Thursday, March 16, 2017

A Town In Bloom ~ An Update On Samson And More

Our town is big on ornamental trees that bloom for a week or two in spring. 

This and the first picture are from the parking lot at Albertson's Supermarket.

I took a couple of street scenes out the car window. The whole town is full of amazing looking flowering trees.

A final picture of the store parking lot. 


The above was from a March 2013 post, but when I went to Albertson's on Tuesday, it looked just like that. As did the rest of our town. I must remember to bring my camera. On my way in, a red-tailed hawk flew in front of my car, I stopped to look as it spread it's wings and tail feathers, swept close to the ground and picked something up. We always see the red tails from below, as the hawks fly above. This was the first time I saw the gorgeous rust-red, very bright colored feathers from above. I now wish I would find one on the ground, for me to keep. For the most part though, the ravens keep the hawks away from my land. 

I also saw an eagle the other day, flying right above us. A golden eagle. Faith saw the eagle too and ran under a juniper! She's the most observant dog I have ever known. I have only seen one eagle here before. It seems like all the cool birds live at the other end of town, including the much destructive to property, California Condor. 

So much for birds and that's not all I have seen in the bird kingdom, so I hope to remember to bring my camera from now on.

I took Samson to the vet yesterday. He is doing much better. I'm so glad. I was really worried and this is when I miss Errol the most. Shared sorrow is half the sorry, I think it is said. And the same goes for worry. I felt lonely.

I also got my partial back with the new tooth. It feels great to be able to be normal and smile again. I'm posting a picture of my new glasses. The frames are metal, with a soft, matt, lavender color on top and metal below. The sides are plastic and a deeper purple. They look really good with my hair and I love them. 

It is amazing how fast the weeds come up now that it's been warm for a week or so. I have been driving the Jeep across my front yard to keep them down. I figured since they don't grow where I drive the Jeep, this may help some. But I'm also getting my lawn mower ready. Last year I was taken by surprise, after all the dry years, and had to rake all summer long to remove the dead stalks that the guy I hired to mow left behind. I really don't want to do that again. I will let you know how it works out. 


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