Sunday, August 20, 2017

I Chose You, America

"To him in whom love dwells, the whole world is but one family." ~ Buddha

Soon after Trump was elected, I sat at my black nephew-in-law's kitchen table with his two daughters, ages six and twelve. Somehow, the election came up and Kenny said he felt we should give Trump a chance. I believe that Jasmine, his eldest daughter, may have rolled her eyes at this suggestion. I immediately slammed my  hand on the table and said, "no way, the man is a racist." 

Kenny still insisted, as I thought later, probably for Jasmine's benefit, that we should be a bit more moderate while discussing this. I would have none of it. "Should Trump become one of our best presidents ever, I will not change my mind about his lack of a moral code," said I. 

The sad story of President Obama's birth certificate should be enough to convince anyone of that truth, but I also took some time to check up on Trump. I found out about the housing discrimination law suits that were settled without him admitting guilt. I read his comments about how he was protecting his white tenants from having to live with lower class, etc., etc., blacks. 

Then I saw clips from congressional hearings in the 1980s about the right to open casinos. This was the time Trump was into casinos and the hearings were about Indian tribes in New York state and Connecticut that he tried, without success, to discredit so they wouldn't be allowed to build casinos. I heard Trump say he was sure this Federally recognized Connecticut Indian tribe was way too dark-skinned to be Indian at all. I saw congressmen shaking their heads at Trump's comments, probably wishing they could have rolled their eyes as well. 

These things took place in the 1970s and 80s, but his questioning of Obama's birth place, which went on for years, was more current, and just as racist. 

So no doubt in my mind that day last winter. And I didn't even mention all the other issues with this man. Race was enough for me. Racism is the red line in the sand of my moral code.

So now, after his comments on the tragedy in Charlottesville, it's amazing to me how many still feel we should give the man a chance. I listened to Jerry Falwell, Jr. on a Sunday show today. Where was his moral compass, I wondered, as he said Trump was speaking his mind, something he felt was just so much better than Obama's political correctness. 

I wish I could have called in to remind him of President Obama, tearing up, as he sang Amazing Grace at the funeral for victims of that Bible class slaughter.

But, of course, reminding him would not have mattered in the least. 

I don't know why I wrote this. I probably didn't do a very good job, but I felt I had to say something......

I really love this country. I love it because of it's people. And I know for sure that there's no way the people of America will allow our country to regress and slide backwards. I chose you, America, and I'm so glad I did.


  1. You did a good job.
    I do worry that so many are regressing though and someone is not doing a good job in the WH.
    He said 'sad.' He is a sad one ...

    1. Thanks, Sharon. I'm still so tired, I don't know what I'm doing. Enjoy the eclipse tomorrow. At least we have nature to sooth our souls.

  2. Hi Inger - I listen or watch with worry over here ... and hope America can sort itself out. Interestingly I listened to a BBC World Service programme 'Outlook Weekend: Long Road to Freedom" ... the one by Hank Thomas - was horrifically sad ... and it's still happening. If only we didn't incite others and could all behave as we would wish others behave with us. Well done on writing the post up ... cheers and enjoy the eclipse today - amazing experience ... Hilary

  3. I fear for our country and pray we will come through all that is happening

  4. I still can't believe the man is president!!

  5. You got an A+ on the job. I can't believe how his behavior even prior to becoming president didn't raised red signals to the people who supported him.

    I used to travel to the US and now I would have second thoughts about it.

    Hugs Julia

  6. Your writing is excellent, Inger, and so very true. I tried to be positive when he was elected, but I cried every day for two weeks after the election. I knew he would screw us all over--with the exception of the white, wealthy people he thinks are his friends.


  7. You pretty much spoke for most of us. If there is any comfort, it's that there are more of us than them--we just have to make sure we get to the voting booths and to bug our law makers with our wishes. This too shall pass for too many want it to.

  8. Well said, Inger! I am afraid it will get worse before it gets better. But in the end the racists and bigots will be put in their place.

  9. We are glad you chose America and glad that you are here. All the other issues dragging us back right now will not drag us down, I have faith.

  10. Speaking your truth Inger is all that you have to offer. Rest assured you there are many who are in your camp, as am I, (who doesn't even live in your country). We do not live in a void and whatever the next person says or does affects the other person/s. These cycles of extreme politics actually are not unusually. After watching on PBS The Story of China I now understand the tenuousness of society as the ups and downs of China's existence happened 1000's of years ago up to present day. Humanity appears to not have changed much at all. Keep strong!

    1. Hi Inger 3 posts below R.P. is spam. You may want to delete the post. Just a head's up.

  11. NO way, will this country regress. There will be moments like that Sat in VA where we might think otherwise. I believe in this country and the people. We will not go backwards!!!

  12. Dear Inger, I so agree with Patti that all of us who see Trump as a deeply flawed human being who does not have the moral compass to lead our country to become its best self and we become the best we can be must vote in 2018. Vote and get others to leave their homes and vote even though it's not a presidential election year. We must show the Republican Congress that they must develop backbones and a moral compass. Voting can get us out of this quagmire. Peace.

  13. All the other issues dragging us back right now will not drag us down, I have faith.


  14. Very well said, Inger. I pray things can get better there for everyone. xx

  15. You said it beautifully. My father chose America too, as an immigrant many years ago. He feels a bit afraid to go back to visit his birth country, out of fear of not being allowed back into the US (despite being a citizen for at least 50 years).

    Our current president deserves no more chances. He is racist, misogynist, and filled with hate. He's already shown me that too clearly for me to give him another chance. I agree with you so strongly.


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