Monday, May 17, 2010

A Visit To A Swedish Animal Park -- Part One

Welcome Sophie and BlueRidge Boomer - two new followers.

First day of summer 2005 -- I was in Sweden and it was my birthday so my friend, Inga, decided that we should celebrate by doing something special. She treated me to a wonderful day that included a visit to Kolmarden's Animal Park south of Stockholm.
Since I have to rest for a while to heal my injuries, I looked through my photos to find stuff to blog about. And I loved this day so much, I thought you may want to come along as I remember it.
I had so many photos that I decided to make this a two-part adventure. At least I hope it will be an adventure.

We started out looking at the tame critters.

As always, I love to visit with goats and they had lots of them. Here's even a baby one.

Here are more goats and some mellow cows.

Before we set out into the park, we visited a non-denominational church that is built partially into a mountain. The architecture was interesting and the church was beautiful.

Several large boulders were left inside the church.

One boulder had a wreath of candles wrapped around it and it was truly beautiful. The church is oval or round, so there are no corners and very peaceful inside.

The views outside were gorgeous too.

The polar bears had a huge enclosure

where they walked around and swam in the pool.

These guys seem pretty content.

This looked a bit strange to me: A tiger, two, three tigers in a very Swedish-looking meadow.

There they were, walking down the path

checking out the water temp… after all it's early summer and it may be cold in there….

But no, look: A treat for me, the first time I've ever seen a tiger going for a swim.

We all know that a good swim makes for a good appetite…what magnificent animals they are, these large cats.

Part two will follow in a day or two and will include animals from the African savannah and two symbols of Swedish wildlife.


  1. That's really a nice place, loved the big cats, no, I had never seen one go into the water either! That Church is magnificent.

    The nicest thing about blogging is the pictures I see of places I have never been and would not see otherwise. Thanks!

  2. Hi Canyon Girl! I was out blog-hopping this evening and followed the crumbs to your blog. What a treat and great photos!

    Liz (aka Ninny)

  3. What a beautiful zoo, and church. I had to laugh at your comment about tigers in a very Swedish looking landscape. They looked very fit and happy, but, what do they do in the winter?

  4. Oooh, the zoo there is truly beautiful. Nice to not see concrete everywhere.
    The church is pretty amazing. Very cool leaving the boulders where they were.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your accident, & I wish you a speedy recovery ! I will check back tomorrow, to see your African animals :)

  6. That is a really cool place..loved the big enclosures for the bears and tigers. Hope the shoulder is feeling a bit better! :D

  7. Due to my one-handed typing -- this is for all of you--Kolmarden is one of the better animal parks and it was a truly beautiful place. I imagine some of the animals are indoors in the winter. I'm sorry now that I did't get a brochure. Thanks for your well-wishes. I do feel better.


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