Monday, March 10, 2014

Welcome Back, Fishducky and Blogger Friends Roland and Ron.

As some of you know, Fran, aka fishducky, is back to blogging after a major cancer surgery. Coming back so soon would be a great achievement at any age, but at the age of 79, well, it is pretty amazing! 

I wanted to welcome Fran back with a post about her fabulous stained glass art. I know I posted some of it before, but couldn't find it yesterday as I looked through my old posts. The actual photos must be in my old computer, pre-Picasa days, but hopefully saved somewhere else too.  

I found my favorite, the stained glass window from Fran's hall, this morning and posted it below. The pictures of the lamps are new to my blog.

This window is my favorite.

If you want to smile, giggle and laugh, and who doesn't, please go check Fran's very funny blog out here.

Welcome back, my friend. 

Thank you also for thinking of my blogger friends Roland and Ron. Roland is back, both to work and to blogging, which is so great. You can find his blog here.  Roland writes some amazing books, filled with literary and other famous characters doing magical things with time and place. If your mind works well with magical writing, you may want to order one of his books from amazon. I will write much more about Roland's books later, after I get my Kindle up and running. (Not as easy as you may think when you live out in the boondocks.)

And Ron, SophieDoodle's dad, who suffered a heart attack and had stents implanted, is home from the hospital and doing well. I know Jim and Sophie will make sure he has an uneventful, peaceful, recovery. You can read their lovely blog here.


  1. glad your friends are on their way to healing!!

  2. Inger I am glad they are all on the road to recovery !
    You are such a wonderful blog buddy .

  3. Thank you for steering me over to Fishducky. I have joined her site and am now over to check in on Ron and Roland.

  4. good news all the way around and that window is gorgeous.. the lamps are beautiful.

  5. Praising God that your friends are back. That stained glass art is beautiful.

  6. That door window is my favorite! It's good to hear that people can fight back when ill health hits. Quick recoveries usually show a strong immune system.

  7. What a kind friend you are! The glass work is so lovely.

    Good people with good hearts.

  8. Susan is right: you are a kind friend. I love stained glass. I describe a stained glass window in Oscar Wilde's private salon in Meilori's in CREOLE KNIGHTS. Knowing Oscar, you can imagine what it looks like!

    I will visit Fran straightway from here. She is certainly a trooper.

    I submitted DEATH IN THE HOUSE OF LIFE to BOOKBUB -- they may not accept me for advertisement and if they do, they will charge! Ouch!! Do I really want to be accepted?

    I'll keep an eye out for STARTING OVER!

    You pace yourself, hear?

  9. I missed fishducky, and I've been so concerned about Ron. I'm happy they feel better, and I'm glad for your friend Roland, too. You said you wanted to see photos of Bonnie and Clyde: Look at my blog one week ago for TEN FUN FACTS ABOUT BONNIE AND CLYDE.


  10. Oh Inger you have the biggest heart. I am so happy Fran and Ron and Roland are doing better. That is beautiful work Fran does. Hug B

  11. Glad your friends are doing well!

  12. What beautiful stained glass pieces. And that is amazing and good news about your friend's recovery.

  13. Hi Inger .. so pleased that Fran has recovered sufficiently to start blogging; also it's great to know Roland is up and about and working again; while I'm so pleased to read Ron is recovering well ..

    Doctors can do amazing things for us when things go wrong ..

    Blessings and good health to one and all - cheers Hilary

  14. Three friends who have suffered set backs are recovering. Wonderful news. I all ready am a follower of Fran's and am so glad she is back and doing well. Love her humor. That window is stunning.
    I will check your other friends and am happy for you and them that all are regaining health.

  15. That stained glass is breathtakingly beautiful -- I would so love to live with it! Fishducky is indeed amazing and I enjoy her blog very much. And on your recommendation I shall be checking out Roland and Ron ... Thanks for the heads up!

  16. What beautiful stained-glass work this is, Inger! Perfection!

    It must feel good to have your friends back and doing well.
    Thank you for your help too.

  17. Thank you so much Inger for your sweet/kind/warmth.....The stained glass in so eye-catching. We have had a couple pieces over the years. Now just one kitchen table lamp with beautiful warm colours to brighten up these days!
    Sophie Jim and I just returned from a short (COLD) walk along the boardwalk, a much needed excursion only thing is my camera is too heavy right now so can't manage taking photos. Soon I hope!

    Thanks again!

  18. Thank you, Inger--& EVERYBODY who commented!! I love you!!

  19. I am so glad with the good news about your dear friends!
    Love so much the wonderful stained glass art by Fran. They are beautiful and creative. The windows is gorgeous too.
    Thanks for these links, I will follow them. :)


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