Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Sightings From My Summer Bedroom

The other day, I saw a raven chase a road runner across my back yard. The road runner ran across the open space with the raven flying right above her, almost touching her back. When she reached the juniper trees, she just went under one and there wasn't much the raven could do, so the chase ended with a draw and no one hurt. 

The ravens are very territorial and chase away other large birds, like hawks, from the land they have claimed as theirs. I didn't know one of them would take on a road runner. 

A mule deer buck comes by almost every day. When I slept in my other bedroom, I had no idea that deer would come by here so often. Now I see several every week. The buck may be the same, but I've also seen a group of them. 

So I had to google what a group of deer is called. This is what I learned: 

Most people, upon seeing a bunch of deer together, would call it a herd; however, you also could call the group a bunch, a mob, a parcel or a rangale. Never heard that word - rangale - before. 

There's always something new to learn. At my age, all you can do is hope you will remember it!


  1. Hello,
    I hardly ever see ravens here, we have more crows. I would call a group of deer, a herd of deer. I have never heard a rangale, that is a new word for me. Take care, enjoy your day!

  2. I thought I had a herd of deer coming around our place but now I learn it's a rangale of deer. I'm sure it makes no difference to them as long as they can feast on my plants, lol. I'm glad the buck keeps to himself and hidden in the wood, although he's out there too.

    Enjoy the view from your bedroom.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. You have a postcard or the view from your bedroom window! I would love to have seen the Roadrunner I've never seen one

  4. Great views from your bedroom!

  5. Summer bedroom, I am guessing on the cooler side. The road runner was canny, and the names for the deer, I wonder if all other animals have several options too.

  6. Your crow/roadrunner sighting is a new one to me! I would have never thought! Especially seeing as roadrunners even kill snakes. We do not have roadrunners in this area, and I have always wanted to see one.

  7. I've already forgotten that last word! LOLOL!
    I'll just call them a 'group' of deer I guess.
    I'm so glad you're enjoying that bedroom. it's fun to change! xo

  8. Nature is really putting on a show for you out your window. I have seen a hawk chase a roadrunner but never a raven. The roadrunner was probably threatening the raven's territory. Love the names for groups of animals. Rangale was new to me, and evidently new to my spell checker.

  9. Thank you for researching the deer group names. Some new to me. Around here they're just called a herd, and a nuisance to people whose flowers they demolish. I don't think we have ravens locally.

  10. How cool to see all the wildlife right outside your window. Thanks for the info about the group of deer. Never heard of the word rangale before.

  11. Yay, for the bedroom window. What a great picture! Deserts were made for photographing, I think!

  12. There is such a beauty in the desert at certain times of the day. I use to love to visit Parker, AZ where my dad lived for awhile. Anyway interesting about the deer. I have one raven who comes alone every darn morning starting at 6:00 with this soulful crackly caw, sometimes high pierced sometimes low but for hours ..He will sit on the back fence off and on during the day. Other "pairs" of ravens come by to eat but he is always alone. I think he/she whoever...has lost its' mate. my yard has been full of animals lately and birds ... i have five areas where they can get water and lots of bird feeders so I guess I'm asking for the loud noises in the morning.

    1. I like to think of the Lone Raven feeling at home in your yard.
      just the fact that you always have water and food there is wonderful!

  13. That was a brave raven! I love them and also the roadrunners. What funny birds they are! And big! We have deer around our city! And the drought in bringing them into the city.

  14. I'd never heard of rangale so I looked it up and copied it for you and anyone else who's curious.
    Rangale comes from the old French word “Rengaille”. This would be the main body of the army—the regular folk who have decided to make the ultimate sacrifice. And just like an army, deer are almost always seen together. They do everything together, from eating to sleeping, or fighting.


  15. Hi Inger - so pleased the 'new' bedroom view is being such fun ... gorgeous photo. Fascinating about the raven and the road-runner ... just enjoy all the new sights and sounds and the rangale of deer ... cheers Hilary

  16. You live in a fascinating environment. Enjoyed visiting your area via your post!


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