Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Animal Park at Kolmarden, Sweden ~ Part 2

As Inga and I walked around, we came upon a large meadow with an animal population straight from the African savannah.

I saw tall and slender Swedish pine trees in the background and a field filled with rhinos, wildebeest, giraffe and antelope.  

Soon the herd of rhinos started on a walkabout, around the pond.

As they approached, the antelope began to move away except for one, who was butting horns with a wildebeest. I was happy to have captured that action with my camera.

A giraffe wandered off by itself at the other end of the large field.

This animal park also had a drive-through part where animals were separated, as appropriate, in large natural enclosures. Here she is, the moose, symbol of Sweden, resting right by the road where the cars go by, seemingly taking it all in stride. 

Look who decided to stroll on by: A Swedish brown bear!   

Not only that, the bear decided to cross the road right in front of our car. 

In the next enclosure, we came upon some giraffe taking a rest in the Swedish forest and a buffalo looking not too pleased to see us driving by. 

Blogger friend ladyfi, who lives in Sweden, commented on my last post that things have now changed in the park:  "Wonderful memories! KolmÃ¥rden has changed a lot - with cable cars rides over the fields so that now the animals can roam freely without cars driving through. And the tigers have a new enclosure."

And that, of course, is so much better for the animals.

The lions were wonderful, playful, rolling around in the tall grass. I was so enthralled that I managed to mess up all the pictures I took of them.

But I'm posting them anyway. Hope you can get an idea of how much fun it was to watch them having a such good time.

I don't know if you can see them, but lined up against the fence are about five lion cubs and they were the cutest of all in this animal park.

Let me end this visit in the Swedish forest. All the little bushes you see, growing close to the ground, are blueberries. I just had to take a picture.

A wonderful day with a good friend, who every time I come to Stockholm gives me a place to sleep and, with her sister, always makes sure I have the best of times there. Thank you Inga and Christina for all you do for me when I come to Stockholm.


  1. It's really something to see! All of those wild animals roaming free! I would keep my windows up! lol That bear is enormous! Hugs!

  2. Take me with you next time you go, please!!

  3. I like all those animals. The bear looked pretty mean. I'm glad we don't have that kind of bear here. Black bears get people sometimes but that big brown fellow looked like he would snack on anybody he could get hold of.

    Where are the chimps? I bet they didn't have any, because chimps sometimes attack cars and people. Like Travis the Chimp!

  4. I always like the drive through parks like this. Always much more interesting!

  5. Now I know that the moose is the symbol of Sweden! Thanks!

  6. The lions look so happy. The photos are fine. I can see the cubs. I would love to visit such a place.


  7. There was a drive through park in a city north of us, and was marvelous. We even had a audio cassette player which narrated while we drove.

    Unfortunately, the park was closed after someone rolled down her window and was severely mauled by a lion.

    These photos are so beautiful. Oh, to visit Sweden someday!

  8. so glad the animals are still taken care of there!

  9. I really enjoyed your posts on the animal park in Sweden – so many animals, so close. I have been to several animal parks and it is always a pleasure to see the animals walk freely around, and be close enough to observe them. You were there in summer? When we were in Sweden last May it was not very warm, but at least it did not rain.

  10. Hibbs would've loved that park!! :-) I envy you that experience. Take care.

  11. This must be a wonderful place that really cares for the animals, and the baby cubs, I might have missed them if you hadn't mentioned it. Lovely series once again. Cheers,Jean.

  12. What a wonderful memory you have the pictures!

  13. I love this, what an adventure. Beautiful animals!

  14. You're definitely an animal lover, Inger. Nice friends too to take you on outings. I always wonder what these tropical animals think of being transported to cooler temps. Maybe they appreciate the easy life, and avoid poachers, too.

  15. i might just expire from joy if a bear walked in front of my car.. i love all those animals, and am happy to hear they have more freedom now without the cars there... wonderful memories

  16. Fabulous that the park has been able to eliminate cars. Here in the UK we have been enjoying a tv dramatization about the establishment of the Chester Zoo in the 1930's. I highly recommend it should it be shown outside of the UK...

  17. Hi Inger - interesting they've put in a cable car .. so the animals have more freedom without being interrupted.

    Great to see the photos and the park .. and then the landscape, somewhat different to ours here ..

    You're lucky to have such wonderful friends in Sweden - Inga and Christina .. and then being looked after so well .. good memories for you .. cheers Hilary

  18. Oh, how I love touring the Safari Park in VA, Inger. These pix certainly are worth your experience!!...:)JP

  19. I am so glad the animals have a serene place such as this animal park--better than the enclosed wall environment. Did not know about the Moose--did you ever watch "Northern Exposure"? There was a Moose that opened the credits in this series about Alaska.

  20. It was lovely when you were there with the animals roaming freely. How nice to know that it is even better now with out auto traffic.

  21. An amazing animal park in Sweden, all the fun of Africa,I would love to be so close and safe with all those wonderful animals. Someone asks you where are the Chimps, I agree didn't see any monkeys any place.

  22. I love these photos! I would be terrified if a bear came that close to me, car or no car!

  23. Well I learned more than a few things here, Inger. I didn't know that the Moose was Sweden's animal symbol.
    What great memories to have of your homeland.

  24. I'm playing catch-up as I've been down with a horrible cold but I'm starting to feel better today.

    I love the amazing photo of the wild animal park. Amazing also that they all live peacefully together. A good thing that the animal can now live without being bothered by cars going through.


  25. Dear Inger, what a great adventure to walk around so beautiful wild animals at the park with a good friend! You too fantastic photos!
    Wow! You took a great photo when you captured the action of the antelope butting horns with a wildebeest.
    I enlarged the picture and I can see very well five lions cubs lined up against the fence.
    Just amazing and a bit scary to see a huge bear crossing the road right in front of your car.
    Thanks for let me know that the moose is the symbol of Sweden.
    LOVE all pictures, Inger! Thanks for sharing them.
    Hope you and your husband have a nice weekend. :)


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