Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Lazy Fall Pictures By My Phone From My Car

Yesterday, I was in town running errands. On my way home, I noticed many trees were decked out in pretty fall colors and some had already lost all their leaves. 

I felt bad I was a little late in noticing this, but feeling tired, I decided to just stop and take pictures with my phone of the trees I found on my way home. 

Unfortunately, there weren't many, but then trees with bare branches are beautiful too, so I felt that even in my lazy mood, I was doing OK. 

And trees with just a few brave leaves left were even more interesting.

As some of you know, I haven't posted much here lately, mainly because of troubles with my Type 1 diabetes. After almost 30 years, it is beginning to catch up with me. My up and down blood sugars have resulted in me being even more tired than I usually am and I've had to fight feeling guilty and  slightly depressed about my inability to accomplish what I both want and need to do to take care of things around here. 

But then two things happened: First little Gracie wrote a song telling us she missed us and was worried, which made me post right away. Even though I had many emails from friends around the world, asking if I was safe from the fires, I hadn't considered that my friends on the blogs may have also been concerned.

Second: The minute I took out my phone and took a few pictures, I knew that being creative was key to feeling good. 

So now I know what I have to do -- think of others, be creative, walk more, love more and maybe sleep more too --without guilt. 

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I am so sorry about this! But you have got it RIGHT about what you need to do. I look on my followers as blog family, and worry about them when they don't post in awhile. Especially those who just leave without an explanation. I always wonder what happened and if they are alright. I imagine your diet would be so much harder on the holidays. Your pictures are beautiful. I love the contrast of the bare grey and black branches against the Brilliant blue fall sky.

  2. I agree with the forget the guilt, when you are ill it is not your fault and the way it makes you feel is out of your control. except of curse it appears you have figured out the camera helps which is good for us and you. my camera helps me to. your phone took fantastic photos from your car and your trees are beautiful. it is funny by we both posted neighborhood trees on the same day. mine were from walking, yours from your car... glad to see you here.

  3. Bare branches have a beauty of their own. I've seen some beautiful pictures featuring bare trees.
    I like your attitude to your health issue. Writing, walking, more love and sleep are quite beneficial to one's wellness.

  4. I'm sorry you have been feeling down because of not being able to do all you want and need to do. Diabetes is a serious illness and we all want you to take care of yourself first. Your pictures are beautiful. Thanks for letting us you are OK.
    Happy Thanksgiving. Hugs, Julia

  5. Your new header photo is stunning, graceful branches, a lawn, a rotunda? and then more. I agree, bare trees are equally pretty. Hang in there, we all go through bad patches, and maybe this is your time to be restful and not worry about trying to do too much. XXX from a wet day down here, warmer than the previous few days.

    1. It's a park in our town. And I'm not going through anything much compared to others, nothing like all you have gone through, just had to figure it out. Now I just have to keep it up.

  6. bare bone trees are elegant. Things like that will lift you up.

  7. Hi Inger - it's always a delight when you post, or Samson, or Faith ... but you have blue blue skies - and sun ... just hope things adjust for you and settle down ... but glad getting the post up with the gorgeous tree photos inspire you to do more ... take your time ... and adjust ... big hugs - Hilary

  8. Happy Thanksgiving, Inger! I hope you, Samson, and Faith have a great day. Take care! ~Jeff

  9. bless you Inger! Diabetes 2 is bad enough. but to have number 1? oh my goodness.
    maybe the key is to love your life at a speed of your own choosing. no one else's!
    the banner of the park is so beautiful. as are all the pictures here. always.
    thank you for YOU and little Faith and Samson! happy Thanksgiving dear bean. xo

  10. Happy Thanksgiving to you & the puppies!!

  11. May Thanksgiving breathe new strength and renewed inspiration to you ... and offer times of romping for your canine companions, too! Bare branches always looked to me like black veins going up the grey flesh of the winter sky. It's the poet in me I guess. HAPPIEST OF THANKSGIVINGS!

  12. The quality of your photos make me want to break down and get a smart phone if only for the camera ability. Hope you get your diabetes under control soon and will have more energy.

  13. I keep leaving comments on your big but they don’t show up... I’m going to try leaving this here to see if it stays. Sorry

  14. Ok looks like it worked that time. Maybe it was my internet before.

  15. Happy Thanksgiving to you Inger - I'm glad to hear you're safe where you live - those fires are just terrifying to watch.

    Your post is a lesson to all of us - I for one also go through the guilt cycle when I'm not feeling well enough to get stuff done and your reminder to keep in touch but do something creative to bring yourself back into focus is worth remembering.
    This is the time of year to slow down anyway - take care of yourself - it's always lovely to read your posts. Fil


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