Sunday, September 28, 2014

Puppy Faith Growing Up Month to Month ~ July 2014

Give me that bone! July 7, 2014

I had the idea that it would be fun to document puppy Faith's growing up month to month instead the way I began this. She is growing up so fast and time is going by so fast, that in order to get caught up, I had to get organized. 

Look at me! I made it up to the top of the table, now how do I get down? July 14, 2014

Assisting with gardening chores makes a puppy tired. Here I head over to rest on mommy's lap. July 18, 2014

Here I am, posing for that header picture you all thought was so cute. (I really don't understand why mommy took it down, but Samson tells me humans are just weird that way.......) July 28, 2014 ~ 3 Months Old 

And today, September 28, puppy Faith is 5 months old. Right now, she's growing longer faster than she's growing taller. 


  1. Hi Inger - it's great Faith and Samson are having adult-puppy talks about human life .. we are odd creatures I'll give them that!

    Lovely photos ... I hope she's not going to turn into a sausage style dog ... long, long, long ...

    Cheers Hilary

  2. They get so long and gangly before they start filling out, don't they! Cute pup(s).

  3. she is beautiful and no longer has trouble getting up on the table... this is great to show her growth rate, it changes week by week.. and certainly month by month..

  4. Oh how sweet is a new puppy - and I can see she is growing to fit her feet!

  5. Dear Inger, Faith is adorable and Samson is so patient. I suspect that having Faith around will help Samson to live longer. She's keeping him young in spirit. I hope you are being gracious to yourself as yu chronicle Faith's growing up. Peace.

  6. adorbs - shes just adorable!!!

    I love the photo of her paw on samsons face - samson's such a good boy! And yes, SHE IS GROWING FAST!!


  7. Oops, how did I miss this one. She is so adorable.
    I am sorry she has UTI problems. Could she also have an inverted vulva like Callie? If she does, when she comes into her first heat, it should correct itself. Callie was fixed before her first heat which caused her problem to become a lifelong one.
    Garmon Corp. makes the chews and I just ordered more yesterday through Amazon at
    They haven't come yet so I can't really recommend the seller till they do. Good luck.

  8. She is so adorable! And as always, I love your captions!
    My neigbours cat had kittens two months ago and they are already so big, it's crazy how fast they grow.

  9. Just great idea, Inger, document puppy Faith's growing up month to month! The time goes so fast...
    Faith is adorable and looks very smart and full of energy too.
    Love seeing the big brother Samson been patience with his little sister. Both are precious!

  10. Faith, love the name, a great little warm symbol of what we need more of these days.

  11. Faith, love the name, a great little warm symbol of what we need more of these days.

  12. Enjoy them while they are young, just like kids. Faith seems to be adjusting well, and I like the Black and White dog theme. . .

  13. Beautiful Faith. She reminds me of my black Lab mix, Scout. I miss him. During the winter he slept on my pillow, curled around my head. He kept me warm.


  14. You had the right idea Inger to document Faith's growth by taking pictures on a regular basis.
    She so cute.


  15. Talk about puppy eyes! She is truly growing quickly. Samson seems patient.

  16. Cute ...cute...cute ~ cute ~ cute .
    Did I mention cute ?

  17. A blog is a most perfect place to document the changes and growing up of a puppy--I look back on Todd's photos and it's wonderful to remember moments I may have otherwise forgotten--It passes so quickly! But your little girl is just precious!! I've missed so much of her these past few months, and so want to make it a point to keep up with her, and you too Inger! :-)

  18. What a cutie! And Samson is such a good big brother. She's a lucky girl.

  19. She is so cute! Just looking at these pictures makes me smile...thank you :)

  20. Hey Inger! Been off line and boy I missed alot! What a cutie.Labs make great dogs.Orion is mixed with a lab.Shes gonna learn a lot from Samson that's the best thing about two dogs one teaches the other.I never had to teach our second dogs anything.Her face is adorable.


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