Saturday, March 29, 2014

Samson Gives an Update and Says:

Hello Gracie and All My Blogger Friends, it's me, Samson

Because of the upcoming A to Z Challenge, I will be totally blocked from blogging for the whole month of April. Not fair, but at least this year, she let me tell you, my sweet Gracie, and the rest of my blogger friends, ahead of time.

Every year, mommy does this, and I found out that she won't even cover us dogs for the letter D!! She has another critter in mind, I've seen them, they used to live around here, but I guess I scared them away, cause now they are gone.

Yesterday, an older guy was here to install a new satellite dish for mommy and me. Daddy and me listened in on their conversation from the bedroom. Daddy said, he's hitting on mommy and I was about to run in the room and BITE the guy. Guy goes: "Are you Swedish?" Mommy: "No, I'm American." Guy: "But you were born over there, right?" Mommy: "Yep, I guess you could call me a Swedish-American." Guy: "Yea, I really like that accent you have. I've been married to my wife for 42 years, but before that I had a Swedish girlfriend. Her name was Agneta. And, boy she was something else!" Mommy: "I once had a friend named Agneta, back in the day."

Later daddy said: "He was hitting on you." He sounded kind of proud, I guess cause mommy is no youngster. Mommy: "Oh, no, he was just remembering his old girlfriend, Agneta." I said to myself: humans, boy they can be sooo silly sometimes. 

Other than that, the neighbors have two new cows, called Guernsey cows. They are very pretty, I must say for cows, pale light brown and white. The llamas are now allowed in the big field with them, so I can bark. I bark at llamas, they are just too silly looking. 

Oh, that reminds me. The other day when mommy and daddy were going somewhere in the Jeep, I watched from the window and saw two cows close to the main road! Grass must have been greener on the other side of the fence, cause they broke through a gate and were munching away, whilst cars were whizzing by. Daddy drove up to our neighbors' house and then helped the lady wrangle one cow and one bull back home. Mommy told me later she wasn't messing with that bull, so she stayed in the Jeep. At first the cows didn't want to go, but once they were on the way, they took to running. They ran so happily up the hill, the bull kicked his legs straight out into the air, full of joy! It was a sight to see. Just like the video mommy showed me from auntie Madsnapper's blog.

Other than that, my great annoyances are back!! More gophers than ever before. Just to tease me and drive me nuts. I can never, ever catch them! I dig and I dig, but I can't find them. They're making my life extremely difficult as I am a really nice and good and peaceful dog. I don't want to suffer from this gopher madness, if anyone knows what I should do, please let me know.

Then, after I finished writing this, they tricked me and took me to the vet so I could get a needle stuck in me. "Rattlesnake vaccine," they said. "Not until May," said I. "It's been so warm," said they. "A likely story," said I. to myself: humans, full of tricks they are. But then at the vets they told me they already had two snake bite emergencies come in. So, good thing mommy and daddy took me.

I love  you my Gracie and I will read your posts even if I can't write any by myself. Sending hugs, licks, and XOXOXOXOXOs to you.

Have a nice day, everyone!

Posted by Samson, the Samoyed Dog


A to Z starts on Tuesday. Mommy's feeling insecure this year, but I hope you will still go visit her posts. She'll get better once April comes around. 

Mommy says Thank You for your nice comments about that other little dog she had. She will visit you all this weekend after she gets back from CERT training. This is her last day, then she can rescue us. Most likely I will be the one to rescue her if something happens.......


  1. Samson you do write such interesting posts and i just love the part about Gohpher Madness. my coffee mug has a gohpher on it with a hole just like yours and it says Gopher IT.... just like YOU..
    you must be distant kin to Baby... she is a digger tooo.
    i would love to have seen the cows kicking up their heels.

  2. He was so hitting on you, you swedish goddess you...and I like how samson talks under his breath LOL

    do me a favor, will you Inger? and promise youll do this for me? Please hold samsons cheeks and then nuzzle nose to nose with him...I miss dexterdog so much - when i see samson thats like the first thing I want to do - is just grab that beautiful face and nuzzle in...:)


  3. Thanks Samson, that post was full of information. That's funny about the satellite guy, guess your lovely mom, Inger, still has 'it'.

    I'll definitely come back, Inger never fails to entertain us with her posts. Hang in there Samson, and don't let Inger fret.

  4. Hi Samson - a lovely warming post - full of info and love .. and updates ...

    That chap hankers after his Agnetha me thinks .. woz Mommy's Agnetha the same as his Agnetha .. I guess they didn't get that far in their discussions .. or perhaps you broke them up!

    So looking forward to your Moma's A-Z .. even if they have that Swedish accent lingering over them .. I rather like it too though ..

    Cheers to one and all ... and did it rain yet? Hilary

  5. awww, samson we love you! don't ever forget that! even in the throes of gopher madness...

    as for hitting on your mom, she's a babe! i can certainly see why!

    just read feral's comment. *sigh*

    inger, you will ROCK a-z. you always do!

  6. Samson, what will you do in April with no blogging for you? I guess you can read and comment on blogs. I did not know about snake bite vaccine, I guess your mommy and daddy love you lots.

  7. Samson, you write the BEST posts!!

  8. I must admit that you right such amazing posts. For a dog. You've got so many interesting elements in your stories.

    Blessings and Bear hug!

