Friday, November 11, 2022

Walking In The Rain


It has rained here lately and one day when it drizzled a bit, I took Faith and the walker Jeanne got for me from the Senior Center for a short walk. 

Faith had to thoroughly investigate the walker before it met with her approval. 

Rain is healing and wonderful when you live in a place where you don't get much of it. 

I doubt we will get enough for the wild animals to return, but at least my trees must have enjoyed both the drizzle and the downpour that came later. 

 I saw the surgeon on Wednesday. Dr. Gordon came in and got out of the exam room really fast. I had no questions, except about the drain and when it may come out. The amount that drains must be at a lower level than it is now. It's going down every day, I'm just not sure how long it will take to reach an acceptable level. But it's no big deal for me, as long as it keeps going in the right direction.

Other than that, I feel good for the most part. I've felt down and sad too, which I think must be normal, but I haven't dwelled there for long. 

I'm actually living in gratitude, so much kindness and help has come to me. Jeanne has been wonderful, always there for me, helping me, supporting me in every way. 

Solange and Joyce's mom, Irma, came over on Sunday, and before I knew it, there was Solange with my vacuum cleaner, vacuuming my entire house for me. 

And they also brought homemade soup and fruits. 

So with good friends and much support, I'm really doing well. 


  1. I love the smell of rain on dry pavement. Or as where you are, dry ground.
    People can be so kind - I'm happy you are being loved.

  2. You are looking good lady. So glad you are able to take short walks with Faith but even happier that your friends are right there for you. Keep healing.

  3. Hi Inger - that's such good news ... improvement all round - slow but sure. Great Faith is happy to see you out and about - even with your new walker - but am glad Faith approves. I'm also so pleased people are being there for you ... nothing like a good hoover! Jeanne is being great, then so lovely to see Solange and Irma ... and soup - what more can a girl want!

    The drizzle and rain are good - even with a little those plants survive ... we've had quite a lot recently - yet the reservoirs are still low, so our hosepipe ban remains!

    Take care and you're showing your strength by tolerating brief spells of being sad, and being down - very understandable ... then realising your fortune being where you are with friends and in particular Faith. With lots of thoughts and a few gentle hugs - Hilary xoxo

  4. so happy to hear you can get out a little with the aid of the walker and sweet Faith. we too had a good rain and it was needed like yours. no harm done by Nicole the storm. You are truly blessed with great friends. wow on the vac of the house. that IS a good friend.

  5. Glad to hear things are going well. Nice that you friends helping out and you got out for a little walk. My walk today was a rainy one too. It poured the whole time I was out.


  6. Good for you to take a walk, and enjoy the outdoors. You look lovely in the picture!

  7. Rain is comforting and such a blessing when living in drought stricken California. I’m glad you are healing well and have friends helping you and bringing you such delicious gifts!

  8. Walking in the rain just might be what the doctor ordered! It always lifts my spirits to get out and about in all kinds of weather. I am glad to know that all is going well with your recovery. And, yay for friends! From the previous post ~ I love the rusty mailbox. I hope you do bring back your rusty posts.

  9. 😊 Faith is so protective of you!

  10. Inger, you are looking great. Nothing like good friends!

  11. How wonderful to hear! And you are looking so good as well. Attitude is so important with any illness, and you have such a good outlook!

  12. You are so right about rain being healing and wonderful (even magical) in dry desert areas. Wonderful photo of you, and keep up your wonderful outlook and feelings of gratitude!

  13. So glad you are doing well and that you have such wonderful friends and Faithful Faith, of course. Sending love, hugs and kisses.

  14. So pleased that you are able to enjoy short walks with Faith.
    You have some wonderful supportive friends.

    I do like the photograph of you, sending lots of healing wishes.

    All the best Jan

  15. Hello Inger,
    It is great you are able to get out for walks, I am sure Faith is happy too. You have a great attitude and a wonderful group of friends. Take care and stay strong. Have a great new week!

  16. Hello human friend, Ojo here! It is good to see you! We are encouraged to hear that things are going okay. My person says that gratitude and sadness often go hand in hand. Or paw in paw. We are all sending our love and healing energy!


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