Monday, June 16, 2014

Our Vegetable Garden is Done!

While hubby was spreading this cheap, but effective, steer manure, I was right behind him with the rake. We wore masks because of the horrible wind storms we are having that are supposed to spread Valley Fever, a potentially deadly illness that lurks in the soil in the San Joaquin Valley and up here too, more easily. I'm posting this picture because it gave me a good laugh. I love the composition, the mask, the red wheelbarrow, the green rake, and of course, my hat!  

I helped him as best I could, cutting open all these bags, 

and after he reminded me how to hold a rake correctly, I raked the manure into the soil,

while he continued to empty the sacks.

It was quite a bit of work for us no longer young or well folks, but we cooperated and didn't fuss. I made sure we drank lots of water and took rest breaks. That was the other day.

Then Saturday, he worked alone, while I watched and worried. We redesigned the garden, making it more easily accessible, based on what we learned last year. Using a shovel, he made wider aisles for us to walk in and that entailed a lot of heavy work. You can't see them clearly here, but they will work out great.

Also on Saturday, we planted tomatoes, peppers, rosemary and some other plants in pots. Then finally, yesterday morning, in the midst of another sand storm with huge wind gusts, he put the finishing touches on the garden soil and planted all the seeds. He didn't want my help, which caused a bit of conflict; I mean, he was seriously worried I would mess it up!

Oh, and I hated that mask, so it came of pretty quickly.

And tomorrow we go to the UCLA Hospital in Santa Monica, where he will get his first chemo surgery. I read a bit more about it, and patients tolerate it well for the most part, but all sorts of scary things can happen. Good thing is they will keep him over night for observation. 

And I will drive back home, about 125 miles, then back again the next day, then home again. Living in the boondocks sure is a lot of fun until stuff happens. Oh, well, it will all work out and I know I will feel a lot better once the procedure is done and I know what we are dealing with. 


  1. I will pray for his chemo and for your travels to be safe.. i love the shot of you in the mask for the same reasons you do... the whole photo is a super shot... and my favorite of him is where he is standing on his shadow, means the sun was straight up overhead.
    been there done that with the conflict of me not knowing what i am doing. as in backing out of the garage this morning, he said that was close with your mirror. i said i am on this side and it was 4 inches and i have backed out of this garage for 25 years now... can it.

  2. Hope all goes well for your husband. Safe travels also!

  3. great garden work! sorry about the continued sand storms. i will pray for both of you in the next few days. be safe on those long trips!

  4. Hi Inger - that was certainly a lot of work for the both of you - but good to have got it done - and I expect satisfying too knowing you've achieved it ..

    125 miles is a long way especially as it's 250 miles by the time you've returned ... With many thoughts to a satisfactory chemo treatment and drives through .. wishing you both all the best - Hilary

  5. Dear Inger, thank you for sharing the day-li-ness of your life while you and your husband are also dealing with "the stuff that comes along"--like illness.

    The mantra that got me through Meniere's is the following. It helped me center myself and find a sense of well-being: "And all shall be well. And all shall be well. And all manner of things shall be exceedingly well." Julian of Norwich, a woman who lived in an English hermitage about a 1,000 year ago just to chant that. Peace.

  6. Oh be careful of the drive. That is at least a three hour drive by yourself. Wishing you peaceful thoughts and all the energy you need. Wish you had someone to drive back with.

  7. With all the love and care you two gave the earth, you will be re-paid with health and property, Inger!...:)JP

  8. Very nice photos. I'm a bit of a stranger these days just popping in now and again and posting very little. Read your husband is to start some treatment, I hope that goes well.
    Nan in Homer Alaska

  9. All that manure makes the soil nice, dark and rich and plants will grow nicely providing you have sufficient rain or water.

    That sand storm fever sounds kind of scary...

    Your plants in pots look nice and healthy and I love that you have them behind an enclosure to protect them from wild beasts.

    Wishing you a safe drive to your destination and back and I hope that everything goes well for your husband's treatment.

    I find that husbands get a bit crankier as they age from what I can gather. They like to have the last word.


  10. Oh Inger I think you look rather cute with that mask and hat:) What a lot of work and it looks so good it paid off I am sure it will be lovely when everything is in green and tasty mode.
    All my prayers and hugs to you and your lovely husband as you go through this. Drive safe and keep smiling it will work out. HUGS HUGS B

  11. Lots of work gardening, :O) but also just makes one feel good :O).

    Hope your DH's treatments will go smoothly and be very effective.

