Monday, September 15, 2014

Samson Says: If the Snake Hadn't Come

into my enclosure, daddy wouldn't have run off to Home Depot to get some snake repellent. If Home Depot man hadn't told daddy that he had to get it online, the store didn't carry it any longer, daddy wouldn't have gone across the street to the Tractor Supply store. If daddy hadn't gone there, he wouldn't have met up with the electricians who were giving puppies away. And I would have never got a little sister, named Faith. 

Thank you, you big old snake you. Having a little sister has made me the happiest dog all summer long. Every single day, I have come to love her more and more.

When she came, she was only six weeks old, way too young to leave her mommy and her siblings. Mommy told me it would now be up to me to teach her how to be a dog, how to fight, how to wrestle, what not to get into, and so on. Puppies should learn that from their litter mates and doggy mommy, said mommy. 

I looked at her and felt how scared she was. She cried and cried for her family and who could blame her. From that first moment, I knew I had to take care of her even if it would mean I had a lot of work ahead of me. She was so tiny and cute then.

So I said, OK, mommy, I will take her under my furry paw and keep her warm and content. I will teach her how to be the best of dogs, I promise, mommy, I truly will.

Faith soon recovered from her loneliness and started acting like the feisty pup she truly is. Look at her here, on her second day here, she saw that I got up on the table and she had to try too. Every day, she'd try something new.

What she liked the best was to chase me around. She's like a regular exercise machine, making me lose all that weight I gained from the steroids. Isn't she just the cutest thing? No Gracie, I'm not in love, just in brotherly love. Mommy and daddy say I am turning out to be a wonderful big brother. They think I don't hear them, but my hearing is very excellent, so nothing passes me by.......

Now where did she go? Come on Faith, so we can watch the Super Harvest Moon rise over the mountains. Come here you silly girl.....

Now, look over there, Faith! This is your very first Harvest Moon. That's one reason I love being with my Faith, every day there is a first for her. Look at her here, she's on the table now, has been for a long time. She gets in the bed too, sleeps in there. No one minds.

Have a nice day, everyone!

And sending lots of LOVE to my Gracie XOXOXOXO, your Samson

Posted by Samson, the Samoyed Dog.


  1. Hi Inger - so lovely to see both the dogs and certainly Samson seems to have nurtured Faith, and loves her dearly .. well that was a good thing that slithery snake decided to have a sniff around your pen.

    It is a long snake .. please could you get Samson to get his big book out and tell us what the snake is .. it's long isn't it .. and has lovely markings ..

    Lovely photos of the dogs .. cheers to you both - Hilary

  2. Hi Ingrid - can't say I like snakes either - but I sure love both pups. Samson is being a great big brother. When you say he sees things again like for the first time it is like grandkids for me! Love, sandie

  3. first let me say dear Samson you are looking AMAZING and oh so handsome. what a great brother you are, and Faith is so precious... good thing that snake crawled in your yard...

  4. this just warmed my heart all the way through. samson, you are the handsomest big brother EVER! and little faith is one lucky girl.

  5. What a beautiful read...I loved it. And both those dogs look very loved. Faith is growing by leaps and bounds. Is Samson a chow. We had a pure black chow once and Samson reminds me of her!

  6. Dear Samson, you could give lessons to other dogs and people also about being an outstanding big brother. Faith is secure with you. She'll grow up to be wonderful. Just as you are! Peace.

  7. Dear Samson, you are really a lovely, adorable big brother!
    Love all photos and you and Faith look gorgeous! You both brings smile on my face.
    Wishing to Mom and Dad a nice week and to you and Faith too!

    PS: What a scary snake, Samson! I fear so much all species of snakes, principally the poisonous for sure! Take care you all!

  8. They are the most adorable pair! I'm terrified of snakes but I will say I like this one because it made Samson a happy big brother, and Inger a happy Mummy!

  9. Samson you are such a sweetie and a good example to look up to for Faith . Loved the post of your brotherly love. What a beautiful Harvest Moon photo mom took too .

  10. Great post, Samson, and you seem to be doing a good job being big brother. Keep up the good work.

    Hope things are improving in your life, Inger, as well as Samson's. Faith has found a new home filled with love. Best wishes to your hubs.

  11. That snake has brought both of you together in a serendipitous way and it's a good thing.
    I'm not fond of snakes either because I'm afraid of them but they have their beauty and so do You Samsom and Faith. So glad you are both taking care of mom and dad.

    Woof, hugs,

  12. Oh Samson, you are such a good big brother. I am sure both Mommy and Daddy are proud of you.
    Love you.

  13. Samson is a giant with a soft mommy/daddy heart. Faith will be a friend to all.Such a sweet photo of them both!

  14. Such great pictures, love the commentary with it. By the looks of the shadows that snake looks to be 4 feet long at least.

  15. Well done, Samson. I am proud of you.


  16. Sometimes fate knows what she is doing. This was meant to be. What a delightful addition to the family and at a good time. Keep being good to each other. You have a friend for life.

  17. Oh Samson! You are a wonderful and beautiful big brother! You and Faith look like you belong together ;-) Don't worry about Gracie... she knows your heart belongs to her and hers to you.
    That snake looks scary! It's really great the way all things work together for good. So glad the snake showed up that day... otherwise Faith would not be a part of your family.
    Give your mommy a big ((((((HUG))))) for me!! Gracie sends licks and doggie hugs to you, Samson.

  18. Samson, you are the best big brother!

  19. You two are so cute Samson and Faith - lovely pictures :)


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