Monday, August 23, 2021

Meet My New "Assistants"

Memory Assistant


General Subject Notebook

As I'm ageing, I find that I have no problem remembering things when I pay attention. And I mean not just the kind of attention I got away with in my younger years, but really serious attention. 

But when I don't, I may forget. I've forgotten several small things lately. Not appointments, but the name of a teller at the bank, someone I may need to contact again. This after I specifically asked for her name. I forgot about an e-mail from a friend with some important information, things like that. Nothing major, but still things I should remember. Would always have remembered.  

So, instead of being depressed about these things, I ordered the two notebooks, pictured above. 

Designed by Vera Bradley, one of my favorite purse and tote bag designers, I found these on Amazon. I wanted them to be pretty and cheer me up and her stuff always does. 

Getting old can be scary. So far, I'm not scared, but I don't like the fact that I can't remember things as well as I used to. So now I hope my new little memory assistant will help me.

I don't know how I will use it yet, but it feels like a fun thing to try.

Do I carry it around with me? 

I have to think about that. 

Maybe in time I will, right now I think I'm OK. 

I will use the larger book for various things: Record my blood sugar values when my diabetes goes bonkers. I usually keep records for a day or two and then my sugars usually get back to where they need to be. 

I will use it to note the hours Mark works when he comes to help me, and what I paid him. And for whatever else may come up. I love to have a large notebook to write in. It's so much easier than the smaller ones. 

Looking at their cheerful covers, these two notebooks will always make me smile. 

Thank you, Vera Bradley, you are the best.


  1. Hi Inger - those look delightful ... and such fun to see - I'm sure they'll make a lot of difference. Like you I'm starting to need to list things ... and I note them on post-it notes then transcribe them appropriately ... sort of an extra step. Stay safe and enjoy them - cheers Hilary

  2. They really are pretty! I write down so many things and make lists! I use small pads and pieces of paper! I should get better organized too! What a great idea!

  3. Like Lavender Dreamer I do write things down but so far they have been a bit random on post it notes. I like that book idea.

  4. I like a little notebook, too. For appointments even when they're on my electronic calendar, shopping, that kind of thing. And why not have pretty ones you like using? Good idea.

  5. A very nice cover. You are not alone. I'm a list maker and a note taker, otherwise I forget...
    I always have a notebook by my computer to take notes of things, numbers and names I want to remember or technical things I need to remember about uploading photos from my iPhone, etc... Loose pieces of papers get lost but my coil notebook keeps it all in there. It's not a pretty one like your and it's always opened on my desk so I seldom see the cover anyway.


  6. I love Vera Bradley bags, and have quite a few. Most of them I bought at Goodwill. Whenever I see one there, I always wonder why the person donated it. I think they must have died! I have been having the exact same memory problems. your notebooks are a good idea; keep one by the phone and the other in your purse.

  7. Hello,
    The notebooks are pretty, it is good to keep notes and lists. My memory is not best, I keep some notes on the notes section of my phone. Take care, have a great day and a happy new week!

  8. What lovely looking books for notes. I've been keeping lists and notes on my phone.

  9. I like the look of your two new assistants!
    A very good idea.
    I find it is so good to keep helpful notes and reminders :)

    All the best Jan

  10. YOU are the best too Inger. I like your optimism and positive outlook always!
    I used to keep a Journal. ALWAYS. and it was an amazingly great way to 'keep track.'
    but when the essential tremor in my right hand became so bad as to make writing difficult
    I stopped the journals. I still keep a small notebook by my computer table here. and it's so helpful to be able to jot down words or short things.
    I started taking Prevagen months ago. I thought I would give it a try. at least once.
    NOW I know I'll never be without it! I found that I could remember Names! and last names!
    it has been amazing for me. I know I sound like a commercial. LOL.
    but it's the truth. now whether it would work for other people I don't know. but it certainly works for me! this last time I bought 'extra strength.' ??? I have no idea if that's going to result in amazing feats of memory! but as long as they don't mess with the original formula... I'm ok.
    I think your two new assistants are Wonderful! when anything brings you JOY it's a good thing. :D XOXO

    1. I love you,Tammy, you are so kind to me always.

  11. I also use small notebooks, and I've found that index cards on a ring are really useful for me. I also do a LOT of lists.

  12. That's a great idea - i love the patterns. I think we all, if we don't pay extra attention to something, forget small things. I think i even did that in my 40's and 50's. Like you if I pay really good attention I don't forget something.


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