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Letters from America, 1963 ~ No. 5

Update: My husband is home, on more medicines than I thought possible. I drove the 230 miles or so yesterday without incident and am getting my driving courage back. Wish I could get my SUV back too as traveling through the desert winds in a Jeep Wrangler is definitely for those much younger than I. Hubby is feeling better today than yesterday. One day at a time.......

Time for a change of pace with a letter from far away and long ago:

My fourth letter from Princeton was very short and it dealt with some sad news I received from home. So I'm skipping it and moving on to letter number 5. 

This letter has not been edited, I have just added pictures from Google Images, 1963. 

In the spring of 1963 I was 22 years old. 

Princeton, April 1, 1963

Dear mom and dad, 

Thank you for your letter, mom, and the beautiful sweater you sent. It sounds strange, but I have been looking for one in just that color to go with a pair of pants I bought. Last Saturday, a Swedish girl named Gunborg and I went all the way to Idlewild to meet a new Swedish girl who is coming to take over Gunborg's job with Mrs. H. But before that, we went shopping and I bought a blouse. Then, when I came back home, there was the sweater! Thank you, that was picking up on my thinking from far away, mom. I was thrilled!

I have a terrible cold, but other than that, I'm doing well. All Swedes here have either colds or the stomach flu. We probably need to get used to American viruses. 

So on Saturday, Gunborg and I drove to New York City in Mrs. H's large white Ford. So much fun, just us two young Swedish girls out on our own. We drove to New York's international airport out in the borough of Queens. It was a very impressive place. I never had time to really see it when I landed there, but now I saw how very large and elegant it is. We spent several hours there, walking around, waiting for the SAS plane to arrive, for Agneta to make it through customs and all that. 

OUCH, guess what's sitting in my ceiling? A big spider!! I think I better go and kill it or I will feel no peace. OK, it's done! Now there's nothing but a wet spot in the ceiling. The spiders here are not as horrible looking as the ones at home, they are more yellow than black, but there are still lots of them, already. 

Dad asked about the TV programs here. Well, I don't watch TV very much, so I can't tell you that much about what's on. But you get spoiled fast here. I can't imagine coming home to Stockholm with only one channel to watch. We can see programs from both New York and Philadelphia, so we can watch 13 channels practically around the clock.

Radio is great too. On FM radio, one can just turn the knob and listen to all kinds of music any time of day or night. But you get used to all that's available here pretty fast.

You asked about Phil, as I told you, he's English, 30 years old, an architect and an amateur actor. He's a bit shorter than me, but looks pretty good for an Englishman. He has lived here for 10 years and sounds more American than British. I'm also beginning to completely lose my British accent, unfortunately. You can pick up some pretty bad English here because the kids have the TV on all day long and they speak horrible English on children's TV shows. 

All those cartoons can't be healthy for the kids to listen to so much. If they were my kids, the TV would not be on that much during the day, but, on the other hand, with four kids under five, it's nice to be able to park them in front of the TV and get a break. 

Thank you so much for sending the dl measuring cup. Now I can bake. I hope.

Hugs, Inger

(Yes, I still have my little measuring cup.)


  1. How wonderful, Inger, to have a written history of your life. I doubt that this generation growing up will be able to access their long ago thoughts in the years to come, as everything is texted and deleted.

  2. such a cute letter and observations of american life. :)

    so glad your husband is home! i hope he will continue to feel better!

  3. What a sweet letter, Inger. It's so nice to imagine young Inger receiving a sweater from her mom and thanking her for it in such a loving way. May God bless you and your husband. I pray for you both all the time.


  4. Beautiful letter Inger, there's such a refreshing innocence in the words. Neat that you included the tv schedule - there are classics there!

    Glad to hear your hubs is doing better.

    Thanks for stopping by to read the 'Staircase in Paris' story; much appreciated.

  5. Oh Inger I am so happy your husband is home. HUG
    Love the letters to your Mom I am sure the sweater was beautiful. Oh what a nice memories. HUG B

  6. I'm happy that your husband is home, travelling so far to go see him must be a bit much for you. I wish him a speedy recovery. I'm glad he's feeling better than yesterday. So now you'll be his nurse....

    How sweet your letter sounds. I love how you describe the American life of that time. Receiving a sweater from your mom must have ben so wonderful for you.

    Take care and thanks for sharing this beautiful piece of your history.

  7. Do you ever think about the fact that most people who read your blog were probably not even born until 20 years or so after you wrote that?

    A lot of time has passed by. I personally don't feel any different but I guess I am.

