Tuesday, November 27, 2018


Faith: The Chewy man came, but only with a small package. I knew that couldn't be our food, so I was a little worried.

But when mommy opened it, there were packs of snacks and dental chews and then she gave me two BONES! Ahh, just for me, me, me.... I must have the best mommy in the whole wide world!

Me: You know better than that Faith, you know that one bone was for Samson and one bone was for you.

Faith to herself: I don't think so. I better get the other bone and hide it. 

Faith can't figure out how to carry both bones, so she has to leave one. She picks up the other one and brings it outside.

Samson, who only has a moderate interest in bones, sees the bone Faith left, picks it up and proceeds to chew on it.

Faith hears him chewing and runs anxiously around the house, back and forth. I find her in the hallway, listening.

Me: I know he's got one bone, why can't you just chew on the other? Why do  you get so upset for nothing? 

Faith: Nothing?! That's MY bone!

Me: Let's go and see if he'll give it back to you. Unlike you, Samson is such a mellow dog, he probably won't care. 

Faith: Mommy said you have to give me back MY bone!!

Me: Not exactly what I said.

Samson continues to chew and says nothing.

Faith: Mommy, could you PLEASE help me -- that is MY bone.

Me: OK, since you ask so nicely I'll go outside and get the other bone.

As I leave, Samson, who doesn't like me to leave, gets up and follows me outside.

Faith wastes no time - the bone is HERS!

Much to my surprise, Samson accepts the other bone and they both lie down together, chewing away. Peacefully....


  1. How sweet! They're happy with each other...oh and those bones!!!

  2. Hi Inger - love to see you and the dogs ... total bliss - as you say ... peaceful. Cheers Hilary

  3. White and black living in harmony. Samson is vey photogenic!

  4. Awe, glad they ended up enjoying both of their bones next to each other. Ruby isn't much of a chewer. I keep trying to find one she likes.

  5. Faith had such hanging down ears when she saw Samson. Samson is a kind dog.

    I truly love the dialogue among all.

  6. Samson is such a precious dog.He like to keep peace in the family. Good for him. Faith can learn a lot from him.
    I'm so glad you have them both for company.
    Hugs for everyone.

  7. What neat dialog and pictures. The pictures fit perfectly. I am happy each settled for having one bone apiece.

  8. Love the dialog! And now they both have what they want, and some peace. And you ARE the best Mommy! Chewy days must be so exciting! For ALL of you!

    1. Yes, we all love the FedEx guy who brings the large Chewy box into my kitchen and places it in front of the drawer where the dog food will go.

  9. we used to go through this same thing with Baby and Jake, Jake thought all bones were his... baby was like Samson, easy and did not care. glad they both got a chew together. Big Boy has a new one that is his, and two that are from Baby and Jake... he plays with all three at the same time all by himself and tried to carry two at the same time. these photos of Faith looks so much like BB... could be him. his face is different but the rest is the ame and from side view or back view just like him

    1. That and the white fur on their chest. They could be siblings!

  10. I LOVE the look on Faith's face as she looks up for Mommy's help! LOL!
    you can just READ her thoughts.
    and we need Samson in Washington. the perfect little diplomat! XOXO

  11. A beautiful story about two gorgeous dogs!!


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