Sunday, November 2, 2014

Notes From The Canyon

The trip down to Los Angeles was awful: many accidents on the freeways, I got our departure time wrong by an hour, hubby mad, no way to get there on time. Fortunately, they squeezed us in and many other late comers as well. Don't know the results of the MRI yet, we probably will not call the oncologist, but wait until we see the liver specialist next week. I can check hubby's bloodtests online. I did, and they all looked very good. Best of all, the tumor markers were well within normal range. Low normal, I hope this means the MRI will show a good result as well. 

Friday, as I was doing laundry in the shed, I heard a horrific noise in the skies above, as if a fleet of about 10 fighter jets were flying low over the canyon, way, way too low.  I went outside and looked and heard another strange noise, but saw nothing. Hubby came outside and wondered too what made that sound. When we heard about the Virgin Galactic Spaceship accident, we found out. So sad.....

Last night it finally rained. I think it was the best rain since this spring and the first since those 10 minutes we got on September 8. I do keep track here on my blog, I have all year. For me a scary place to look, since it documents our drought in black and white. If you are interested, it's down below where I keep all my stuff. I am so happy it's all there and not in my sidebar. 

The leaves on our tree are finally dressing up in autumn colors. 

I have had to rest every day since our trip to L.A. on Wednesday. I've had a lot of pain in both legs, in the front of my thighs, as well as my right hip. It's interesting that even at my age, I sort of have to force myself to rest. Why do we always feel like we have to keep doing something? Women, I mean. The pains are better now, I'm sure I sat in the Jeep too long. Glad once again that I traveled so much when I was young.

I discovered a mystery writer I never heard of before, which made resting in bed just so much more pleasant. I have no idea why I never heard of her before. You may have, but, as much as I read, as much as I love a good, well-written mystery, I never have. Her name is Kathy Reichs. Dr. Reichs is a forensic anthropologist, as is Temperance Brennan, the main character in her books. I found out about her a few weeks ago and I've read four of her books already. What I like about the books, what makes them different from most other mysteries, is that they each provide an interesting learning experience, and not just about bones, but that too. 

Dr. Brennan spends half her time in Montreal, examining bones of murder victims (the TV series Bones was based on these books ~ wish I had known) and getting in trouble too, of course. The rest of her time is spent in North Carolina. I have learned so much about Montreal, the province of Quebec, the City of Quebec, which sounds like a place I wish I had visited in my traveling days. Both Montreal and the City of Quebec sound like wonderful places to visit. I have learned about Acadians living in New Brunswick; I have enjoyed revisiting the islands off the coast of North Carolina, places that are fascinating and so worth while reading about. Dr. Reichs is an excellent writer, her books are always interesting, the mysteries good. I am happy she has by now written many books, so if I slow down, they will last me a while.

How I love a cloudy day!


  1. Hi Inger - oh dear .. ghastly trip, let alone the timing challenge - still I'm glad they fitted you in. The early checks seem to give you hope .. long may that last and those improvements continue.

    Bang - gosh that must have been incredible to hear the crash - I feel for the pilot, who died, and incredible that one survived, as he's talking with doctors and family ... not yet the investigators.

    I'm glad you've had some rain .. I hope it is sufficient, or that more will come to rectify or partially rectify the drought ...

    Good to read your news ... and I'm glad you're resting up - car travel and legs don't go together .. take care and thinking of you all four .. Hilary

  2. Thanks for the update. Prayers continue for your husband.

  3. Inger, it does sound like a stressful trip but I'm glad your husband got squeezed in to see the doctor.

    That big noise and the low flying jets must have been a bit unsettling. Too bad about the explosion. I heard about it on the news.

    You finally got rain and some clouds. I'm so glad for you and the animals. Such a long drought. Lets hope you get more rain. We are waiting for snow here in New Brunswick. It snowing in our city Fredericton all ready and it will be here very shortly. It's been bone chilly and the north wind is blowing. My arthritis always kicks in and I take an Advil to reduce the inflamation.
    It's not easy getting old.

    Your mystery books sound very interesting. I'm Acadian and live in New Brunswick. It's a small world.

    Your husband's test seems to be good. Hooray for that. Have a good week and plenty of rest.

  4. so sorry you had to fight all that traffic and also that the ride hurt your legs. i can't ride either, an hour just about kills me and more than that is crippling.. glad the bloodwork is good and praying now that the MRI will show good news... i did not think about the exploding space craft was so close to you, glad you were not harmed and only heard the blast. very sad . i will look at Reichs. have not heard of her.. glad you got rain, i know you need it..

