Monday, April 3, 2017

Rust & Following Blogs

A somewhat strange post title, I know. It came about because I'm looking for something creative to add to my blog. So why not rust? I have a few pictures of rust already with plenty more rusty things laying around here in various fields and other inappropriate places. We'll see, at least I won't have to go far to take the pictures.

Then I have a question about new followers. When someone decides to follow my blog, I want to follow their blog as well. This seems to me to be the right thing to do. Particularly if the person is new to blogging and wants to add to his/her follower list. I remember well my first 13 followers, where I was stuck for such a long, long time.

I still feel that way, but now I can only find a new follower's blog if that person leaves a comment. Then I can click on the comment and get to their blog. 

But not everyone leaves a comment, some people just decide to follow a blog. In days past, I would find their blog by simply clicking on their avatar. If I do that now, I only get a screen called Follower Details and the name of the follower, but not of the blog. 

Does this have something to do with new security regulations? If so, do people know that they have to leave a comment in order for me to be able to add my blog to their follower list? 

For example: The above very cute little dog face is a recent follower of my blog. And I have seen his/her face following several of the blogs that I regularly read. And I would so like to know if little dog has a blog? But I can't. 

And there are several other recent followers of my blog that I would like to follow.

Does anyone know if there's a way around this?

P. S. OK, so now I'm really in trouble. I just tried to follow a blog. The person left a comment, so I got there OK, but then it just says "Unfollow" where it used to say "Follow." What's up with that? 


  1. I love rusty old things, too.

    About the following of other blogs.I do not know why, the little picture icon, doesn't go to their profile, saying where their blogs are. Maybe some, are just READERS and not bloggers.

    You asked where to follow me on my blog. On the righthand side, you can pick to follow me on blogger - you just click to FOLLOW and then when it says, UNFOLLOW, that just means you are following. LOL. I know it sounds crazy. I hope I explained it well enough.

    1. I only see a blue box (which used to say FOLLOW) that says UNFOLLOW. It says UNFOLLOW on my blog too right now.

  2. Just stopping by to say hello old friend. Glad to see you are doing okay!

  3. I have the same problem w/new people. I play around until I can find their addy and just add it myself. My blogger doesn't seem to want to add their blogs to my list. I'm nearly positive I don't make sense - but I understand what you're talking about.
    So, is the riding law mower still working?
    Years ago, I had one of those square umbrella type clothes dryers that spun in the wind. I seldom lost anything with it.

  4. You do have a lot of followers. I have found that a lot of followers are no longer blogging due to many reasons and I myself have slowed down a lot. I'm like you, I like to reciprocate to people who leave comments but I have a lot of lurkers who never leave comments. They sometimes let me know they are following from another social media like Rug hooking Daily. Sometimes I get an email from them. Some have google accounts but no blogs so I can't follow them. I haven't tried to grow my blog as my like is quite busy on the farm and I'm not comfortable to go public on Google +

    We have a lot of rusty things around our old farm. I never think of taking pictures. My husband has sold a lot of the old equipments and sold scarp metal but somehow, there's always more added to the pile.
    Take care Inger and stay well.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. I love the rusty finds that you photograph. I don't understand why people would come to read my blog and not let me know how to find them. It is a bit annoying!!

  6. I seem to be finding, more and more, that many people who read my blog don't have a blog of their own. ...and they come from different places. I also know that I have many more readers on a daily basis than I do official followers so I think a lot of people read blogs without following them. Like you, I like to follow others and establish a connection but I guess not everyone is looking for the same thing we are.

  7. Hi Inger - rusty old things ... plenty around cluttering up the landscape - still they provide hidey holes for lots of little critters. Followers - I don't understand it - and I don't use the Blogger Reading list ... but I do check re new followers - as occasionally someone appears and I need to get rid of them: there's a way ... not sure how! But there's only so much one can do ... if there's a link and I can find out who they are then fine -if it's difficult- I'm afraid I'm switched off and that's it.

    Good to see you - and enjoy those Oxford episodes! Cheers and lots of thoughts - Hilary

  8. Hi Inger, you sure gave me something to think about this morning, I see what you are saying, when you click on a picture of a follower on your page it shows the follower and the sites they are following, but no link to their blog, it appears blogger needs to fix this, for now I would just click on their name attached to the comments.

    Love the rust pictures.

  9. I love all your rust. the photos are great. keep posting, I have a love for rusty things, the older the better. I don't follow everyone who follows me. I only follow the ones who comment . the first time they comment I wait until they comment again. a lot of people just follow and don't comment. I only have time for commenting on a set amount and am not interested in getting more.. I got caught up in the follow and comments and it was injuring my health. now I follow the ones I love ..and that comment on mine. I do have a few I comment on that do not comment on mine, but that doesn't bother me.

  10. Many times when I want to see a blog from a new follower, I am taken to a Google account. I don't know what to do as there is nothing there I can follow. The only thing that I can do is answer their comment and thank them for stopping by. I do feel bad though as I think there must be something I am doing wrong. However, it just might be that they are just readers and not writers.

  11. The only rusty thing around here is my husband!!


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