Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Summer's Last Hurrah?

As I write this at 2 pm on Monday, it's 106 in the shade on my patio and 114 at Joyce's house. I hope this is summer's last hurrah as far as heat goes. 

I swear, I will not buy any more stuff until Chrismas! I've just had a need to spoil myself and my dogs, but too much online shopping equals too many cardboard boxes that you then need to dispose of. I'm driving away from the dump's recycle place in the photo, which I took the other day.  

I'm wearing a mask because of the smoke.

 This is our road, Joyce's and mine.

Today, the smoke is better and my mind is on my relatives in New Orleans, Errol's aunt and uncle, now both close to 90 years old. The uncle is suffering with Parkinson's. As hurricane Ida  approached, I'm sure they evacuated to their daughter's house in Houston, but still, at their age. But good they have a place to go. 

I'm supposed to take care of some business relating to my trust today. I need to call a woman in Bakersfield to find out if she will be the backup trustee for my living trust. The trustee is onboard, but a backup is also needed. 

I will do it tomorrow, Tuesday. Even when I'm inside the house with the portable a/c unit blasting cool air, the heat still seems to affect me. Lazy typing for my blog seems to be all I can manage today. 

The other day, sitting in my bed, I had quite the scare: Something was moving under my bed. Something pretty big. Then this head popped out:

Usually, my dogs have just put their heads underneath the bed to escape the heat. I guess Faith figured a whole-body experience would be more beneficial. 


  1. Hi Inger - so lovely to have this thoughtful post ... but I'm glad to see you've been treating yourself and the dogs - it helps at times. That smoke we can see in the photo - so sad it's still so dry - must be difficult for so many.

    I'm glad to read Errol's uncle and aunt have a bolt-hole to be in while Ida batters the coast ... I hope all will be well for them - once things settle down and they can return home.

    It sounds hot - the weather is certainly strange - down on the coast it's been quite overcast for a while now - but it is green, and the plants have loved the summer ... we are gearing up for our various societies to start their Autumn terms ... I'm almost bedrudging having to do things!

    Poor Faith and Samson in your heat ... as too you ... good luck today with the back-up trustee ... it'll be good to have the paperwork all settled. Cheers - Hilary

  2. Hello my sweet phase! Thank you for the morning laugh out loud moment. All these fires and floods and Taliban and hurricanes and all known at all and the virus nothing good to think about but a dog moving under the bed and scaring mama is funny. I love the picture of you in the mask good to almost see you haha

    1. Faith says: My name is spelled F A I T H not phase. Mommy says auntie Sandra is speaking her comment. I say, I'm a confused dog now. How can you speak and letters turn up?

  3. The heat this summer has been unbearable. I really think that I got too hot on Saturday doing an outdoor vendor event and that is why I am not feeling well now.

  4. Now that is hot. We have been too but only just into the hundreds. I was wondering if you were getting smoke and sorry to hear it. We got some here also. Too funny about that scary creature under your bed:)

  5. You look good in the picture. That's all that matters in this world of smoke, heat, hurricanes.

  6. Inger, that is too hot! Looks like Faith knows how to stay cool! I love to shop online and you are right, the boxes do pile up. Glad you have a recycling place.

  7. Hello, Inger
    Cute selfie and I like the Faith image too. I hope your family and their home are safe from the storm. Pretty landscapes, the heat sounds terrible. I hope you get a break with weather and the smoke. Take care, have a great day!

  8. Your road looks as though it could go on forever. Your pictures are wonderful.

  9. That sure is HOT. Hopefully cooler weather is on the way as you say good bye to August.

  10. Ha ha, Inger, glad it was not the boogeyman!

  11. that sounds so hot. We had to go down to Rancho the other day to the store and it was close to 100, ugh... even in the mountains 90's are way too much... Hope we all get cooler weather and that the Santa Ana winds are kind to us all this year. No more fires! That was funny about something under your bed. I would have been scared too. We get raccoons a lot around here. Not inside of courselol

  12. I can't imagine being out in heat like that! I hope your trust business goes well.

  13. I opened my door yesterday and there was a large snake on my black welcome mat.
    if it were still before daylight I would have stepped on him! I backed up and closed the door! where in the world??? I mean there are plenty of apartments between me and the creek!
    I think he was hunting frogs. but my patio/porch is enclosed with a wooden 4ft fence. so it was a puzzlement (as the King of Siam always said.) I thought of YOU and the way you wrangle rattlers! you're my hero you know. he left eventually. but I open my door carefully now.
    I'm glad there was only sweet little Faith under your bed!!!
    and living in your kind of heat makes our own (only 100) seem cool.
    summer can't last forever! although ours ended last year in mid December. LOL. XO

  14. Hej Inger, Usch sååå varmt, 45 grader Celcius får jag det till....det är ju inte klokt. Hur klarar ni det ?
    Take care,

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  16. Goodness me that is HOT!
    I do hope it cools down soon.

    All the best Jan


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