  5. my library had one kindle book by Reichs, Virals.. have you read that one? i put it on hold

  6. I don't think I've read that author. I'll look for the books. Glad you are back home and hope all of the test results are good. I'm keeping you both in my prayers. Sweet hugs, Diane

  7. Glad to hear the good news about your husband. I hope it continues that way.

    Learning about Quebec, Montreal, and The Acadians of New Brunswick. A few hundred years ago, the Acadians of Nova Scotia (the province just south of New Brunswick) became the Cajuns of Louisiana, and other American colonies.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  8. i hope you'll be feeling better soon and the results will be good for your hubby. i've watched 'bones' for all 10 seasons. knew it was based on a real forensic pathologist that also had fictional books. :)

  9. After driving through much of California I am so aware of the dire need for water. I was excited to hear about rain. I hope it continues.
    Do take care of yourself… and you are so right about women driving themselves to get things done. Crazy!!

  10. Just thinking about that trip of yours makes me hurt. I love being able to escape into a good book when I feel bad. If I'm really hurting, I have to have a movie to watch to distract me. I know what you mean about not wanting to gobble all of them up too quickly. I was that way about the mysteries: Lilian Jackson Braun's The Cat Who... series, and Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe series. Maybe you'll have more self control than I did as I rushed through them all, and then read some again. Photo above second to last, panoramic view: gorgeous! I'm going to click on it to enlarge and then leave it up on the screen for a while. Wish my camera would do panoramic views, but I don't know anything about cameras; cameras are machines, and you know how I am with machines.

  11. It is such a nightmare to drive the freeways of Southern California, especially certain times of the day. I often think of looking for another job (I work at home) but the thought of commuting every day absolutely frightens me.

    I hope your husband's MRI shows a good reading.

    I was so very glad for the rain we got last night and the night before. I hope it is indicative of a rainy season ahead.


  12. It is getting harder and harder for me and my husband to take any trips That crash must have scared you guys It is sad that the pilot lost his life.
    It is nice that your hubby's test are normal. Waiting for the MRI tests results must be trying. Our prayers are with him and you.
    You need to rest. Things must have been stressful. Take care.

  13. So glad to hear the good news on your hubby. I'm hoping for a good report from the next doctor too. Thinking of both of you...

  14. The blue sky in the first picture is spectacular! I'm glad for the rain. We finally are having cold temperatures here. Yuck, I don't like winter. Hoping MRI results are good. Keeping you both in all my thoughts and prayers.

  15. I've been so out of the news loop, Inger, that I didn't know about this mishap. Test pilots have dangerous jobs, it's true. A very sad setback, but space is harsh as they say and new ideas don't come easy.

    Hope things get better and good results are found on the MRI for your husband. Take care of yourself, and your diabetes side effects, too.

    My hubs is now in High Intensity Rehab and getting more help with his recovery. This coming week, I hear from several important people so I'll have a better idea where we go from this point. It's a stressful time, but we cope as best we can.

  16. Yes, I am so glad your husband got squeezed in to see that doctor. It's hard being the mate of an ill person whose emotional energy stays at an ebb. Mother tried to better but sometimes her temper got the best of her.

    I am glad you have the chance to rest -- now take it! :-)

    I discovered Craig Johnson, author of the LONGMIRE mysteries (where the TV series came from). I discovered him when there were 10 books out already. They are based in the least populated county in Wyoming. The country is described so beautifully and the people in Sheriff Walt Longmire's world will not let him give up on himself. His Cheyenne friend of 38 years, Henry Standing Bear, especially -- and his daughter Cady (the Greatest Legal Mind In the World -- at least to Walt.)

    I will pray that the MRI results will be uplifting. :-)

  17. Oh Inger, what a journey, I'm hoping for all the results to be good for you both. The accident, so sad, brave men and women who travel to do the test flights like this. Kathy Reichs, a great writer, one of my favourites. Rest well after the driving, and long roads. take care, hugs from Jean

  18. That had to be a scary sound, terribly sad to hear the cause though.

    Glad to hear your husband got worked in, it would have been harder to have to take that trip again. It all sounds hopeful.

    Stressful riding make me ache for days, I think I must tense every muscle for the duration. Driving is just as bad.

    I hope you get rain - just the right amount - wouldn't want to wash out the roads.

    You have more color there than I. I really like your pictures!

    Have a good week!

  19. So glad those things you could access via the computer were so good and hope the MRI results are just as good.
    I do wish you would have your own aches checked. There may be a simple solution to make you much more comfortable.
    I thought of you when I heard about the space explosion. So glad you weren't in the debris path.
    I have read and enjoyed her books and am pretty regular catching "Bones."

  20. Sorry about your drive... I think we've all been there. But I'll keep sending those positive vibes in your direction that the MRI results are good.