  9. As always, I love your post... and your sighing comments, as I think that is what they are! Sorry about the shot, but I'm thinking it has gotta be heaps better than getting sick from a snake bite.
    As for the guy... he knows that Swedish babes are babes no matter what age they are - you rock, Inger! I still get a kick out of my dad saying that Swedish women make the best wives (Said about my mom!)
    Hugs to you, Samson, and if your mom gives you the nose nuzzle requested by Feral, I want her to bury her fingers in your mane ruff Nd give you a good, deep scritch! My fingers are itching to do that!

  10. Well I think she was being hit on too - I'll be here to see your A to Z challenge. Samson you sure are handsome!

  11. You definitely qualify for parts of A to Z.
    A adorable
    B brilliant
    C cuddly
    D digger
    E exceptional----I think you get the point.
    Finally how don't let her forget P for protecting her from fresh satellite guys.
    See ya in a month. You will be missed.

  12. Samson, you da top dog! Love your posts, but please don't bark at the Llamas, Please????? I used to have a herd of Llamas and I miss them so much now that we are fulltime motorhome travelers. Here we wit in the Anza Borrego desert and no llamas....but I have my Llama tee-shirt on!

  13. Samson, you da top dog! Love your posts, but please don't bark at the Llamas, Please????? I used to have a herd of Llamas and I miss them so much now that we are fulltime motorhome travelers. Here we wit in the Anza Borrego desert and no llamas....but I have my Llama tee-shirt on!

  14. Samson , you are such a good boy , although I think your should have growled at that man ~ for daddy's sake ~ because he was flirting with mommy ) lol

  15. I had no idea there was such a thing as rattlesnake vaccine...

  16. Samson, you've done a great job on this post--So much going on, and tell your Mom, that I'm looking forward to her A-Z posts, she has always done a great job, and I know she will again this year too! Thank-you all for your always kind comments on my blog, and your friendship!! Take care, and enjoy your Sunday!

  17. Samson you are adorable and you wrote a great post too. Your Mom is very charming, Samson!
    I'm looking forward to see you soon.
    You all have a beautiful Sunday!

  18. Thanks for the update Inger/Samson.
    Funny story about 'that man' who was hitting on your your mommy, Samson. Can't trust those guys so keep an eye on her Samson!
    And the cow story was interesting. I would have loved to have seen them running and kicking their heels!! lol
    Looking forward to April's 'chapter' of A/Z challenge. It's always done so well! Tell your Mommy there's nothing to feel insecure about. She just doesn't know how good she is at this writing stuff!

  19. Samson, men are men so keep an eye out to protect Mommy!

    I hate needles, too. But I hate snakes worse!!

    Gophers need to find a new home, don't they?

    I promise to visit Mommy's A to Z posts this year. I am going Outlaw on mine -- which is probably going to get me in trouble!!

    Stay safe this April! :-)

  20. I'm going to miss you in April, Samson, but I'm glad your mom is doing the A-Z! I am looking forward to her posts. Great story about the satellite guy. :D

  21. Samson,
    You do have a way with words. Sorry I won't be hearing from you in April, but I know you will have much to tell when you post in May :)

  22. Samson! I will miss you!! And look at those bedroom eyes of yours, they are looking at me.. right? So you had to get a rattlesnake shot? That does not sound like fun. But I guess it means you can tangle with a rattlesnake now and be safe. I'm glad your mommy is smart to get you taken care of like that. And speaking of your mommy... hmmmm... very interesting about that guy hitting on her. And do you remember when Puddles was kind of hitting on you? I do. So humans and dogs are not so different after all, right? And now don't go bringing up SamPson with a P. He and I are just friends.
    Anyways... it was good to see your sweet face. My mom says she will be checking in on your mom's posts. When you come back maybe we can set a date...? woo hoo! Ruff! xoxoxoxoxoxo love, your Gracie!

  23. Oh, Samson, it probably made your mom feel good to get "hit on". Just stand on guard and carry on. If anyone hit on me - I would need a gun, the man would have to be insane, but your mom now, she's still pretty!

    Gopher madness... none here. We used to have moles, but Jill and Tacky would be real quiet and listen, between the dog and the cat - we don't have any moles in our yard.

  24. Samson had a lot to say. Satellite guy, eh...I'll be hopping by during the A to Z...nice to meet you.

  25. Oh I can't wait to see what you have chosen for the letter D. Sampson may just have to start his own blog!

  26. I have never seen a gopher before or cows! I also don't know what the a-z challenge is, but I will certainly tune in!

    Ruby (and Angel Pip)

  27. I have never met a gopher or cows! I also don't know what the a-z challenge is, but I will tune in.

    Ruby (and Angel Pip)

  28. Ha ha - boy humans can be a bit weird! Enjoyed this post.

  29. I had no idea there was a rattlesnake vaccine! I only knew about anti-venom injections. How wonderful…but I still hope there are no rattlesnake bites for Samson, or mommy or daddy! Enjoy the A-Z and the new satellite! :-)

  30. Halloj!
    Skoj att du fått bättre uppkoppling på datan. Ser fram emot dina inlägg.
    Här var det frost i natt så det var vitt ute.
    Nu skiner solen o det ska bli så i veckan.
    Kram M//


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