Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Canyon Living

The other day we drove down to Bakersfield and came upon a sandstorm. 
While the Wrangler is good for our rough terrain, it is a bummer in a storm. You can't hear a word, but I heard Canada several times. That's from my hubby's mouth, but that's all I heard. 
When we drove back home, I asked. He said he's been dreaming of going to Canada; he said he's so disappointed in the past two non-winters we've had; he said he doesn't need another two months in the spring and two in the fall to have to worry about rattlesnakes. Of course we are not going to Canada, or anywhere else, but I must admit a fascination on my part with all those shows from Alaska that are currently swamping our TVs. So cool, so crisp, such good air quality, so many rivers, so much SNOW! 

This led me to think about how we adapt. I have come to love this desert landscape, but the drought worries me. Groundwater is being contaminated and will there be enough, how long will this drought last, and how will I be able to survive even longer and hotter summers? What about Samson, this is not good for him. 

I had a busy week ahead, but fortunately, two doctors rescheduled my appointments. Now I just have Diabetes Support Group tomorrow and another CERT training session on Saturday. I don't remember if I posted about my training to become part of a Community Emergency Response Team. I went once last fall and then took that class over again earlier this month. Since we live so isolated here,I think it's a good idea to learn what to do, how to help, and also to meet a few neighbors. I'm enjoying it a lot.  

Dee asked if Samson got baths, or how come he stays so white. He gets baths in the summer. The rest of the year I brush him, more or less every day, a little. He does not go for long sessions and he will not let me touch his tail or rear. Hubby does that -- or not. Right now, it is a mess and I'm picking at it a little at a time. We're having arguments, my boy and I. 


  1. i worry for california and the drought situation, too. i did chuckle at your hubby saying 'canada' in the middle of the storm, though. :)

  2. it is not just you that worries, we all have something to worry about, each and every state and i bet that includes Alaska, there is no place that is perfect. this is the time of year we start to think about hurricane season and there are more and more sink holes in FL...drought to and unsanitary water.
    that is a great pic of the sandstorm...hi Samson, you look grrrreat and really white.. mommy takes good care of you

  3. Oh YES come to Canada I would love that:)
    I am glad you joined that group to meet people it is not good to be without friends and activity Yes Come to Canada:) Samson would love it:) Hug B

  4. Tell your hubs to visit Canada, then check out Alaska. I think the southern part of BC is better. We have lots of water in the rainforest. . .

    Drought is scary, as I've always lived near water, or in a place that is more wet than dry.

  5. It's great you are learning the quick response, you never know when it will be needed, and you might help someone near, and if you enjoy it, even better! I hope your diabetes meetings help you, I know I get a lot of valid support and advice from online friends with the same condition as mine, although there isn't anything locally for me to go to sadly.

  6. I knew you were in drought - but I didn't know it was that serious. I am so sorry.

  7. It really is beautiful there... but once I would see my first rattlesnake I would be moving on... lol
    Gracie says to Samson: Save the bath for our wedding day. You know there will be lots of pictures and we want to look our best <3

  8. I'm impressed that you're training to be on a Community Emergency Response Team! You are also very brave to live so close to rattlesnakes. I'm sure that handsome Samson protects you.


  9. Hej!
    Ja du har ju väldigt annorlunda natur runt dig mot här i Sverige. Öken har vi inte men annars skiftande natur som du vet. I Stockholm har det kommit rejält med snö med trafikkaos men du har säkert läst på aftonbladet.
    Vi har milt ännu med regn o vind. Idag ska det äntligen bli sol o +10 grader. LIte chans för foto kanske.
    Kram från oss.

  10. Like the Pres said the other day, we (men) adapt easier than women do. The woman has to be happy and with a handsome dog like Samson, a little extra fur can be left behind!!!...:)JP

  11. What a wonderful idea to train with CERT. That has to give you useful tools.
    I too left a hot climate for the romance of seasons and snow. The romance is much stronger in pictures than in reality. Still, the stark season changes are nice. In Florida it was rainy season, hurricane season, and tourist season with not a really discernible difference except in degrees of hotness.
    Sure hope your drought breaks soon.

  12. Too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry - no place is perfect. Well, maybe Hawaii.

  13. Hi Inger - he's a special boy, there I have to agree. Alaska must be wonderful or Canada .. but I really don't like the cold that much! However I know about low heat .. coming back from South Africa I'd had enough .. and then we had a hot summer! Typical England ..

    There's going to be a pulse of water for about 8 weeks, I think, down the Colorado River ... trying to open up the Colorado River Delta .. and then keep it open - to help the spread of water ...

    Here's the article I read while waiting for a train!:
    I thought of you ... which is why I read it! I've no idea whether it's in your neck of the woods or not ... but it was interesting ...

    Cheers Hilary

  14. Who doesn't have a fascination with environments that are so unlike our own?

    Samson -- let Mommy brush you! xo

  15. J'ai bien aimé lire ta chronique du temps qui passe § Nos pays sont différents, toi, tu connais la sècheresse et moi, les inondations et de terribles tempêtes sur les côtes de Bretagne( 9 en deux mois) qui ont beaucoup abîmé la nature. Le point commun c'est que notre planète souffre de plus en plus et que la pollution gagne du terrain chaque jour. C'est ce qui doit nous inquiéter le plus.
    Je termine par un compliment sur ton chien : il est magnifique.

    Bien amicalement.


  16. This drought (the never ending one) is hitting California hard. Food prices will jump this year, as the Central Valley pays big $$ for its water.

  17. We have something to worry about everywhere, alas. With us, it's forest fires and the threat of fracking.

    Joining the CERT group sounds like a good idea.

  18. Give your hubby credit for a brilliant suggestion, and come to Canada fora visit. We're pretty friendly as folks go, and we could show you some of our own deserts. With layers of pretty-coloured rock.

    Hope you stay well in th meantime.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  19. I do wonder what California will do about the drought situation. I think it is great that you are learning about the emergency response in your area.

  20. You can move to Halifax. It would be such fun to be close to Jim and Ron. Sophie and Samson would get along famously. I can't afford to go anyplace.


  21. I am sorry about the drought situation, Inger. But your place is so beautiful! I agree that we have something to worry about everywhere...
    Just great that you are training to become part of a Community Emergency Response Team. Since you live isolated there, it's really a good idea!
    I have been living isolated too and this year I have been thinking to move to a city... I miss to live in an urban place...

  22. Hope you have a nice weekend!
    Samson looks adorable as always!

  23. I'm always fascinated by the Alaskan landscapes on TV too, but I don't think I could handle actually living there.

    Clancy has a fit about brushing his tail too. And lately I've been waging war with my cat Nate over daily brushing to help with his hairballs. Safe to say he is not amused.

    Have a great weekend!

  24. Draughts come and go but somehow they seem to be getting worse. Good thinking on taking that class. It may really make a difference someday.

  25. 'Come to Canada....come to Canada....come to Canada..... com...."
    Did you hear that?! Was it the wind playing tricks?
    Samson for one would LOVE Canada! and I think you two very adaptable people would too!

    I really hope, Inger, the drought has had its stay in California.

  26. Dear Inger, being on the Emergency Response Team seems like a good idea to me. You'll learn so much that will be helpful if you have an emergency at home and also you will be helping others, which is always rewarding in and of itself. Take care. Peace.


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