leg goes forward.What a time for you to get those photos, the pick of the day or week.

  4. I'm sure nature will take it's course. The calf are usually hungry soon after birth and they seem to zone in on the mother udder in search of warm milk. Being born outside is usually cleaner than in an inclosed area. They can run fast as soon as they can walk in the wild and they have survival instinct. Lets hope that it will be protected from predators by the mother. She can kick hard and also has long horns.

    I had a new calf born on Saturday and another one this afternoon on our dairy farm.

  5. Watching the beginning of life is so awesome. I hope they will be OK.

  6. Spring is in the air if the babies are starting to appear! Great photo story, Inger! Hope you are doing well.

  7. That's sweet! It really is puzzling that they catch on so quickly. Animals are quite intelligent. Don't you agree? I have been watching the pastures for the little ones, they are such a joy!

  8. Hi Inger - wonderful to see ... I hope they both progress happily into Spring - unsteady legs .. that must have been wonderful to watch and enjoy ... big happy thoughts your way - cheers Hilary

  9. Wonderful how they know what to do from the start.

  10. Nothing like a wobbly calf! So glad to be back and see your name.

  11. Wow, that is a newbie and such a cutie. She won't be wobbling long.


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