Saturday, August 1, 2015

A Little Engine Travels The World And Finds A New Home

Thomas was the last little engine left on the K-Mart shelf. All my friends are gone, he thought. People must have liked them better than me. What will I do, where will I go, what if no one will want me?

But just as he began to seriously doubt that he could, a man and a tall lady came towards him and the man grabbed Thomas and showed him to the lady. Oh, she said, he's got the same name as you! Let's buy him. Look, said the man, he can blow bubbles too! You bet, thought the little engine, I can!

So off they went. The little engine didn't know he was in for a great adventure. First, he was taken to Palm Springs, where he overheard that many movie stars and other fabulously wealhty people lived. He didn't see any, but the hotel where he stayed was very nice with a big swimming pool. 

One day he heard that their vacation was over and they would all travel to a land far, far away, called Sweden. And to get there, they would have to cross the big Atlantic Ocean. I could float, said Thomas, I'm made of plastic, after all.

No, no, he was told, you will fly! In a big airplane. Fly, thought Thomas, that will be one big adventure for me. I bet those other little engines that left the store before me didn't get to fly.

After a long and tiring journey, Thomas finally arrived in Sweden and met his new engineer, a little Swedish boy, named Oliver. 

This is your forever home, Thomas, he was told. Now you can play with Oliver and blow soap bubbles all day long.

Wow, thought Thomas, for a little engine who was afraid he couldn't things worked out so very well. I'm such a happy little engine now and I must never again forget that I'm a Thomas, one of the little engines that could. 

~ The End ~


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