Friday, November 21, 2014

Some Random Stuff From The Canyon

1.       I'm sorry I missed participating in Good Fences on Thursday, but I went to the Diabetes Support group and didn't have time to link up or read blogs. By the time I get ready to join in, perhaps you all will have run out of fences. Hoping for next week.

2.     I'm so glad I went to the group meeting though because, as it turned out, it was the last meeting. Eve is 75 now, she has done this on a monthly basis for the past 20 years, all on a volunteer basis, so I understand, but I will miss the group very much. 

3.    Because of the medical trips we had to take at the end of October, beginning of November, when Faith was six months, the recommended age for spaying, I called later, when Faith was six and a half months, hoping to be able to schedule her spaying surgery this past week. No luck, we had to wait until December 2nd. And, you guessed it, she's coming into heat. We are not doing any surgery while she's in heat, so we just have to live through the next couple of weeks. I can see it now, stray dogs, coyotes, and of course, Samson, who is neutered, but doesn't seem to know it. I guess he feels it's worth trying, poor thing. What a mess!

4.    I'm hoping my friend Rachael will be able to come up before Christmas. We both want to drive up the mountain to the nuns' place and visit their gift shop. I also badly need a haircut, which she does so well I don't want to have anyone else doing it. Of course, there's always the good old ponytail.

5.    We're staying home for Thanksgiving, having duck for dinner. I don't remember what duck tastes like, but I'm sure my hubby will make it delicious. We certainly have a lot to be thankful for.  


  1. first, next week, because of thanksgiving, i'm opening good fences link on wednesday morning thru friday afternoon, so if you can plan ahead, i'd love to have you join in! your own fence is beautiful!

    sorry about your diabetes group ending. i'm glad you were able to participate one last time.

    REALLY sorry about faith going into heat before you could get her fixed. keep her safe! :)

    happy thanksgiving to you and your husband and your sweet pups!

  2. Faith in heat, so sorry. Bar the doors!

    He usually runs to Shoney's and brings us both a plate home. I haven't had the big dinner for the family for 9 years.

    Enjoy your duck!

  3. Oh Inger I LOVE your randoms. Hope you get to the gift shop and get your friend time. Enjoy your duck. When I was a kid all I remember about duck was spitting the lead pellets into a bowl while 10 kids sat around a table and were so glad to have it.Ping ping :):) Hug B

  4. Has your hubby ever cooked anything that wasn't delicious? (Maybe it's safer not to answer!!)

  5. With Faith "in the mood" and Samson ready to please, I am glad you are staying home for Thanksgiving, Inger. Keep all that love with you and honey!...:)JP

  6. Oh poor fFaith and poor you... Samson is just trying to help by shooting blanks... It will all come to pass.

    I'm sorry your Diabetes group is ending. Maybe someone else will take over.

    I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner. Lucky you that your husband is a good cook.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  7. Inger, beautiful header photo ,Faith, well all I can suggest is to keep her inside, or on a lead, and spray anything by the doorways to deter the rampant males. Enjoy your thanksgiving together.Hugs, Jean

  8. I hope someone else will "step up to the plate" and continue the support group.
    So nice that your husband will do the cooking. Put your feet up and relax!

  9. I meant to say that Eve has done the support group on a monthly, not weekly basis. Still it is a lot of work. And she's a licensed diabetes educator and also a pharmacist, so a lot of knowledge there. So she will be difficult to replace.

  10. Girl you are definitely going to be busy this week. I am sorry about your group. Have a happy thanksgiving - both you and your husband and your pups!

  11. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    Poor Faith. Poor you. I hated when our dog came in season - what a mess! She wore hubby's underwear, with her tail going through the convenient opening. It spared some of the mess in the house.

  12. Happy Thanksgiving Inger - duck sounds wonderful. Fil x

  13. Hi Inger - despite being in the Canyon lots goes on doesn't it. Oh dear poor Faith and you .. and Samson!

    Also how unfortunate about Eve not holding the group meeting any more .. but she's done an amazing stint and obviously helped many.

    Hair cuts - even for someone like me with so little .. they are essential to have .. I'm sure Rachael will be up and you'll get your locks reduced ... and that visit to the nun's shop will materialise.

    Enjoy the duck - I love it .. such a delicious bird ... and you're lucky your hubby is such a great cook - I'm sure he'll make it delicious .. I shall be drooling over here ...

    Cheers and have a happy weekend and Thanksgiving next week - Hilary

  14. Good morning, Inger!
    I'm sorry the group meeting is turned out and you had the last meeting...

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your husband! Kisses too adorable Samson and Faith!
    Certainly the duck will be delicious. :)

  15. so sorry to hear your support is ending. maybe someone will start one again. poor you and Faith... you will have to watch her carefully... they go crazy and so do the male dogs. poor Samson.. LOL
    we are eating out, enjoy your duck. i love your photos today and the header is so beautiful

  16. So sorry your group has ended but glad you got to experience it.
    As for Faith, there is a positive. At least she won't face the lifetime of special care that Callie requires because she was spayed too soon.
    Heats are no fun. Good luck.

  17. Losing such a supportive group hurts I know. :-(

    At least you have it for as long as you did, right?

    Faith in heat? Aw, man. It certainly is a pain when a furry friend goes into heat.

    Hibbs remembers when a femalewerewolf did that. And she didn't want to take NO for an answer! ... but that's another story!! :-)

  18. Poor Samson!! lol
    Have a very Happy Thanksgiving, Inger.

  19. I had to laugh about Samson not realizing he is neutered. Can't blame a guy for trying. So sorry though that Faith has gone into heat, I can just imagine what a mess that is.

    I hope you enjoy the duck and have a very Happy Thanksgiving. Take care!

  20. Oh, dear. Poor Faith. Poor you.


  21. How long does a dog stay in heat?

    I do love your randoms as well. Gives different snapshots of your life.

    By the way, I listed you as one of the bloggers I would really miss if for some reason you stopped blogging. I love to read your thoughts.


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