Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Back From My Break

On November 8, the first snow of the season arrived in the canyon. It wasn't much and it melted as soon as the sun came out, but it was snow and it made me smile.

It was good I took a break because I've been busy with a sick dog. After presenting horrible and messy symptoms, Samson was diagnosed with roundworm. Both dogs got medicine and he seems to be well now. I felt like I lived in e-coli hell here, but it's now over with. 

My blogger friend, Diane from Welcome to Lavender Dreams, sent this journal to me. A lovely gift at a time when I felt a bit down. I find it interesting how these things work. No way Diane could have known how I was feeling, but there it was, a gift that made me so very happy. This is just not a regular journal. No, it's a journal full of surprises! I will show you and post more about it later. Thanks again, Diane.

In my pre-diabetes days, I used to like to bake. This was back in the days of banana/nut breads, something I used to bake all the time. But I had a few different cakes or cake breads, not sure what to call them, on my repertoire. Cakes that seemed a bit healthier than the fancier versions with whipped cream and sweet toppings. But alas, as I baked the oatmeal cake above, I was amazed at the amount of sugar it required. Two kinds no less, white and brown. A cup of each. 

I was shocked and glad that my type 1 diabetes at least has made a healthy eater out of me. 

This cake may be a one-time thing for me, but I enjoyed creating it. Eating it too, of course. 

Winter brings beautiful clouds to the mountains. I love them and will share more as I catch them with my camera. 


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