Monday, November 24, 2014

A Windy Day In The Canyon

Sheets I washed while the weather was calm had to go on the line after the wind picked up. It was cool out, but they dried in no time, which was good

since sand, whipped up by the wind, made it a lousy day for laundry.

Not great flying weather either, said the raven, as he somersaulted on the wind.

Soon our part of the canyon was a sandy mess: Sand in eyes, mouth, ears; the mountains disappearing behind brown dust. 

Inside it was peaceful. Puppy Faith practicing the frog pose.

Who me? I'm just cleaning my teeth, minding my own business, so get that camera out of my face, OK.

Samson Says: I'm here too, minding my own business, but since you took my picture already, this is what I have to say: Can you all see how dirty I am? Can you see I haven't been brushed in ages? Not that I enjoy it, but still, enough is enough! I used to be white, now I'm beige.

Gracie, I'm almost embarrassed to have you read about what I tried to do to Faith. It's just a guy thing, it has nothing to do with my love for you, my feisty one. Now, Faith is just a real tease and she's not in real heat yet (whatever that means) and mommy is hoping she will hold on until next week, so she can be fixed. I like her just the way she is and don't think she needs any fixing. But of course no one around here listens to me.

Have a nice day everyone! 
Hugs, ear licks, and kisses to my Gracie! 

This last part posted by Samson, the Samoyed Dog.

(For those of you new to our blog, Gracie is Samson's fiancee. (Gracie is a white Cockapoo, who lives in Maryland, so it's a virtual romance. But it's still a Very True Romance.)

You can read about Gracie's life here:

Growing Old With Gracie


  1. Inger, it looks like such a nice laundry day with the sun shining and the breeze blowing the sheets dry. Wow, that must be hard being outdoors when the sand storm hits like that. No wonder Samson want to be brushed. He must have a pound of sand in his thick long white fur. He's still handsome what ever color he is. Faith is doing a great pose and her teethes must be snow white.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. hoping faith will 'hold out' too! what a cutie she is!

  3. I love hanging my laundry out...but on windy days...I think they get dusty:).... We've had a few of those dusty windy days here in Yuma!!

  4. We had wind like that yesterday, I've lost two garbage cans...
    Sand in the eyes and mouth, not fun. I hope Faith can hold out, too, things could get rough. Faith is starting to lose that 'puppy' look, going to be a beautiful dog!

  5. that is a lot of wind and sand blowing around and i am thinking that is why you are beige not white, sweet Samson.. Faith, our dog Max used to lay like that, the two that own us now don't do that. we have been having high winds for 3 days and the pool is full of black Florida sand

  6. Great photos and I love it when dogs do that frog pose :-)

  7. Sheets dried on the line! Such great memories. When I was growing up, wind was the only dryer we owned.

  8. Samson, you must think of Faith as your younger sister. I understand that she is pretty, though. Happy Thanksgiving!


  9. Your words and photos made me chuckle and it raised eyebrows at work. Better get back to it. Thank you though.

  10. I know Samson has been teaching Faith a lot of stuff, but reading? WOW!!

  11. Faith really is a cutie, and with Samson as her mentor, who knows what he'll teach her next! :-)

    And there's nothing like being able to hang laundry outside, you just can't get that fresh smell from anything in a bottle!!

    Take care Inger!

  12. Love that laundry on the line! I have to dry mine in front of the wood stove -- too cold and overcast for anything to dry outside.

  13. It's so nice to see the sun even through the dust and wind. I imagine it is much warmer out there than it is here sun only dreary cold today.

    I am sure Gracie won't be mad Samson.

  14. I don't know which I would dislike more, sand in my ears or snow up to my butt. Both are distasteful.

  15. Hi Inger - love drying washing on the line ... and knowing it will blow out some of the creases too.

    Sand flying around isn't fun - and boy does it get everywhere ... as we can see from your photos.

    Lovely to read the catch up - and I hope Faith holds on too .. Samson I sure hope you get your brush out soon ...

    Cheers from what was a frosty England, now a warmed up one! Hilary

  16. So you had your sheets sand blasted? Beautiful images Inger. Hug B

  17. Sand and wind is such a horrible combination! I'm glad to see that you didn't get blown away though! The last paragraph really made me laugh, it's all Faith's fault, she's just too beautiful and attractive!

  18. Your photo of the sheets blowing in the wind is beautiful! Wow, it sure was windy. Yuck! Do you hate the wind as much as I do?!
    Your pups are so cute! I love it when Samson blogs!

  19. Good luck with Faith and her heat. This is a great article about spaying while in heat.
    Don't envy you all that grit.Housekeeping must be a chore for what doesn't blow in, gets carried in by handsome beige dogs.

  20. So, I'm wondering which you would consider better: dust or snow?

    Blessings and Bear hugs to everyone!

  21. Windy here too in Colorado, very unsettling. I think we get your weather one or two days later. Dogs look healthy and happy and loved!

  22. Oh, Samson, is she wearing that special cologne?

  23. Love the photos of the windy day in The Canyon!
    Love also the pictures of adorable Faith practicing the frog pose and I laugh with adorable Samson saying that he used to be white and no beige! Lol.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

  24. Wondered why you'd need to bring the laundry in, if it was such a nice breeze... Yeah, didn't think about the sand.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  25. O que nos faz amigos é essa capacidade de sermos muitos, mesmo quando somos dois.
    Pe. Fábio de Melo
    Obrigada querida pela amizade carinhosa!
    Um doce abraço, Marie.


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