Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's May 23rd, So What's Up With That White Stuff?

Look what we woke up to this morning!
No, there isn't that much snow, but dark clouds hang around the eastern mountains and it's cold.
I actually woke up to loud noises as my husband was splitting wood to start a fire.
In the living room, I find Samson courting Angel. And how come they are both on my couch where they are not allowed? Probably has something to do with daddy being in charge.
Angel is not at all interested in anything but a distant 3rd cousin like relationship with Samson. This he doesn't understand at all, as you can see on his expression here. I'm too tired to get them off the couch, so I go back to bed and continue reading this wonderful memoir:

A Medical Update:
On Friday, we went to the orthopedic doctor in Bakersfield. The good news is that I really like the doctor and his staff. The not so good news: They took new X-rays and showed me how pieces of my shoulder broke off with one larger piece sort of floating around a bit away from the bone. They also told me that these breaks (3 or 4 of them) are close to my rotator cuff and certain moves could risk a break, in which case surgery will be necessary. And expected time to heal went from two months to three to four, maybe longer because of my diabetes. I have to be in the sling and I will not be able to drive for all that time.
So, the best thing I could have done was to begin reading Angela's Ashes, finally. Tragic as this memoir is, there is absolutely no self-pity in these people, and adversity is often met with wonderful humor. So an inspiration for me to keep my chin up. There are places where I'm actually laughing out loud. And what could be better for my healing than that?


  1. Surgery, 3-4 months, no driving all summer? What a bummer!

    With the temps were they are, here, I could use that white stuff for just one day! That fire looks so cozy!

    Oh, those kids, messing around on the couch! At least they aren't in any real trouble :)

  2. Gosh, I can't believe you have snow. Sorry to read the news about your shoulder, sending you healing hugs.

    Shirl x

  3. You're kidding me, right? Snow? I thought we had long winters. But, today, here, it is 78 and humid. I am watering my gardens, it's so dry. That not common in May, either.

    Poor Samson. He just doesn't understand that sometimes a woman just likes to be left alone. But, Angel should be a little more forgiving, because Samson looks like a good catch to me.

    I'm sorry that the news about your shoulder wasn't any better. Please be very careful with yourself. I wish I were closer, I'd drop in and help with things.

  4. Snow! Ouch! My brother who lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada told me that he had snow in his forecast as well. What's up with that?

    'Angela's Ashes'....loved it. Tragic but inspiring too. McCourt was a great writer.

    Chin up! After I was injured a couple years ago, my sister gave me good advice : "Jim, things happen for a reason." It's incredible how true this was for me. Maybe you will discover why this happened to you as well and realize something from this whole experience.

  5. Snow! Snow! You got snow! What the heck!!!!!
    Oh man, sorry to hear that the docs have given you recovery time a lot longer. Geez!!! :(
    Well, look at it this way. Now you can cach up on a lot of reading.
    How can you say no to those beautiful dogs on the couch?! Ha Ha

  6. It was actually a blizzard, but then it all melted, but still cold here.
    Sharon, I hope no surgery, I just have to be careful.
    Shirl, thanks for the hug, I'll take all I can get of those.
    Louise, Samson is a gorgeous puppy, but Angel is an old lady. Her flirty days are past.Having you drop in here on my blog makes me happy. Jabacue,yes, he was a great writer, the book was sitting in my bookcase for years and so great I could read it now. I know this has some meaning and also that it's up to me to make it work out ok. Use this time to learn and discover.
    AJ-Oaks, before I moved here, I bought a lot of books. And many of them I haven't read yet, so now is my oppotunity.

  7. I don't care...I love snow...I eat it, roll in it, I jump in it and smear it around...besides it makes me nice and clean for my daddies.

  8. Hey, Sophie, my Princess says she gets that, she loves to roll and roll in the snow too. She sends her love to a fellow snow loving doggie.

  9. Sorry your shoulder is worse than originally thought, but I know you will follow Drs. orders and take care of yourself. You are fortunate to have good friends in your area and Errol to come up on weekends to help take care of things for you... I guess you will have time to stop and "smell the roses" this summer and read, read, read... Take care

  10. Hi Inger,
    So sorry to hear about lengthy recovery time, but relieved you don't have to do the whole surgery thing. Please be careful. How will you manage without being able to drive for that long? ..I worry...
    Of course your pups belong on the couch - can you imagine the looks on their fuzzy little faces if you told them that the supreme cozy spots were only for the humans? lol
    Hey, we took a ferry in Ireland last week just to bypass Limerick (really awful traffic) - Frank M's childhood was so very sad. Take care, Inger!

  11. thanks retired girl and farmgirl-dk for your good thoughts and caring. please don't worry, i will learn something, in addition to keeping the light on at night, from this experience. -- inger

  12. We are having the same sign of Spring yet!!! Sorry to hear about your shoulder..dang it! Well, take it easy and let it heat through this summer, I know it's hard to be still...I can't do it either...but let it heal! :D


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