Monday, June 16, 2014

Our Vegetable Garden is Done!

While hubby was spreading this cheap, but effective, steer manure, I was right behind him with the rake. We wore masks because of the horrible wind storms we are having that are supposed to spread Valley Fever, a potentially deadly illness that lurks in the soil in the San Joaquin Valley and up here too, more easily. I'm posting this picture because it gave me a good laugh. I love the composition, the mask, the red wheelbarrow, the green rake, and of course, my hat!  

I helped him as best I could, cutting open all these bags, 

and after he reminded me how to hold a rake correctly, I raked the manure into the soil,

while he continued to empty the sacks.

It was quite a bit of work for us no longer young or well folks, but we cooperated and didn't fuss. I made sure we drank lots of water and took rest breaks. That was the other day.

Then Saturday, he worked alone, while I watched and worried. We redesigned the garden, making it more easily accessible, based on what we learned last year. Using a shovel, he made wider aisles for us to walk in and that entailed a lot of heavy work. You can't see them clearly here, but they will work out great.

Also on Saturday, we planted tomatoes, peppers, rosemary and some other plants in pots. Then finally, yesterday morning, in the midst of another sand storm with huge wind gusts, he put the finishing touches on the garden soil and planted all the seeds. He didn't want my help, which caused a bit of conflict; I mean, he was seriously worried I would mess it up!

Oh, and I hated that mask, so it came of pretty quickly.

And tomorrow we go to the UCLA Hospital in Santa Monica, where he will get his first chemo surgery. I read a bit more about it, and patients tolerate it well for the most part, but all sorts of scary things can happen. Good thing is they will keep him over night for observation. 

And I will drive back home, about 125 miles, then back again the next day, then home again. Living in the boondocks sure is a lot of fun until stuff happens. Oh, well, it will all work out and I know I will feel a lot better once the procedure is done and I know what we are dealing with. 


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