Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Puppy Faith Growing Up Month To Month ~ September 2014

Lucky me, as the weather gets colder and my fur don't grow, I got a warm and fluffy pillow all my own ~ September 4, 2014.

Samson got this toy from mommy's friend, Auntie Judy. He never got it ~ how to use it, but I do. I play with it all the time and I love it! Sometimes, he grabs one end and we pull. That's how you're supposed to do it, but he doesn't like it much ~ September 6, 2014.

This picture is from September 7, 2014. I think mommy wanted to show how my legs grew. And I'm not pigeon-toed, but Samson is, heh, heh!!

Here I am, just looking cute, I guess on September 17, 2014.

That's the real me, running, fast! Only mommy is a shadow here. Could have fooled you, maybe.....

This is my outdoor MO, that means something, not sure what, anyhow MO: I run, and run, and run, then I run to a shady place and flop down. Then I rest until the slowpokes catch up with me, then I run, and run, and run.

And flop down, stick my tongue out, and rest ~ September 21, 2014.


  1. She's definitely not camera shy. Her coat looks very healthy. I see that Samson is keeping her cleaned up. :-)

  2. Hi Inger - they have turned out to be wonderful companions ... which is so lovely to see. Animals are so comforting to have around .. and amuse us, while keeping us company ...

    Lovely shots ... cheers Hilary

  3. Good morning Inger,
    Love seeing your lovely friends!
    Faith and Samson are adorable and good friends too.
    Love all pictures!
    Many hugs, Sonia.

  4. Oh now this makes me smile and I know it is just what you all need. HUG B

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post... you knew i would... that first shot is so adorable of both of them, they make a great black and white pair... so sweet.. Faith those paws are really big, so i am thinking you will grow bigger than mommy thinks you will.... running is a good thing. Jake loves ropes to, i buy them he chews them to smithereens and i buy another one.

  6. Good morning Faith. I see it's your turn to blog today. You're looking so shiny and healthy.

    I love that photos of you and and Samson all cuddled up on the white rug and you showing us Samson's toy... You sure are frisky puppy.

    It's good that you wait for mommy and daddy when you're out there discovering things.
    I hope that you and your family have a good rest of the week.

  7. I love that Samson is such a great big bro !
    Looks like a lot of fun and games going on .
    Was great seeing you over at the farm Inger ~ we had missed you ♡

  8. just adorable! and i love her big fur-pillow brother!

  9. Samson looks like he makes the best bi fluffy pillow! Lucky Faith! I love Faith's white belly, so cute!

  10. Faith, look at you! growing into those paws of yours!! What a pretty girl! and Samson, you are a good daddy.

  11. Nothing like the life of a dog when it is loved!...:)JP

  12. Faith, you are growing up to be a fine dog. Take good care of your mommy.

  13. It is just so sweet to see how devoted those two are. Faith's coat shines like a still wet seal. Just a picture of health and contentment.

  14. Such a wonderful pair, those two!

    And Faith has so much energy. Do you think she will get anywhere as big as Samson?

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  15. Both Faith and Samson are beyond cute and adorable. Did you know that Blogger has switched on your word verification? They did that with me, and I had to go back and re-set my settings to No Word Verification.

    But it hasn't slowed your visitors down thankfully!

  16. They look like great friends - but he doesn't look like a puppy anymore!

  17. He is so adorable! Well they both are!

    loved the photos.

  18. I sure do enjoy seeing the pictures and following the dogs. I haven't had a puppy in a long, long time. All my dogs showed up here dumped off in the forest and were already grown. I should look for someone giving away puppies in the Walmart parking lot, and get me one.

  19. I love watching dogs play together. So sweet!

  20. I love seeing Faith grow up in your pictures. It cracked me up that she has learned to stand on top of the picnic table. Samson seems like a good big brother.


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