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Tow Truck Memories

Before I tell my story, I just have to ask you to go to my friend Sonia's blog and see the pictures of homeless people and their pets. It is the most loving, sweet, adorable, caring blog post I have ever seen. The pictures are incredible, they will touch your heart and make your day. Please go and check them out here:  


Tow Truck Memories

As a new day dawned, the old truck opened his lights, stretched his hood, and yawned. He enjoyed his view of the mountains in the early morning light, the twitter of the first birds, the little rabbits hurrying to get a last bite before hiding for the day. Soon, he thought, the old woman and her fluffy white dog will come walking by. He enjoyed their company, but couldn't quite understand why she wanted to take his picture.

I'm nothing much to look at now, he thought. It was different in my hayday, when I was young and strong and a hard worker. I had a very special place in my community and was much loved by all the cars I helped tow when they ran out of gas or had a breakdown. 

I had many adventures on the highways. Once I met a pretty Mustang lady whose owner drove her too fast and she crashed. I rescued her in time so she could be put back together to hit the road again. Rescues like that made my life worth while. I didn't stand a chance with Mustangs though, they were way above me.

Back in the day, I met many Ford Pintos, and one of them, a sweet little blue car, had quite the crush on me. She didn't need much help to break down, but she would still make sure to spill some oil so she could see me again. I wasn't much for the larger fin-tailed Fords and our town's Crown Victoria, owned by our local top cop, sort of scared me. Very queenly and demanding she was. Later little compacts arrived in our town and I fell for them ~ the ones colored bright red were my favorites. But I was old then, so they were just what us guys call "eye candy." Those were the days, thought the old truck. 

Then my owner retired to the country and I became a farm truck for a long while. Just like old Betsy is now. I smile when she drives by, carrying loads to the dump, helping to get rid of weeds, and much more for the people who live here now. 

Old Betsy
One day my owner placed me here, took off my front tires, and just left. I am glad he had me facing the nice view of the hills where a mama bear lived with her cub last summer and many coyotes come by and sing their weird songs for me. 

My owner left my very large side-view mirrors too. Now I can look behind me and keep an eye on the neighbors next door and their animals. They have a new little calf now that's entertaining me with his antics: running, bucking, full of joy.  

My windows are open and little birds come inside in the winter to keep warm. In the spring they peck and peck at my upholstery until they make a hole. Then they take little pieces of filling in their beaks and fly away to add some style and warmth to their nests. 

All in all, said the old truck to himself, my retired life is not so bad. I know of others who went to the big old junk yard and got picked up by machines and squashed to death. Thinking of them, I have a very splendid retirement here in my desert mountain canyon.

And some of the pictures she takes of me come out pretty sweet, if I may say so myself.

~ The End ~

Inspired by Madnapper Sandra who likes old rusty stuff and who has had a tough time with an injury lately.  Check out Sandra's creative and fun blog here. 


  1. Really enjoyed this post. Thanks for sharing the link, touched my heart.

  2. Oh Inger this is a wonderful story of a beautiful truck your imagination had me right there. The photos are amazing. I am off to check out your two other links. LOVED this HUG B

  3. loved the homeless pets, they were awesome photos and made me sad and happy at the same time.
    i did enjoy the truck story, and am happy for him that it did not get squashed at the junk yard... i do love rust and thanks for the mention. the photos are beautiful... a grand old truck retired and thinking of him memories. and i have a lot of memories that get stirred up when i see these old trucks...

  4. We love our animals and we love our cars and trucks.

  5. Dear Inger!
    Thank you so much for the lovely compliments and the link to my "Homeless and Pets" post too! I am glad for that more than I can say.
    My dear and so missed Flora was an inspiration to me to do that post.

    Love your "Truck Memories" post.
    Beautiful and creative words, with great pictures.
    My husband liked so much to see that post. He loves old cars and enjoyed your story too. He has in our garage a very old Ford 29.

    Have a very nice week ahead.
    Lots of hugs!

  6. i just loved this. :) you really need to link this to rubbish tuesday. if not now, some future week. :)

  7. Ah, to spend my retirement with that truck!

    Neat post, Inger!

  8. What a delightful post today. You brought some spirit to this old rusty Ford retired truck with such finesse. I really enjoyed this story and it made this old truck something special and not forgotten just because it's owner left it there. It just reminded me of Maters in the movie Cars.

    I visited your friend's blog and it definitely took a bite of my heart. Those poor homeless people are closer to God than any of us who have material things to call our own. They have so much love for their companions.

  9. I felt that the truck was a real live person and felt his pain. At least you cheer him up taking his photo.

  10. What wonderful photos...the setting is perfect for this old vehicles! Love seeing this scenery! Sweet hugs!

  11. If only our vehicles could talk...

    The homeless photos were so gripping, and their pets held them close.

  12. If only our vehicles could talk...

    The homeless photos were so gripping, and their pets held them close.

  13. I loved your story....And there is nothing I love better than pictures of old vehicles. They are so awesome to look at. I haven't been to the link yet, but I have a really hard time understanding why homeless people have pets. They can't take care of themselves yet they have a pet. I'm not judging, I'm just wondering

  14. Hi Inger .. what an amazing take on your local truck and I'm so pleased he's still alive and enjoying his retirement .. he's quite busy with all the comings and goings ..

    Wonderful photos .. and shows us where stories can come from ...

    I'll never look at a dumped truck or car again without thinking of this story .. cheers Hilary

  15. I know just how the old tow truck feels. But at least he kept his dignity.

  16. I love that last one is beautiful. Well written.

  17. I love that last one is beautiful. Well written.

  18. What a lovely story Inger, and your friends blog is beautiful! Have a great weekend :)


  19. Well done, Inger. This was delightful to read, and you did a great tribute to cars we put out to pasture. The photos show great inspiration, too. I like old things with character, they're more interesting to draw, and they make us wonder. . .

    You should write more posts like this, it shows your humor and wit.

  20. Dear Inger, this is a first-rate story told from the truck's point of view in a straight-forward manner that leaves the reader feeling poignant. I encourage you to try to sell this story or simply donate it to a place that would be interested in cars and trucks: car magazines, truck magazines, your local newspaper. This needs to be published. I hope you will consider--when you have the time and inclination and heart to do so--seeking out publication. Peace.

  21. What lovely memories - and shots.

  22. Love your imagination. So many we leave behind that meant so much to us back in the day. I am now heading to the post of homeless people and their pets.

    Once my alcoholic father abandoned me on the roughest street in Detroit. A homeless lady, Maudie, and her little dog, Tufts, took mercy on me and took care of me until she could overcome her fear of uniforms and bring me to the Salvation Army.

    I tipped my Stetson to them by including them in my FRENCH QUARTER NOCTURNE.

    The days would be dark indeed if it were not for loving hearts we meet.

  23. Hej!
    Härliga bilder med fin berättelse.
    Här har vi haft varma dagar , +28 igår. Idag regnar det men det behövs. Blommorna hinner inte slå ut förrän de torkade.
    Kram Majsan//

  24. You are a wonderful writer, Inger! And a wonderful photographer as well!! Loved this post!


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