  12. Great looking garden and know you will love the fresh veggies.
    You are both in my prayers for safe treatment and travel. Dee's mantra sounds good for those long trips by yourself.
    Loved you in the mask. All set to rob a bank. Smart though since that Valley Fever can be awful.

  13. Gardening, always good for whatever ails you.

    Sending hope that the chemo treatment will go well. Drive carefully, that's a lot of miles!

  14. Your hubs is a hardy soul. I'm sending healing wishes and thoughts your way for your hubs and yourself.

    Drive carefully, and don't rush. I've driven about 200 miles in one day when we had to recover our van from a town in the interior. That's a lot of miles, Inger. I'm not fond of driving, so I didn't like it plus I was following hubs in the old van.

    We do what we have to. I'm crossing all fingers and toes for both of you. It's admirable what you accomplish.

  15. You guys are so energetic and determined. I love it. Ugh! chemo. Been there. Survived it. God bless you both.

  16. I have been thinking of you my friend Inger! I am glad you got the garden done before his chemo starts. Hopefully he will feel great through the whole treatment and then you can put that behind you. Wish I lived closer...I would come help with that garden. It looks wonderful

  17. Oh, we thought you was gonna rob a bank or something! Looks like your garden should do well. Now about your man, we will cross our paws for him!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

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  18. Prayers going up for his chemo, and for your travels.

  19. I hope everything goes well. I'm concerned that you'll be tired when you're driving. The mask is cute. It looks like a cone nose.


  20. You've been so busy! Hopefully you'll get some good veggies growing there this year.
    I wish your husband the best of luck with his first chemotherapy session. Thinking of you.

  21. We're praying for your hubby!!

  22. Many prayers coming your way, Inger. Please be safe!

  23. The garden looks amazing. What a lot of work -- from a man who is already tired from his cancer. You both work awfully hard. I had to laugh about the "conflict" part. Brett and I work well together as long as we are doing very different things. Otherwise, conflict is the name of the game. :)

  24. Dear Inger, looks you are very secure with the masks. I am sorry about the bad wind storms that are supposed to spread Valley Fever. I never heard about that illness before...

    Your vegetable garden looks great! You both did a great work! Love seeing these trees around your garden, are they junipers?

    I do hope everything goes well with your husband. Please, you take care and drive carefully.
    Many prayers and positive thoughts coming your way, dear Inger.

  25. I'm thinking of you and your husband, hoping the treatment goes well and as comfortable as possible.
    Your garden looks great.
    I wear an old-fashioned bandana over my nose and mouth while I do the barn chores to keep the dust out.

  26. Praying that the chemo surgery went well. Love the vegetable garden! I love gardening and it helps keep my mind off worrisome things. I hope it does the same for you and your husband. Take care, Inger! ~Jeff

  27. Having trouble getting comments to publish, so I'm going to try again. I apologize if you get my comment twice.

    I'm praying that the chemo surgery went well. I love the vegetable garden. I love to garden and it helps to keep my mind off worrisome things. I hope it does the same for you and your husband. Take care, Inger! ~Jeff

  28. It sure looks dry out there. Everything here is so green and overgrown it's like the Amazon. We had a massive rain storm that wet the mountains down good today.

    The drives back and forth can be tough but they can also be a chance to catch your breath and just enjoy the scenery. They can be a little break for you.

  29. Hej!
    Vad duktiga ni är, vilket jobb ni gjort!
    Hoppas din man blir bra efter behandlingen.
    Varma kramar till Er!
    Glad Midsommar! Du får väl ställa fram lite midsommarblommor o tänka på oss!

  30. Hoping all goes well for the chemo!

  31. My, what hard workers you both are!! The garden looks great. I will be saying some prayers for you and your husband! I hope all goes well. Gracie sends Samson love and licks ;-)

  32. Hi Inger I'm trying to catch up on all the stuff going on.Hope he is doing good and you are too.We moved and have been off line for awhile and been so busy.

  33. I hope he tolerated it well. I remember how Rod felt after his first few sessions and then you get kind of used to it. Horrid stuff. Take care of yourself. x


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