Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Samson Gets A Good Vet Report

Saturday morning, a little hail storm came through unannounced.

I bundled up and went out on my new patio, under the roof that Glenn built. The ceiling color is sage, which you can't see here, and the posts are Elephant Skin Gray (Home Depot colors).

I think Samson thought it was snow because he was running back and forth having so much fun.

Always cautious, Faith wasn't sure she liked this white, wet, stuff at all. She's one lab mix that doesn't like to get wet. But since Samson was having so much fun, she decided she had to have more fun than he. She always has to have one up on him. 

You can see the dark matter that is the result of his clogged tear ducts. 

While Samson's various health issues are weighing on me, he's the healthiest and happiest I have seen him in a long time. I attribute a lot of it to the Wellness brand food he now gets.

Samson's vet appointment was last Friday, five weeks after the unsuccessful surgery. The vet took one look and said that his eyes looked great. He also confessed to thinking of Samson's eyes and worrying that they would look really bad. 

I decided beforehand that I needed more information, including worst case scenario for Samson's eyes. So we talked about everything and this is what I learned: Continue the treatments. Come back in two to three months, yeah! Be concerned and bring him in if there's any irritation around his eyes or down his nose, where the stuff is dripping. Then surgery may be needed. If only a small area at the beginning of the duct is clogged, surgery could work. If it goes deeper, or tearduct is full of scar tissue from his underlying illness, it's possible surgery may not work. If surgery doesn't work and the eyes remain inflamed, worst case would be removal of his eyes. 

And, strange as it may sound, that would probably be worse for me than for Samson. When he was three years old, he was totally blind for three days and he handled it really well. And, as I said to the vet, he would now have a seeing eye dog right here at home. Faith would watch over him like a hawk. And of the 12 or so dogs I have lived with, Samson's nose is second to none or maybe just to our beloved hound dog cross, Bandit's. And his hearing is superior to Faith's and all other dogs I have lived with, as far as I can remember. Best watch dog, ever. That's Samson. 

I'm glad we this talk, the vet and I. While I will always worry, I have to focus on continuing his treatments, remembering they have been successful so far. Do the best you can, is my new motto. (Fran, this was Bud's advice to me, probably when I was worried about the house sale. Please thank him for me.)


  1. Hi Inger - so good to know Samson's vet's report is good - that's a wonderful Christmas present for you ...

    The patios look just what you and the dogs need - I assume there are two? One Samson size, one Inger size?!

    Really grand to know you're all doing well ... and I remember my dog in SA being totally bemused by the snow we had in September in Jo'burg one year ... so strange ... as most had never seen it. If you want snow - come up here ... 9" ... it looks beautiful today - sunshine too ...

    Take care, relax and enjoy all things ... with thoughts and hugs - Hilary oxo

  2. I'm glad you got to talk with the vet and that Samson is doing well. I had a blind dog once and another dog who was blind in one eye. Both handled it very well.


  3. i like the new motto and will try to remember to do that. so glad Samson is better and doing good and prayers for his continued good health. the three of you take great care of each other...

  4. A patio with a roof, wonderful, and to do the best we can at any given time is what we must be happy with. You are doing the absolute best for Samson, and Faith, and I am hoping with huge hope, also for yourself.

  5. I like your motto. It's almost the same as my husband's, Do the best that you can and let god do the rest.

    I'm so glad Samson got a good report from the vet. I hope he will continue to be all right, poor fluffy boy dog.

    Your patio looks great and I'm sure that Faith and Samson are so grateful for it. You will really enjoy it come this summer too.

    Merry Christmas to you and the fur kids.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. oops, it should be let God do the rest.

  7. Do the best you can...we would all be better off to remember this! I'll write it in my journal tonight to remind myself. I sometimes don't give myself credit for doing the best I can! Holiday hugs!

  8. I'm so glad that you got a good vet report! Doing the best that you can is all that you can do. We had a dog years ago who lost all ability to make tears. We had to put in eye drops every 30 min when she was awake. It worked well enough that she kept her sight til the end. I hope that Samson can keep his sight, and if he doesn't, as you said, it will be harder on you than on him. Dogs are so incredibly adaptable!

    I already knew that you'd do the best that you could!

  9. I am so relieved that Samson is doing well. You are doing all you can and I know that you will continue to do so. Dogs are very adaptable. Happy Holidays to you and your beautiful dogs.

  10. I am happy to read that the doctor was happy with the way Samson’s eyes looked. It is good that you had the talk with the vet so you are prepared for what may lie ahead. Meanwhile, enjoy the season and have a Merry Christmas.

  11. So glad Samson is doing well and hope it continues. Hoping Samson never reaches that stage, even the worst case is not that bad. I've owned blind, deaf and amputee animals and like you said, they adapt amazingly well. Just don't move the furniture. Your motto is what we should all strive for

  12. Yay for Samson! Glad to hear he got to enjoy a chilly time. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  13. I read Bud your comment to him. He said "The best you can" is all anyone can do!!

  14. Nice to hear that Samson is doing as well as he is.

  15. So happy to hear the positive news for Samson! I like your new motto... do the best you can is a direct, positive way to think!

  16. Hello dear Inger,
    I am very glad with the good news report from the vet about Samson and that he is health and happy!
    I like your patio and I am sure that Faith and Samson will enjoy it so much!!
    Lots of Hugs and much Love!

  17. Hope Samson is doing well - and I wanted to stop by and see what you've been up to. Hope your New Year is Great! We are still waiting for winter in our mountains - no sign of snow yet.


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