Monday, August 24, 2009

Dust, Rain and a Birthday Party

I get the weather forecast in my AOL email and all summer long seven round little yellow suns kept showing up, week, after week, after week. The last snow fell in the canyon in mid-April and I don't think there has been any precipitation here since then, until Saturday, when perhaps 15 minutes of rain fell on the dry land in the canyon. The system generated some magnificient clouds and the fresh smell of rain was priceless to my parched senses.

Last week, before the rain, I came upon some white flowers, growing by the dusty road. I felt an instant admiration for their tenacity.

As I was taking their picture, a truck drove by, followed by the huge cloud of dust it just generated.
A tractor at work at the neighbors' house stirred up more dust. It looked almost like the dust devils we get here on really windy days. They are very fierce as they come through and blow the mustard tumble weeds up in the air and twirl them around like rag dolls. Nature certainly has come up with an imaginative way to disburse the seeds of these common weeds. And to make so much more work for me in the spring to try to keep them at bay.

Then on Saturday, I woke up to a gray and overcast sky. That instantly improved my mood and level of energy. Then that little bit of rain fell and the flowers and chili plant looked like they were happy too.

Later on Saturday, I went to a birthday party for my niece and her niece, my grand-niece. They have the same birthday; one was 30 and the other four. It was fun to catch up with some relatives I haven't seen for a long time. At the party, I met a Princess with her magic wand!


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