Sunday, September 25, 2022

Sunday Morning Reflections


                         By: Jane B.

Jane sent this picture she or Vince took while they visited Torrey Pines Natural Reserve Park in San Diego. 

I loved to hike around there when I lived in San Diego, it's a truly beautiful place along the Pacific coast. Above it too with spectacular ocean views. 

The hawk inspires me to gather my strength for my upcoming surgery. It looks so peaceful there too, doesn't it? 

I love the sun warming its chest. 

Thank you Jane and Vince, my blog always gets better with your contributions. 


Also, I will think of Errol today on his birthday. He would have been 76. 

I'm glad I had the hawk to post on his birthday, he would have liked it a lot.


  1. Stunning!

    How are you feeling, Inger?

  2. He looks like royalty sitting there. Happy Birthday to Errol in Heaven. next Saturday will be bob's 86 birthday, one week after Errol and 10 years apart.

  3. Hari OM
    Positive thoughts - that is the way... ❤ YAM xx

  4. I always think of people on their birthdays, seems a happy idea. In one sense he's still with you, helping you get through the next little while.

  5. That hawk looks so in control of his surroundings, as you will be too for what is coming.
    It is good to remember our departed loved ones on their birthdays. For that day especially, they are just a little closer to us.

  6. What a great hawk picture. I'm sure Errol would have liked it. Happy Birthday to Errol and may you gain strength and peace of mind for your upcoming operation.

    Happy Sunday to you and Faith.

  7. Sunshine, Errol in memories and a hawk to guard and protect. XXX

  8. Hi Inger - a lovely post - I'm sure all will be well and as you know Errol will the watching over you keeping you positive ... Julia has said it well. I have been to San Diego and enjoyed my time there ... while the hawk wheeling above, til it rests seems to apposite ... with thoughts to you - love and lots of gentle hugs - Hilary xoxo


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