Saturday, May 1, 2010

Rattlesnake Vaccine? Who, Me? We're Going Where?

I'm getting a little worried here. When I get the leash it usually only means one thing. And it isn't good.
Mommy and I go in the car for a long time. I think I know where we are now.
See, I knew this is where she was taking me! Mommy said I had to get my rattlesnake vaccine, whatever that is. Oh well, as long as they don't try to take my temperature, I guess I'll try to be good.
And it isn't all bad; you get to meet an awful lot of nice people and some pretty doggies too.
Then this thing comes in. It almost looked like the cows next door, it was that big!
Turns out it was a dog and a boy dog at that. He immediately took a liking to me! I wasn't sure how I felt about it, I mean, I wasn't scared or anything. I could tell he was a good dog, just like me. He was just sooo big!

He came closer and closer and then he started to kiss my ear.
And then he drooled on the top of my head! Can you see the yucky spot of drool?

"Enough already," I said, and told him to go away and lay down. That he did, and then a lady came and said mommy could come to the counter and pay.
While mommy was paying, I spotted this way out and went over to see if maybe I could leave now.
No such luck, soon another girl came and I had to get on that contraption that tells you how much you weigh. This is what I weigh now – and the girl told mommy I had lost 3 pounds since last year. That made mommy real happy. I'm happy too because it may mean I can get some more dog biscuits now. I'll just go: "Please, please, mommy, remember I lost 3 pounds!"
Then we went in another room and this nice girl sat down and petted me. Then she told me I was a good doggie and, sure enough, she gave me a cookie right then and there. I wonder if it was because I lost the weight … I never felt that I got a shot or anything. After that, we were allowed to leave.
And when we got outside, mommy, who always seems to carry a camera around these days, had to take yet another picture. "Of the scenery," she said. I just wanted to get back home myself. An old dog can get a bit tired after all that excitement. And after a while we were home again. Angel and Soldier were awfully glad to see me and sniffed me all over. As for me, I think I go and take a nap now. Bye! That's all for now.

Thanks for visiting with me and mommy and we hope to see you soon again.

Posted by me -- Princess!!


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