Sunday, May 16, 2010

Old And New Friends Cheer Me Up

Welcome to Scribenbirder, Shirl, Sharon, Jabacue, and Cat who are new followers, new friends…how great is that?
Good news is: I'm feeling better for the first time this morning. I got Naproxen yesterday. It's an anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant that broke the chain of pain right away. Since the Vicodin didn't do much for the pain, I assume I had a muscle spasm in addition to the hematoma in my left arm that hurt much more than the broken shoulder.
From Rachael.
My blog plans for the month of May were to talk about my progress with yard work and my garden. Instead of struggling with the dry summer heat, I wanted to focus on a few plants, like peppers, who like heat, and then have plenty of flowers in baskets and planters all over the place. I also wanted to repair and freshen up things, as needed, around here. I was so excited about all these projects and now with about six weeks of recovery left to go, I have to put all that on the back burner and find other things to do
A present from Rachael, who knows I need a donkey in my life.
I will continue to blog. Looking at the photos in my computer, I found some adventures from the past that I can share. I'm working on one from the great Swedish animal park at Kolmarden that I visited in 2005. I also have some animal stories I wrote for newsletters in the past, but didn’t think I wanted to include in my blog…now I think I will. Of course, if it isn't too boring, I can always write about my day-to-day recovery and let you know what I learned from this experience. If I ever find my PATIENCE, I will write about that too. One thing I know right now is that typing one-handed really fries your brain. It's not easy, but may get better with time.
A small part of all the grass Rachael cut for me.
Rachael came yesterday and was a huge help. She went grocery shopping and picked up more pain medicines in town. She also brought a lot of gifts, both practical and fun, and a huge bunch of flowers. Then she cut the front yard grass and weeds and helped me with a long list of things that I couldn't do myself, like changing the sheets on my bed. It's wonderful to have friends, who will drop everything in their own busy lives and just come and help you.

Rachael, thank you so much…this quote is for you:

Make yourself familiar with the angels, and behold them frequently in spirit; for without being seen, they are present with you.
St. Francis de Sale


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