    I'm glad to hear your husband is home. He'll feel better just being out of that medical facility and back on his own ground.

  8. Glad to hear hubby is doing well.

    Love the fact that an airport and planes were so exciting!

  9. We are SO glad that your hubby is home where he belongs!!

  10. Letters are tangible time capsules, aren't they? Westerns were big on TV then, weren't they?

    And you were against BULWINKLE? Shame on you! :-)

    Day by day, inch by inch, I pray your husband improves.

    I know what you mean about the wind and the jeep! Brrr.

  11. Great news that your husband is home Inger and feeling a bit better.

    It's lovely to read your letters from America ... brilliant that you still have them to look back on. And it sounds like you had a lovely relationship with your parents.


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  13. So glad your hubby is home and doing a bit better. One day at a time. Also glad you aren't making that long drive anymore.
    What a joy snail mail and actual letters were and how nice that you still have them. A real time capsule of the era.
    Got a kick out of the TV schedule. I sure miss those westerns.
    Interesting how people from other countries might not be use to our bugs. Never thought about that.
    Keeping you all in my prayers till you get the thumbs from hubby's doc.

  14. Good to hear that your husband is home and feeling better.
    I enjoyed your letter and inclusions, it brought back many memories to me!
    Television - you noticed how the language rubbed off on you - people then and now seem to have that happen and it becomes an accepted part of life. I could get on a long tag about that...

  15. Sweet letter! 13 channels. I remember well all those shows. Blessings to you and your husband.

  16. I'm so glad he is home and I love these letters. :)

  17. How sweet to step back in time with your letter. I think you and I are in the same age bracket. Take care of your hubby, I know you will.

  18. Inger, I'm so glad to hear that your husband is home, a doing better day by day.

  19. Glad your husband is home. Glad you made it safe in the jeep driving all those miles.

    And that letter is so sweet.

    And I never thought Americans had viruses to get used to! And all those channels - we are spoiled here.

  20. Hi Inger. I am so glad your husband is home. I hope and pray he does well and his recovery is fast. I LOVE THE LETTER!!!! So I'm thinking you have more of these? I will be checking your back posts.
    Gracie says to tell you not to worry... Justin (my son) came and camped out with her while we were away. It is so much better now that we have someone to stay with her overnight. She does not like to be alone, and she has warmed up to him quite nicely. His nickname for her: White Thunder. lol.
    Gracie also says, Give Samson love and licks from her.

  21. Hi Inger - it's good to know your husband is back at home with you - that's good news ... despite the pills and dosages. I'm pleased the drives too and fro have been accomplished safely ... now to relax as best you both can ..

    Love the 'history'of 1963 .. the year of the Beatles I seem to recollect as I started getting interested in them ..

    Fun post to read .. and I sincerely hope all will continue to improve as best can .. with lots of thoughts - Hilary

  22. My goodness, what a lovely letter from the past. Did you completely lose your accent? Is it still hanging around?

  23. I love these letters and seeing things through your eyes! And I'm so glad your husband is home. One day at a time, indeed.

  24. I love these letters and seeing things through your eyes! And I'm so glad your husband is home. One day at a time, indeed.

  25. I love these letters and seeing things through your eyes! And I'm so glad your husband is home. One day at a time, indeed.

  26. Nothing like a 'step back in time' to help put present things into perspective or just to leave the present for a while.
    Interesting to hear you speak of losing your 'English' accent, Inger. Do you have a Swedish accent still?

    Thanks for sharing and happy to hear your husband had a good day. take care.

  27. I so enjoyed reading this letter. What a treasure for you to have.

    I'm so glad your husband is home and feeling better. I just caught up with your previous post and was so sorry to read of the trouble he had. I hope with time the treatments will get easier for him and that of course he soon won't need them at all.

    Can't wait to read about your four-legged secret. Hugs to Samson.

  28. You were 22 then, the same age as I am now :) I love reading the letters from your past, they are so interesting.
    Glad you made the trip safely and that your husband is home. I hope Samson is giving him lots of TLC.

    You are both in my thoughts.

  29. Good for you for driving the long distance and showing yourself that you can do it when you need to! I'm very glad to know your husband is doing better and hope that each day continues to give added strength. Your letter home is so sweet. Recently my mom shared with me a letter I'd written her when I was about 16 and I just laughed and laughed at the very young me! The things that were on my mind--nothing much. LOL! I enjoyed your comments about American television and the influence of cartoons on children. You were really very tuned in to some basic truths everyone else seemed to ignore! This was a delightful read, Inger!

  30. I am loving these letters from your past!!


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