    I know what you mean about how a drive wears you out. I'm glad you are able to rest with some good reading, and I'll hope for more rain for you--I never complain about it, we've been lucky, but are still dry for us too.

    Take care!

  21. I'm sorry you had such a difficult journey. I hope your husband's test results are all headed in the right direction. Faith and Samson should cuddle with you to help you rest. The books sound interesting. One of my friends from high school became a forensic psychologist. Her work seems rather frightening to me.


  22. Wonderful news about your husband. I used to live in California and drove into LA several times a week. Those drives are stressful at the best of times. Nice to find your blog. xo Laura

  23. I am not a doctor, but it sure does seem like great new for y our husband (an you). We all mix up our times... I had not heard of that crash...and yes - you need to rest and take care of yourself!

  24. Sounds like some positive news for your husband. We all need those moments to move forward in life. Sorry to hear that you heard the crash.

  25. I'm glad you were able to rest after such a difficult, stressful trip. I love a good mystery as well, so will go look these up!

  26. Hi Inger, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.

    Yes I speak French. It's my mother tongue but I can express myself better in English since I've been speaking it longer than I been speaking French unfortunately and I have difficulty understanding French directions on how to assemble something.

    I just know the basic Acadian French from my youth. There are lot of new technical words that have surfaced since I learned to speak French and I know the English words but not the French words.


  27. Just catching up Inger, a lot has happened since my last visit. Hope things continue to improve for your husband and that you are giving your body a rest. Glad to hear you got some rain.

  28. I know about the anxiety of being late. it seems like I have been rushing most of my life to be on time..

    I am happy to hear that your husband tests are coming back positive. I hope the MRI will also be good news also.

    Dealing with what you are, it is perfectly normal for you to be tired. Take care of yourself and rest and enjoy all those good mysteries.

  29. Hope the MRI results are good. Sorry to hear your having leg problems, seems like the guys I hang out with lately are Arthur Itis, and Ben Gay. I got a little over an inch of rain Friday night, hope more comes soon.

  30. Sorry to hear about the trip! But lovely scenery in your shots and nice to have some rain.

    The TV series Bones is on Netflix and well worth a watch - and, of course, the books are good too.

  31. DEar Inger, I read the first three or four of Kathy Reichs books and then for some reason that I can't remember I stopped reading her. But now, on your recommendation, I'll start again.

    I'm sorry to learn that your body reacted so to that long Jeep ride. I'm hoping that you finally stopped "doing" and took time simple to practice "being" at ease with your body and the message it was giving you.

    I so look forward to your posting about your husband's MRI results. I'm sending white light. And I did last Wednesday also. Peace.

  32. Having lived in LA, I could just picture your trip. But it sounds as if the news about your husband will be good. Hard to care for someone else when you are not feeling great yourself and believe me I understand. My husband does not drive anymore and I hate driving on the freeways, so I have to depend on friends to help.

  33. The photos are spectacular. I was surprised with the rain we had where I am in L.A. county on Halloween night. Kids were none too happy I suppose but it made for a nice evening for me tucked away in a darkened house.

    Tossing It Out

  34. Kathy Reichs is a terrific writer -- I heard her speak once and was amazed at her energy and talent in pursuing two demanding careers.

  35. I think healthcare providers should be more understanding when we're late. Sometimes they get so snippy about it. They want you to be there, sitting in the lobby for 45 minutes, so they can move you to a room where you wait for another half hour--and you're the one who's late? Ha! I'm so glad they worked you in. Hope all goes well. Fingers crossed.

  36. My wife likes mysteries. My mom sends them to her or she gets them at our library. She likes those BBC mystery shows. I'm not much on it, but I do like Sherlock Holmes (not the cheesy new one but the old PBS series.)

    I like cloudy days too.

  37. Dear Inger, I am glad that your husband's test seems to be good. It's really a good news.
    I hope you will fell better soon. Me too, many times, I did so much task at home and I have to force myself to rest. I think that I forget my age... Lol!

    Oh! You and your husband heard the sound of the fighter jets and the Virgin Galactic Spaceship accident! So sad indeed...

    As always, love the pictures of your place and so beautiful these trees dressing up in autumn colors.

    Thanks for let me know about that mystery writer. I also never heard of Kathy Reichs before.

    Hope you all have a nice week.
    Many hugs.

  38. Praying for the MRI! 3 out of 3 would be such a blessing!

    How I love a Rainy Day...a song by...Who is it? Eddie Rabbit?

    So understand achy legs and joints!

  39. Nice to read that your husband's "markers" seem to be pretty good.

    Loved seeing your photos of where you live.

    I know what you mean about relaxing. Why in the heck do our muscles and joints hurt when we sit so long - ...thta really irritates me. And I walk and hike so much but I still get that. Hope you feel better.


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