Thursday, December 20, 2018

Christmas This Year

Last year was the first year I had this fake little tree. Errol and I always had real trees, we both loved it. But life goes on and one can't quite cope with all that any more. So this year, I took out the little tree from K-mart and decorated it with a few of my remaining ornaments. Only Swedish ones, everything else went to the Hospital Guild thrift store. 

Instead of displaying Christmas cards everywhere, I put them in my bowl. 

I really should have removed my dirty copper pots. Or not posted this at all, but I so love that Faith photo bombed the picture that I just had to post it. I wonder what she's looking at here. The copper pots belonged to my grandmother, who actually cooked with them. When she was old, and her life was modern and easier, one entire wall in her large kitchen was taken up by all her copper pots, pans, and baking dishes. Always freshly polished and shiny. They will get done before Christmas, grandma, I promise. 

Christmas began last Friday, when I went with some friends to hear the Tehachapi Symphony Chorus perform three selections from Bach's Christmas Oratorio and then, after the intermission, a glorious rendition of Handel's Messiah. 

My Swedish goat. In our home, we had one just like it under the tree. In Sweden, home of many reindeer, Santa leaves them alone and travels with goats or one goat maybe, not sure.

Tomorrow, Mary is hosting a luncheon for the ladies in the crochet group. I'm looking forward to that. Then I will see relatives and friends on the weekend. 

Some small Swedish goblins or tomtar, as they are called there. The Santa my grandfather made well over 100 years ago. My mom and dad celebrating what may well have been their first Christmas together. A small plate, a gift from my cousin Anders. 

In Sweden, Christmas is celebrated on Christmas Eve and Rachael has spent many Christmas Eves first with both Errol and I and later with me. But not this year, so I have a strong feeling that I want to be alone, just to think about things. As you get older, time moves at an explosive speed. Even when you live in a desert mountain canyon with nothing much to do ~~ not true, always much to do here. So taking time out for reflection, I believe is a very good thing.

Gifts from my friends Bill and Judy, from many Christmases ago when we all worked at UCLA and Bill was the best boss ever and Judy such a good friend. They still are friends of course, and I hope to see them in the spring. It's a shame the ornament is not clear, it's just gorgeous. 

Then I will, weather permitting, spend Christmas Day with my niece Monique, her husband Kenny, and their two daughters Jasmine and Jacqueline. They live in Lancaster, which is about 45 miles through the high desert from here.  Many storms are coming in from the Pacific and if it snows, I will stay home. Hope it won't because, after all, Christmas is for kids and I would so love to spend some fun and loving time with them. 


  1. Your tree is perfect, and I love the desk it is sitting on and your fireplace and especially the unpolished pots and Faith the photobomber.. I enjoyed your memories and seeing your Santa that is so very old.. hope the weather permits the trip for Christmas day. we have storm warnings up for all day today, as in tornados. it has been raining for 3 days, the pool is full to the top. drought is broken and of course is way to much, at 6 inches and still raining.

  2. I love that photo with's perfect! And I hope the weather is good so you can spend time with your family. Love hearing about your traditions and seeing the photo of you special. Holiday hugs!

  3. Leave it to Faith to photo-bomb! Today, I wrote on the differing perspectives of Christmas as we age with the beginning and ending stages sometimes being the best. For years now my Christmas Tree has been a large replica of Charlie Brown's! :-) Love your tree. May your Christmas Eve be healing and reflective.

  4. Faith, so good to see you included, and shiny copper pans, lovely round the fire. I think I need to have something on our front door maybe. After all, on this small section, you can see all the front doors from the street. Snow, as long as you can drive to Lancaster that will be good. And snow in the distance is always so pretty.

  5. You grandfather little antique Santa is priceless and you are so fortunate to have it in your possession. What a great souvenir that can still bring you joy. I'm sure he put a lot of love in making it. I love the photo bomber , Faith. She feels special too of course and wants to be included in the photo. Dogs are so smart even when we don't realize it.

    I love time alone too and yes, everything changes as we grow older. We'll be spending our Christmas t our daughter's house.

    Wishing you a Merry and safe Christmas.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. Interesting in the land of reindeer that goats were Santa's helpers. Love your goat by the way.
    Glad you are spending Christmas day with children weather permitting. Children make Christmas special.

  7. Your grandmother's copper pots! How wonderful to have them displayed. That would have pleased her.

    Children do make Christmas special. They understand joy.

  8. I understand about doing less at Christmas and I do too. I decorate in other ways and have given away our large faux tree since I became the caregiver for hubs. Hope your holidays are merry and that the new year is a bright one for you. I like the photobomb photo.

  9. I hope you are able to make it to your niece's home. How wonderful that you have a Santa that your grandfather actually made! What a treasure. I never heard of Santa travelling with goats! Well, I guess it's not any more far fetched than reindeer. Your desk with the cards, presets, and little tree is so cheerful and inviting. I like all the pots around the stove!! It has a farmhouse and old fashioned feel.

  10. Thank you for this beautiful post. I especially love the picture of Faith!!

  11. I love your little tree! It is so nice to have treasures from our grandparents I have a few as well. I am hoping for no snow for you so you can make the trip to be with your family

  12. A beautiful post. Sounds like the holidays for you are very busy indeed. I really like your sideboard and fireplace. Merry Christmas, enjoy the holidays, and I hope it doesn't snow!

  13. We do a lot less at Christmas time too. Lets you spend more time thinking what it is we are celebrating.

  14. Your little tree is lovely, Inger. I know what you mean about alone time; we all need that sometimes. I hope the weather is good enough for you to travel. It is always a big problem here in PA also. We are having rain storms (rainiest year ever) ) and flooding is a possibility/probability . However, Christmas Eve and Christmas looks OK for now. Fingers crossed for us all.

    Merry Christmas, sweet lady.

  15. "As we grow older, time moves at an explosive speed" - how very, very true!
    ME time. therefore, becomes crucial in our life.

  16. Merry Christmas, Inger!! And I hope 2019 brings you many blessings. ~Jeff

  17. Hi Inger, What a great idea putting the cards in a bowl - I might steal that one, and your Swedish ornaments are lovely. I love to see old Christmas tree ornaments rather than shiny new stuff.
    Have a lovely Christmas, whether it's having time to yourself or making it over to your relatives and I wish you a peaceful, healthy and happy 2019. Fil x

  18. oh Inger! a delightful post.
    I think Faith is looking at the picture and thinking it's a window. :)
    I love your memories. and I hope the weather stays good for your trip.
    I also have two small trees. though one is flocked and in my kitchen!
    it has the tiniest white LED lights on it that are on battery. (all I have to do is add new batteries)
    but they're AA and they seem to last forever! and it's amazing how beautiful they look. fairy trees!
    the other little fake tree is in the living room between my two chairs. it's white. also with tiny white
    lights on the finest silver strand and with the battery I can use it anywhere. I have got where I love these!
    happiest of Christmas Eve's to you dearest bean! I'll be alone also and I find it especially peaceful and reflective. XO hug the furries for me.


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