Wednesday, November 2, 2022

November Joys

College Football 

Go Tigers!

November 16, 1963 (yes, I looked up the date) I watched the Yale at Princeton football game in Princeton with a tall, young man named Bob. Not a boyfriend, but a good friend. This was the first ever American football game I saw. Of course I didn't get anything of what was happening on the field, but the atmosphere, the joy of it all, was such that it was easy to understand how important this tradition is and will be for as long as there are colleges in America.  

Yale 7 - Princeton 27 ~ Joy for us in the stands. 

Presidential Pardon

I'm sure the turkeys receiving the Presidential Pardon are not feeling joy at the moment. But once they're back in their new home, happily clucking away, they must feel some joy. Maybe they will at least be joyful that all the fuss is over with and they can get on with their lives. 

Families Gathering for Thanksgiving Dinner

May all Thanksgiving Dinners across this wide and varied land be without family dramas and just filled with joy. 

Which is as it should be.

Have a joyful November my friends, particularly you, my friends in the Nordic countries, where the dark season is setting in, making some of you feel a bit down, knowing the turn toward lighter times is well over a month away. 

Lighter days will come though, as they always do. In the meantime, joy will come from unexpected places or people. As it always does. 


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