Thursday, March 9, 2017

Samson, Faith And Her Ball

I'm posting a few pictures of the two of them while I'm working on an update of our lives here in the canyon. I hope you will enjoy the pictures and a bit of their conversation.

Faith: You are tickling my ear! Why do you like ears so much? 
Samson: I think ears are the cutest thing on a dog. Would you prefer me to sniff your rear end?
Faith: You wouldn't dare!

Samson: Don't push me so, I almost fell off the table. It's slippery up here in the snow.
Faith: Not much snow if you ask me. See, now I dropped my ball, talking to you.

Samson: You better watch it, or I'll get your silly ball.
Faith: You wouldn't dare, you know I'll flip you for less. And sit on you until you give up. 

Samson: So true, but I love you anyway. Listen to me sing a song of the North for you. Where wolves hunt in the forest and there may even be trolls. ~ 

On a different day, the snow melted, the rains came, and Faith wanted to rescue her balls from the wet and muddy outside. She's zeroing in on one, frustrated she can't figure out how to save them both. At least not at the same time.

So she decides on one, grabs it, and jumps up on the table, where

she tries to take cover under Samson's tail.

He is very good and patient with his little sister. 

OK, mommy, getting wet was only fun for so long, now it's getting old. So put that camera away and let us in the house. Please......


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