Monday, July 12, 2021

I Treat Myself -- And Jeanne Goes To Death Valley

I'm working on creating a calm, peaceful, and happy old age for myself. I have a strong sense that I no longer want to own anything. So I'm selling the Jeep; hoping to sell the house, while staying in it for awhile; leasing a new car instead of buying; and more along that general path. 

In the picture below, the house looks smaller and the car looks bigger. I promise I didn't get a car almost as big as my house. 

As you may know, a global shortage of computer chips has slowed auto production, resulting in fewer cars available for sale. And, of course, higher prices for the few, and I mean few, that sit on car dealers' lots. 

Not a good time to need a new car, but Joyce wants to buy the Jeep and I want to sell it to her. So on Friday, Joyce and I went to the Lancaster Auto Mall, where we began at the Subaru dealer. They had eight new cars, Foresters, a couple of Crosstreks. I didn't fit in the latter, but was interested in learning more about the Forester.

Unfortunately, the salespeople were not very helpful, so we decided to leave, get some coffee, and then go and see the Jamaican guy at Honda. His name is Clive and I've been talking to him on the phone for months now. 

He was just as nice and helpful as I expected him to be. Researching cars within my price range, I found the Honda CRV to be the best car, so I was hoping they would have some.

Well, they had one, just one, and it was a top of the line car and a lot over the amount I had budgeted. I could still afford it, and thought why not treat myself. I've been driving the Jeep for over ten years, and while it's great for around here, I don't like it on the freeways and will not take it on trips. 

Of course the color of the only car they had was this red. I didn't want a red car, but this was the only one. It's a soft metallic red and I like it better already. 

It has the necessary All Wheel Drive (in case it will ever snow or rain here again), it's a hybrid, so better for the environment, the electric charges when you step on the brake. 

It has all the bells and whistles you could possibly want. Most of them I can live without, but how cool that as long as you have your keys on you, you can just walk away, and the car will magically lock itself. Then you only have to touch the handle to open it. 

I don't need or want all the stuff I have to pay extra for, but some of it can be fun to play with, I'm sure. 

I have a lot to learn.

Best for me: I'm very comfortable sitting in it and driving it. It fits me perfectly. 

And it's such a joy to drive. 


Jeanne and Jon went to Death Valley, where it is HOT, VERY HOT. 

It was 110 in Lancaster, but she sent this picture from Death Valley:

Jeanne and Jon like to do these fun and a bit out of the way things. I hope it wasn't too crowded in Death Valley, I hope they weren't too HOT. Even though they were hoping for really HOT. I can't wait to hear all about it.

The temp in the picture is not verified as correct. I believe the temperature Friday hit 130 F. That converts to 54.4 Celsius. Growing up with Celsius, that makes it real for me in a whole different way. 


  1. Hi Inger - that's wonderful ... and what a great post to remind us of times ahead - you are certainly wise in sorting things out now. Clive seems to be wonderful - while red will suit you and is cheerful ... enjoy your driving around. I do hope the plans all work out for you - but things do tend to come around to sorting themselves out. Delightful post - so happy for you and your decision making ... cheers Hilary

  2. Hello Inger,
    Congrats on your new SUV, it is pretty. I hope all your plans work out perfectly for you.
    It is too hot in the desert. Take care, enjoy your day!

  3. You are wise to declutter your life of unnecessary things and still enjoy fife to the full. Your new rented car is a beauty. I hope that it will bring you peace of mind.I hope that your plan develops as planned.

    They don't call that desert, Death Vally for nothing. My blood would boil in that heat. That is hot for sure and not for me.

  4. Love your new car and especially the color. Red or yellow are colors easily seen by other cars which is a good thing. Love that self locking feature.
    130 degrees is just too hot for humans. Mercy.

  5. I can tell you that I can barely survive walking in 95 or 96 degrees with humidity there is no way that I would ever even try to go and get and 135 degree weather. It seems there's a lot of people that went to see it though. I really like your car I love the color and it's a beautiful car and it looks perfect for you. So happy that you have found a way to come up with a plan I know that like me you are a planner and you want to think ahead and not wait for things to fall on you. I am so glad that this is all working out for you and if you have your friends to help you with your decisions and taking care of how to get them done

  6. Go girl, that red is gorgeous. And why not, you don't need to have a reason to get a new car .I guess it has a heater, if it ever gets too cold, air con for when it is so many times too hot, looks wonderful. I, too, am sorting out a lot of personal STUFF, new wills, POA, jewellery to be divided up to the daughters, the only things to stay the same are my quilting fabrics. Keep cool and stay away from the heat there in Death Valley.

  7. The cliffhanger is ended with the reveal! As a long time Honda owner who likes the dealership attitudes too, I think you made a good decision. My Honda fit has all kinds of puzzling stuff to figure out, but it handles just like the 20 year old Civic I traded in for it. Good luck with your new posh car!

    I did a lot of winnowing last year to declutter my life and mind.

  8. Enjoy your new red car! Good luck with your plans. Selling the house to go where?
    It looks like a perfect little house for you.

  9. NICE new car!! Every car that has been mine has been RED starting with my very first one. Where will you be moving to once your house sells?

  10. We saw on the news that lots of people went to Death Valley on that hottest day. I really can't imagine wanting to do that, but.... I love your new car. Red seems perfect for you!

  11. I used to have a red car. It was a wonderful vehicle that served me well for many years. I hope you have the same experience with your red car. Do you know where you want to live?


  12. "I'm working on creating a calm, peaceful, and happy old age for myself. I have a strong sense that I no longer want to own anything."
    omgosh! I Love your new plan for life. let the adventure begin!
    and like you... I've never wanted a red car... but that is a beautiful deeper red.
    I had to give up my own car. I'm having bouts of vertigo and unsteadiness on my feet.
    after the hail damage it seemed like the right time to let it go. the insurance company had totaled it after the storm. I'm finding it was like a weight lifted. I'm going to learn how to order things better. and my brother (my best friend) is strong and healthy and we enjoy each other's company so much... so he is happy to let me combine my errands with his own. my own goal is to exercise and grow Stronger each day.
    I'm So happy for you Inger! thank you for your blog. and for taking us along on this new path of your life! sending you love. XO

    1. Waving hi to you Tammy ...hope u enjoy this time with your brother and the help he can offer you with errands etc. Glad your goal is getting stronger each day. All the best to you.

  13. Love your good news and that car looks and sounds great. I hope everything you have planned for the future works out well. Sounds like u are on your way to a more stress free life.

  14. What a story! Congratulations!! Your CRV is beautiful! We really like them, and have considered buying one. right now we are leasing a RAV4. You are going to sell your home and move? Where will you move to? Houses are selling like hotcakes, and for very high prices now.

  15. What a pretty car! Funny, my boss just got a CRV, only hers is a kind of gray, which she isn't thrilled with but as you note, there aren't enough cars around right now. I bet you will enjoy those bells and whistles as the year wears on. I wonder if you have the heated seats? I hear they are great.

  16. I am so glad that you treated yourself. That makes me smile and smile. That looks a lot like our red Rav4. I hope that you love it.

    Wow 130 in Death Valley - that's not a temperature for me!

  17. Enjoy your new car, it looks great and Honda's are good cars.

    All the best Jan


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