Friday, November 20, 2020

Canine Breakfast At Our House

 There are some fuzzy pictures here. As always, there was a lot of commotion and also a bit of staging, since Samson eats outside and Faith eats in the kitchen. 

Me: OK guys, breakfast is ready.

Faith: Let me squeeze by, you big furry thing.

Me: Sit!

Me: Samson, sit!

Samson: I don't think so.

Me: Samson, did you hear me, sit! 

Samson: I heard you all right, I just don't see the point.

Faith: The point is there's no point, us dogs are just supposed to do as we're told. Haven't you figured that out yet? And the faster we do it, the sooner we get our food. So will you sit?

Samson: I don't think so, she'll give in sooner or later. Probably sooner. 

Me: OK, I don't have time to stand here all day, so enjoy your food, you stubborn old dog. 

Samson: I'll do what you want me to when it makes sense, you know that mommy. 

Me: I just ask you to sit so you can take a moment and calm down before you eat. I don't like you to inhale your food. It's much better for you to slow down and not eat too fast.

Faith: Lots of luck with that, mommy. See, look at me! Look at me! I ate slowly and chewed my food good.

Samson: Did not!

Faith: Did so!

Me: Both of you, go outside now that you're finished. 

Faith: OK, mommy.

Samson: I think I'll go and lie down inside, on my slate floor.


  1. oh the PHUN times of being owned by canines! I like the blurry Samson shots.. he is a quick mover.. we only had 2 out of 6 dogs that would sit on command, Big boy and Beau, the others did nothing at all when asked to do it. Samson, i am glad she caved and gave you your food.

  2. Humoristic piece! I've enjoyed reading it.

  3. Loved your conversation and attempt at reason with Samson. I talk to my pets like that also. Hey, we have to try.

  4. You've got your hands full. But in such an adorable way!

  5. Do you have yours first, or after the fun? Love their looks, as they ignore your words.

  6. Dear Inger, I'm so glad you shared photos of Samson and Faith. They both look so healthy and ready for t he day. It sounds as if they share with the cats here the desire to, as you say, "inhale" their food. Matthew especially does that. Then he goes into the front room and throws up on the white carpet. It is so splotched with places where he's vomited that it looks like a polka dot carpet! Peace.

  7. Enjoyed the breakfast conversation and photos. There is always one who is independent. :)

  8. Love the interaction between the two of them! So cute . I miss the fact that I don't have dogs anymore. Just a very arrogant cat who thinks any part of my body belongs to her so she can sit on it. And then there's the ferals around that I love.

  9. First - That is one Beautiful View at the top of this page . .

    Second - This post is a LOT of Happy. - Thank you, often. visiting you is heart healing. love & love, -g-

  10. Hello,

    What a fun post, I love both Samson and Faith! Take care, enjoy your weekend!

  11. Cute! Dogs to tend to scarf their food, don't they?

  12. Hi Inger - love it ... you'll never 'rule' them - they'll make their own minds up ... and amuse you in the process ... fun read, thank you ... all the best - Hilary


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