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The Animal Park at Kolmarden, Sweden ~ Part 1

I first posted this in May 2010 when I had few followers and then again in my Swedish Rhapsody theme for the A to Z of 2012. I have edited the content a bit. Isn't it interesting how our style of writing evolves? I just had to make some changes, hopefully making it better. 


First day of summer 2005 -- I was in Sweden, it was my birthday, and my friend Inga decided we should celebrate by doing something special. So she treated me to a wonderful day that included a visit to Kolmarden's Animal Park, south of Stockholm.

I have so many photos that this will be a two-part adventure. 

Before we set out into the park, we visited a non-denominational church that is built partially into a mountain. The architecture was interesting and the church was beautiful.

Several large boulders were left inside the church.

One boulder had a wreath of candles wrapped around it and it was truly beautiful. The church is oval or round, so there are no corners and very peaceful inside. We lit candles for my sister, who had just passed away. 

The views outside were gorgeous too.

We started out looking at the tame critters in this barnyard. As always, I love to visit with goats and they had lots of them. Here's even a baby one. It's a bit hard to tell, but I think it is nursing.

More goats and some mellow cows.

The polar bears had a huge enclosure

where they walked around and swam in the pool.

These guys seem pretty content.

This looked a bit strange to me: A tiger, two, three tigers in a Swedish meadow.

But there they were, walking down the path,

checking out the water temp… after all it's early summer and it may be cold in there….

But no, look: A treat for me, the first time I've ever seen a tiger going for a swim.

We all know that a good swim makes for a good appetite…what magnificent animals they are, these large cats.

Part two will follow in a few days and will include animals from the African savannah and two symbols of Swedish wildlife.


Something came up that I had to take care of, not related to my husband, but time consuming, still. This is why I haven't visited as much as I would like. Thank you for stopping by and checking out puppy Faith. She just went for her rabies shot and weighed 36 pounds. So she gains about 2 lbs a week. I expect she'll end up between 50 and 60 when she's done growing. 

My husband has been doing well, but does not learn from his experiences with overdoing it. So we both suffer the consequences. But for the most part he's doing well right now. Thanks for your comments and your support. You have no idea how much it means and what a difference it makes. 


  1. Your pictures are wonderful...I especially enjoyed the church. Hope this finds you somewhat at peace!

  2. A beautiful area, and candles for your sister, a special time together. Love the polar bears, tigers, and know I'll have to wait for the next post. I'm sure it will be equally wonderful, the stones in the Church, wild life, and all else. Your man, why do they think they are invincible, and can do what they once did at least 50 years ago!!!! Hugs,jean
    Take care, Jean.

  3. I remember the boulders in the church, still awesome! Yes a tiger in Sweden does seem a bit out of place, these are magnificent animals!
    Ahem...Men do not learn from experience IMHO.

  4. Oh now that is my kind of church with a big rock in the middle. I did not realize you lost your sister Inger I am sorry that must have been very hard. Hug.
    LOVE the photos and that looked like it was the perfect day. Memories relived are just as special.
    Take care and hopefully what you are doing will be done soon and you can rest. It is very hard to stop men from doing what they do.LOTS of HUGS xo B

  5. Beautiful photos and i too love that big bolder. What a nice touch.

    The animals are so beautiful.

    Men are difficult to reason with. I think it's universal, lol...

    Take care Inger and visit when you can. no pressure.

  6. Zoo's used to make me feel sad in the 1950's and 1960's, because they just put the animals in cages. But now most zoo's go to trouble to make good habitats for them. I think those zoo's may be the only way some species can survive, since man is killing the animals for their skins, tusks, etc and destroying their natural habitats. Many years ago we went to the Nashville zoo, where you walk along a skyway to see the animals. I remember they had a white tiger and my children couldn't get enough of seeing him.

    I hope your husband ratchets back some, but don't be mad at him if he doesn't. Sometimes it's important to a fellow to prove to himself he can still do things. I walk down the mountain to get the mail although my doctor tells me I shouldn't anymore.

  7. i'm fascinated by the church with the boulders left as is! what a NEAT structure!

    big, beautiful animals. if i were a goat, i'd not want to be housed near polar bears and tigers. :)

  8. Hi Inger - how lovely you were able to be in Sweden soon after your sister's passing and spend some time in that lovely Church. Wonderful the way it's built into the side of the mountain ...

    Isn't the zoo amazing - and the pens do look to be of a reasonable size .. so lovely seeing the tiger swim.

    Glad you are taking time out for necessities ... but also good to know you are both coping - despite mini over-dos ...

    Faith is a delight, but Samson is handsome and cuddly!!

    Great to see the photos and share your memories - with thoughts .. Hilary

  9. I love the photos! And don't worry about blogging or commenting when you have things that need to be done. We all understand and go through the same thing from time to time. Sending you big hugs, Diane

  10. Hi Inger! I have been down in my back and not around as much either. Glad to hear your husband is doing well and I hope you are too!

  11. You really got some good animal viewing and photos. Seems like everytime I go to the zoo the animals are sleeping. I would love to see that church!

  12. Dear Inger, I've never read this blog before and found the text and the photographs so interesting. I'd like to see that oval/round chapel built into the mountainside. Even in the photographs I found serenity.

    Like you, I so enjoy watching goats! I have a hard time with zoos because they take animals out of their natural habitats. But the thing is that these habitats are disappearing around the globe and so zoos are ending up protecting animals and saving them from extinction.

    I'm glad to learn that all is going well. Learning to take life easy and to resist overdoing really takes time. Meniere's is what taught me to listen to my body. I hope your husband learns that as well. Peace.

  13. it makes me happy to see the bears and tigers have so much space to roam. i do not like caged animals or ones in tiny in closed places. now days the zoos are doing much better than when i was a child...glad hubby is doing some better, he can't help himself overdoing because he is a MAN.. LOL

  14. I love the photos. Imagine yourself as a tiger when times are tough.

    Janie (purrrrrrr)

  15. Loved those boulders in the church. What a neat idea.
    Those animals seem to have very nice quarters. I remember when they were kept in cages. Thank goodness we have learned a bit about being humane.
    So glad your hubby is doing better but sorry he still feels he has to over do. That really is a man thing.

  16. Thanks for sharing such beautiful shots. Love the Goat.

  17. Wonderful memories! Kolmården has changed a lot - with cable cars rides over the fields so that now the animals can roam freely without cars driving through. And the tigers have a new enclosure.

  18. Hej Inger !
    Kul att läsa om Kolmården och att du varit där. Har själv aldrig varit där. Vet inte men kanske det ligger för långt från västkusten ?
    Nu har vi höst i Bohuslän och idag regnar det men så sent som den 18/9 badade vi i havet. Det var kallt men ändå...:-))
    Hoppas gubben kryar på sig !
    Bästa hälsningar från gamla Sverige !

  19. Good morning dear Inger!
    Just amazing those boulders in the church. I never seen such a thing before.
    Love all pictures of the Kolmarden's Animal Park. I like Zoo. When I lived in São Paulo I used to visit the Zoo many times with Sofia and Fernando.
    I am so glad to hear that your husband is doing well and I hope you are well too!
    Many (((hugs)))

  20. What an interesting post -- I'm so glad you've published it again. I absolutely love the church -- it exudes peace even in the pictures.

    I'm glad to hear your husband is feeling better and that perhaps now we will be getting more posts from you!

  21. What a beautiful park and O! the tiger! My favorite!

  22. What an incredible and diverse selection of animals, Inger! And I see that church is 'rockin'!!


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