Thursday, August 24, 2017

Silver Linings

It's good to discover silver linings in difficult situations. When I was recovering from my kidney infection, I spent a wonderful day watching the goings on in my own backyard.

After that micro burst that blew the blinds straight into the room, Faith, who is a cautious dog, was worried, keeping an eye on the blinds while still staying with me in the bed. I felt bad for her so I pulled the blinds up. 

And a whole new world opened up in front of me. I was resting in bed that day, feeling better, but not well. With nothing much else to do, I decided to watch through the window. 

One day and one evening as darkness fell:

It was easy to watch the sky and there I saw only one raven the entire day, which is strange since there are so many of them here. 

From Images

Instead I saw a red-tailed hawk fly by overhead, four times. Either one hawk or two maybe, probably not four different ones. I also saw another, smaller hawk that I had seen before. It has a distinct almost square pattern on its belly and chest. Looking it up in my bird books, I realized that the next time I see it, I have to watch the tail. It will help me put it in the right hawk category at least. 

An old picture, but the coyote had a similar reddish coat, usually they are gray here.

Later, a large coyote, with a beautiful red tint to its coat, came strolling down the hill on one of the coyote trails. I know their trails well, they are so straight, nothing at all like the way dogs move around. 

Hearing the warning signals from their lookout squirrel, the ground squirrels dove into their holes as the coyote approached. I had kept an eye on one squirrel and he came back up soon thereafter and sat down in the shade of his juniper tree. I'm sure it was an old grandfather squirrel. He sat there for a long time, straight up, paws at his chest, and seemed to just enjoy his life, taking in the scenery the same way I was. I felt he kept me company that day. Yes, I know, it's so easy to project our feelings on what animals do, but still, it was lovely.

Some day I will get all I need to take better pictures and learn how to do it. I know I have a good eye, but I need the technical knowledge and the camera to go with it. I counted twelve little chicks here, there were many more in the covey behind this family.

Early evening, sun still high in the sky, I heard a clucking sound, and had to stretch my neck to see a covey of California quail move across my backyard. There were at least thirty small, small chickens in this covey. So adorable, I had to get up and try to get a picture. It didn't work very well as you can see. 

Same thing here, this Jack rabbit is just too far away. 

Then at dusk, the rabbits appeared. This has been a grand year for rabbits. I imagine all the rain we had made it so. At dawn and dusk, my road is covered in rabbits, darting from one side of the road to the other. Here in the canyon, we have two kinds: Audubon's cottontail rabbit, the small cute ones with the white round tail. And the much larger and not quite so cute black-tailed Jack rabbits. 

Cottontail Rabbit

Faith loves to go out in the dog yard at dusk to scare them and make them run. Usually, this only works with the tiny young ones. They soon learn that the dogs are fenced in and cannot harm them. When she is loose, she chases them up into the hills, but she never catches one. I bet she would have no idea what to do if she did. Samson is the hunter in the family.

As night came, I was looking forward to seeing stars. My bedroom faces north and there are no lights there, just wilderness. But there was a full moon that first night, so I got to see something else instead: Bats! I had forgotton how many bats live in the canyon. 

It was a fabulous day, a silver lining day, a day, where I once again found myself so grateful for the healing powers of nature. 


  1. I love to sit out on the front porch and watch the birds, squirrels, deer and whatever else comes out. Quail are notoriously difficult to photograph so don't feel bad. They are very shy and if you get close enough to get a good shot... they are gone in the blink of an eye.

  2. Wow, you really have a lot of wildlife around. Sounds beautiful. Thanks for the read.

  3. A great example of a silver lining, and hoping you are fully recovered now! I love all the animals you have in your backyard. We get many of the same out at our desert property... quail, cottontails, jackrabbits, hawks, coyotes. Nature is so wonderful if you just take the time to be still, listen and watch!

  4. That sounds like just what the doctor would order. I love no window coverings on my window at night to see the moon and stars. I love the wildlife as you know I believe they are a healing source in just observing them. I am so happy you are doing better. xo Hugs B

  5. I'm sure the calm watching of nature was every bit as good for you as the rest in bed. It's almost like meditation. Love your pictures and your back yard! I hope you are all better now.

  6. Yes, I am much better now. And back to blogging, I hope.

  7. I have been away for a while... I didn't know you were battling a kidney infection, Inger. I am so sorry but so glad you are feeling better!! As always, I love your pictures. You live in a peaceful place with a gorgeous view... Thank you for sharing it with us!!

  8. Wow, so many wildlife right in your backyard helping you heal by keeping you interested in their antics. I'm so glad you are feeling better. I hope that you will try to rest some more. You've had been so busy taking care of business that now it's time to take care of you. I should listen to my own counsel, lol. I've been working outside every night till dark each evening.

    Hugs, Julia

  9. That was better than a movie or TV!!

  10. This was a beautiful post, Inga. I felt and pictured all the moments you wrote about.

  11. The beauty of nature, you can't get any better than this.

  12. lol, even a day in bed can be inspiring it seems. Like what you discovered. From my own bed I can only see treetops. I live on third floor.

  13. Hi Inger - wonderful descriptions ... such a pleasure to read and to feel I was in the room with you looking out onto your Desert Canyon - with all the life, so many of us rarely see, as we bustle about. As you say a silver lining ... and it really was ... delightful post - thanks so much ... feel better and easier soon - with thoughts and cheers Hilary

  14. Inger, I really, really love this post. I felt I was watching with you. being able to see out is a wonderful thing to have, and this is certainly a silver lining for you and for us. I would love to see all these critters. so glad you put the blinds up. I have not been on line for 2 days, I have a bad sinus infection but feeling better today after a trip to the doc yesterday. I think we all need to take a page from your story and sit/lay and watch our natural world more...

  15. It was so nice to spend the day looking out the window with you. : )
    There have been a lot more rabbits around here in western MD this year too!

  16. Wow, that is so much better than if you had watched a Hollywood production--or at least a Disney version. Thanks for sharing with us.

  17. What a lovely - Peace Filled - Post.
    refreshing . . . thank you!

  18. Inger, what a positive reflection of being stuck in bed. There are so many things going on around us in life, if only we take the time to look.

  19. Inger, you have a fantastic view out your back window. How wonderful (though you probably were in pain so that wasn't so wonderful) to have the whole day and night to gaze our your window. You certainly had a feast for the eyes. I hope you are now recovered or at least feeling much better. Hugs. xx

  20. Dear Inger, what a beautiful view from your window! So nice to have a lot of wildlife around your backyard and on the sky! Lucky you to see a large coyote strolling down the hill (I love coyotes, but I never saw them in person), squirrels, a covey of California quail and rabbits!
    Inger, you live in a beautiful place!
    I agree with Hilary, I have a great a pleasure reading such a wonderful descriptions!

    Wishing to you, to Samson and Faith a lovely weekend.
    Lots of Hugs and much Love!

  21. There's something really restful about being in bed and watching the world outside - you have such a wealth of wildlife, it sounds like a great place to recuperate. I have some trees in view outside my bedroom window and just watching the leaves move in the wind is very soothing. Glad to hear you're well on the mend Inger.


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