Friday, April 7, 2017

Poppies, Poppies, Everywhere

at the Lancaster, California Poppy Preserve.

No words necessary for this post, except perhaps to explain that I just love pictures like the one above of Mary's cowboy boots. Mary has had horses most of her life and currently boards two at her place. So no wonder she has the best collection of boots I've ever seen. They are not all cowboy boots, they come in all varieties. In addition to my Rust pictures, I may have to add a series of Mary's Boots pictures. 

Also, since it was overcast many poppies decided to close up and take naps, or so it seemed. They were perhaps not at their most gorgeous, but I loved them, loved the place, loved being out with a good friend, having fun. 

On our trip yesterday, I also took some roadtrip pictures and managed to capture a place with a rusty barn and yard full of rust. Can you tell I'm beginning to get blog inspired again?


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