Friday, June 26, 2015

Samson Plays Dentist

Samson: OK now, I'm just going to check your teeth and clean them. Open wide, please.

Faith: I'm scared, will it hurt?

Samson: Only if I find a cavity. Then I may have to pull your tooth. 

Faith: Ouch! 
Samson: Let me just get in there and clean your molars.

Faith: I eat a lot of manure, you know from the cows. Won't that make my teeth healthy?
Samson: Manure is for plants. All it does for you is give you a stinky mouth. 

Samson: OK, we are done now. You did very well and all your teeth are white and healthy.
Faith: Are they pretty?
Samson: Yes, they are.

Samson: Maybe now you can get a boyfriend and stop bugging me so.
Faith: I attacked Judah, he'll never speak to me again. 
Samson: Better not attack him if he comes back. You're supposed to be nice to your neighbors. 
To himself: The way she tried to beat that poor pup up, I'll be stuck with her forever........


  1. Your two dogs remind me of my own Belle and Tuggy. They get along so well. I recently helped a friend take her German Shepard to the vet. My friend is a very petite woman and can't hold the dog if "Alice" gets excited. She nearly jerked my arm out of the socket when we got to the vet! Alice is from Germany and she gets all her commands in German. Feels strange to be sitting in a vets office saying "nein!" to a dog.

  2. Oh Samson, it could be a lot worse than having a beautiful girl like Faith with bad breath!!...:)JP

  3. Oh that is cute. Samson the dentist. lol...
    Hope you all have a great day.

  4. Samson is a good caretaker....

  5. Faith you have beautiful teeth, Samson you are a macho dentist.. Faith you Florida Cousin Jake, has no cow pile to eat from, but eats his sisters poop... causing stinky mouth and throw up. mama has to follow Baby around with a bag picking poop as it falls. so you jumped on a visitor... Jake would do that to.

  6. rofl cute, such good friends .... Samson looks like a Great Pyrenees in the first photo where you can see only his head :O).

  7. Oh, my Stang-ky breath - I sure hope you aren't kissing your mommy with that mouth!
    The dogs look very healthy!

  8. Very creative, Inger! Doggy dentist! Both your pups seem to be healthy and able to amuse their mom. Hope you are managing ok. I think of you often. Take care of yourself.

  9. LOLOLOL... oh Samson... Faith is going to try your patience....LOLOLOL

  10. LOLOLOL... oh Samson... Faith is going to try your patience....LOLOLOL

  11. Love it! Very creative in your story. Thanks for sharing.....

  12. Gosh, your teeth are white! Great exam Samson!

  13. Excellent post, Samson. You are so patient with Faith as your patient. Harper used to clean out all the other dogs' ears. Oh, how I miss everyone. Your mom does, too.


  14. That is some good doggie fun right there.

  15. LOL, I eat a lot of manure. LOL :-)
    Fun post my dear.
    xx oo

  16. Hi Inger - love storyline ... I need Samson over here to check my teethlypegs out! Manure is good for making cakes with ... I did that as a kid and wanted the family to eat my baked goodies! Enjoy your time and your walks .. and hope all is well with your mistress lady ... take care - cheers Hilary

  17. This was hilarious, Inger!
    i can see a syndicated series in the 'Adventures of Samson and Faith'!!

  18. Love seeing Samson and Faith playing together and so happy and friendly!
    Great photos, dear Inger! All them make me smile!
    Lots of hugs!

  19. LOL!!! Gracie wants to set up an appointment to have her teeth checked (yea, right) I'm thinking there's more to it... Hey, I hope this does not change the way you feel about her, Samson... but Gracie likes to eat rabbit poop. Just sayin'

  20. had to laugh about the manure - eeck....that was adorable!

  21. This was a cute series and combined with the fun commentary it was really enjoyable. They seem like good companions for each other & for you.


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