Monday, April 24, 2017

Notes From The Canyon

I have wanted to take pictures of these red rocks that I see from the road when I drive home through the canyon. This is as close as I could get and I'm not thrilled with the pictures. More thrilled with the fact that I tried. And that I feel more and more like I want to bring my camera along again. 

My computer messed up again and I had to call Greg, the computer guy. I learned a couple of things from him this time. Simple stuff that I should have known, and now will know for the future. 

A couple of years ago, I bought an inexpensive photo printer but I never installed it. Since my other printer was old, I asked Greg to set the new one up for me, which he did. It's actually really nice and I know I will enjoy it. 

I had a lightbulb go off in my brain about the Follower issue I wrote about earlier. I think it goes like this: 
  • It will say Unfollow in your own blue box below your followers' pictures.
  • It will also say Unfollow in any blue box belonging to a blogger that you already follow. 
  • If you are not following someone, it will say Follow in their blue box. So you can just click it to follow that person's blog.
Because I have been on blogger since 2009 and have had the policy to follow the blog of anyone who wants to follow mine, there are a whole lot of blogs that I follow but never visit any more. Every now and then I go through and clean up a bit, but that's been a long time ago now.

You may not be interested in any of this, but I just wanted to let you know that I figured it out. Probably in my sleep. 

Finally, this does not solve the problem that you can no longer click on a person's picture to reach their blog. You must leave a comment in order to be found. Should you wish to be found.

Samson is well again, back on his table and in charge of Faith and me. I'm  back to giving him eye drops only once a day. As it turns out, he didn't gain any weight at all, but weighed in at 78.5 lbs at the last vet visit. I hope to get him down to 75 or so. He is very large for a Samoyed. Because of his immune issues, he will not get the rattlesnake vaccine. He never had any problems with it before, but the vet didn't want to give it to him this year. I walk Samson on a leash, so he should be OK.

Not so Faith, who runs all over the place and now has a problem of her own. All of a sudden, she can't jump into the Jeep! I'm sure it's more won't than can't, but still. I should have taken her for some fun trips, not just to the vet, but I haven't. 

Ive been thinking about this for a while: If either of them became really ill or injured, I wouldn't be able to get them into the Jeep because 35 lbs is now my lift limit. So I broke down and ordered a ramp from Drs. Foster and Smith. I like their catalog and prices, and I get the dogs' medicines from them. The ramp has been a bit delayed in getting here, but I'll let you know how the ramp training progresses once I get it. 

Thank you so much for all the hugs I got in your comments on Saturday. You have been wonderful friends through the difficult times and the fun ones too. I am doing really well, waking up feeling happy again. So all is well here in the canyon and I hope in your world as well.


  1. Hi Inger - that's great news to read all your notes and updates - love the iron-looking rocky mountain .. it does look a delight to drive past. Interesting about the rattlesnake vaccine -I guess you get quite a few of those around ... I'd be agitated! So glad to know you'll be taking your camera in and out a lot more ... and that things are generally easing for you - back into peaceful settled mode. Good to know the dogs are back to being healthy ... that ramp might be a wise investment -cheers and take care - Hilary and another hug or two or three!!

  2. Hi Inger, thanks for your caring words. I'm glad that Samson has claimed his table and is feeling better. I wonder why faith has a problem getting in the jeep. I hope she will be OK and I hope the lift helps.
    I think your photos are beautiful. I love the look of the canyon but I would be scared of rattle snakes.
    I would love to know more about what I could do on my computer. I only use a fraction of what it can do.
    Have a great week.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. does Faith take glucosamine? that is what helped all 3 of our dogs when they could not jump, dogs like Faith have hip problems. I get my glucosamine from Amazon if you need what it is let me know. hope the ramp works well... good luck with training them, it is a problem . I really like the red rocks and would be aiming my camera at them to

  4. Good morning Inger, Samson and Faith are sure looking good, interested to hear how quickly they get the ramp training mastered.

    The follower discussion had me researching for an answer, but like you all I came up with is to find someones site they have to leave a comment, I like to add the ones I visit often to my blogroll.

    The pictures came out good my favorite is the first one with the road and fence posts leading towards the rocks.

  5. I like the red rocks. I hope you get a closer look at them. Nice pics.
    A ramp - let me know how they react.

  6. Once, in the 1990's, we drove up this same road in our Jeep. I'll try to find the pictures we took. What a surprise. Your old fence and the road photos are very well framed. Glad Samson is better, and thank you for talking about the ramp and the company who makes it. Our little Wolfie is getting on in years, too.

  7. It's a good time of year to feel optimistic! I love your red rock photos! Very neat!

  8. It used to be so much easier to follow people back, and to find their blogs. Now I make sure to follow back anyone who leaves a comment on my blog. I will also add them to my blog list on the sidebar.

  9. Dear Inger, it's so good to see your photographs of the canyon. You have a real gift for catching the angle and the mood. I understand Faith's reluctance. The cats became like that also because I drove them only to the vet. I'm no longer able to drive--since last October--so perhaps when a family member comes to take me and a cat to the vet, Ellie, Maggie, or Matthew won't be so wary. The ramp sounds like an excellent idea. Peace.

  10. The ramp sounds like a good idea.
    Yes, it used to be easier to find the people who follow your blog.
    Seems they are always giving us a new and improved model when it worked just fine the way it was. : )

  11. The ramp is a marvellous thing to have. We have two, for Hugh to get his mobility scooter into the station wagon. But he also uses them to get the ride-on mower onto the trailer. What a great thought for your doggies. Love the rocks through the gateway, a lovely setting.

  12. Hope you find out what Faith's problem is. She seems so young to have problems. The ramp though is a good idea. Big dogs can be just too much to lift.
    Thanks for the info on "unfollow". I wondered about that.

  13. Glad to hear Samson is getting back to his own big guy. And a ramp will be great, esp. if and when arthritis becomes an issue for large dogs.
    I always love to see your name.

  14. I'm glad that you are in a good place right now. and yay for Sampson!

  15. In case I forgot to do it Saturday, here's a virtual hug (& kiss) for you now!!

  16. Hi Inger! I love the photos and seeing Samson and your girl look so happy and content! I hope the ramp will work for you - I wish you lived closer, because I have an extra one that's not being used.

    THANKS also for the info on following - I've been around for awhile too as you know, and you have taught me something! :-)

    Take care, okay?

  17. Inger, your canyon is such a beautiful area. I am always glad to see that you, and Faith/Samson, are doing well. I hope the ramp training works out well.


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