Friday, November 27, 2020

Train Graffiti

 I never mind getting stopped by one of the many trains that come through our town every day. The other day I was first in line and had a prime seat for graffiti viewing. 

I have no idea if there's anything not kosher depicted here, but then I suspect neither would you, my blogger friends. I'm often delighted by the talent I see in these artists. And it somehow makes the trains more interesting and time waiting for them to pass less boring. 

This post was inspired by Ginny at Let Your Light Shine
who always notices and takes photos of the many fun and interesting things she and her hubby encounter on their outings. 


  1. Inger, I need to adopt your attitude to enjoy trains. After all, I like street art and once saw a Banksy in San Francisco. I was thrilled.


  2. You are lucky to still have trains go through your place. We used to have two different train tracks with trains going through every day but sadly, we have no more trains going through anymore. It's very sad. I wonder what the message on the train is, good or bad.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Wow I usually sweat when I'm sitting waiting on a train to go by but with all that going in front of me I would really enjoy it and would have done the same thing you did madly snapping as it rolls by. Looks like there are a lot of talented artists decorating that train. Hope you had a nice day yesterday

  4. Now you have me looking for train tracks. Haven't seen such cool graffiti before, usually just profanity. Looks like the artists are taking pride in there work these days.

  5. I haven't been stopped at RR tracks in I can't remember how long, Inger. Good for you...enjoying the sights and sounds of the RR!...:)jp

  6. Yes, I have no idea the meaning of the graffiti we see on the trains but some people definitely have talent! Har to believe it's mostly done with spray paint too!

  7. Thank you so much, what a lovely surprise! The artist is really talented, how on earth could he get all those letters the same size and all straight? There must have been measuring involved. Trains are always a good place to look for artwork!

  8. Something to watch as the trains go by. I used to like to count the cars.

  9. Hi Inger - well done for taking the photos ... and I can see your delight in having something to look at - while you wait for the 'miles of carriages' to putter along the line. Thanks .. an enjoyable look - take care - Hilary

  10. I have always loved trains! whether passenger or freight. I like HEARING them!
    and feeling the rumble and imagining where they're going.
    some of my favorite memories are going back to NY on the train...
    eating in the dining car... listening to the strange muted sounds of people talking.
    it took 3 days to get there! it was wonderful.
    and I LOVE that you took the artwork so beautifully on these freights.
    their back stories would be interesting! xo

    1. loved reading your comments. I, too, love trains and most graffiti or street art.


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