Saturday, December 16, 2017

Faith And Me

Me: Little girl Blue, I love you.

Faith: My name is not Blue, my name is Faith.

Me: I know, but it doesn't rhyme with anything.

Faith: What's rhyme?

Me: Never mind, Faith is a good name. 

Me: Why do you look at me like that?

Faith: Just thinking, mommy.

Me: Why are you sticking out your tongue? I know you're up to no good. 

Faith: Heh, heh.....

Faith: I'm coming to get you!!!

Me: Noooo, you're too big now!

Faith: Don't worry, I'm just gonna slobber you with kisses, big old wet kisses. From my heart, because I love you mommy. 

Me: Aww, I love you too little girl Blue. Faithie Baby, Baby Girl, Good Girl, and my Faith. 


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