Saturday, December 16, 2017

Faith And Me

Me: Little girl Blue, I love you.

Faith: My name is not Blue, my name is Faith.

Me: I know, but it doesn't rhyme with anything.

Faith: What's rhyme?

Me: Never mind, Faith is a good name. 

Me: Why do you look at me like that?

Faith: Just thinking, mommy.

Me: Why are you sticking out your tongue? I know you're up to no good. 

Faith: Heh, heh.....

Faith: I'm coming to get you!!!

Me: Noooo, you're too big now!

Faith: Don't worry, I'm just gonna slobber you with kisses, big old wet kisses. From my heart, because I love you mommy. 

Me: Aww, I love you too little girl Blue. Faithie Baby, Baby Girl, Good Girl, and my Faith. 


  1. Jake has that many names to and Faith you do look faithful and beautiful and i love slobbery kisses. in fact i get slobbery kisses every morning at the ymca, one of the swimmers leaves his dog in the car while he swims and i always get kisses, he is even bigger than you Faith girl, his name is in Oh SO beutiful

  2. Hi Inger - delightful ... and so glad Faith is being such a wonder to you ... take care of Mommy for us and for you - all the very best Inger, thinking of you often ... cheers Hilary

  3. You obviously love each other--& we love you, too!!

  4. Faith? Up to no good? Impossible!


  5. You are a lucky mommy to get kisses from Faith.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. This is so cool, I could almost feel Faith landing on me ha ha.

  7. Too cute! When my dog licks his lips, he wants a treat and it's his way of saying, yes, Mommie, I want some! Dogs are the very best, huh?

  8. Her thoughts make perfect sense in that series of pictures. You are both much loved.

  9. Great photos Inger - Faith really comes alive in them :)

  10. Aw, that's just so sweet. I love your Faith. What a wonderful loving girl she is.

  11. Good morning dear Inger!
    Faith is always cute and adorable! Great photos!
    Samson is adorable too!
    So good, so nice to have such a lovely friends!


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